Daily Transcription Review-How Much Can You Earn?

Daily Transcription Review

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Recently I have been taking a close look at a number of transcription companies, finding out how they compare to each other in terms of what they can offer both newbie translators and experienced translators.

In todays review I taking a close look at the Daily Transcription Platform to see how it matches up, and whether it could be one for you to consider if you are looking for online transcription work.

Introduction To Daily Transcription

Daily Transcription (DT) is a transcription site that was launched in 2005. The platform hires freelance transcribers and translators to work on audios, videos and captions.

Most of the company’s work comes from the entertainment industry, but they also provide research, academic, and legal transcription services.

One of the best things about Daily Transcription is the diversity of its jobs – it covers over 30 languages.

The platform provides a great opportunity for anyone who is proficient in any of the languages listed, to offer services such as translation.

What Daily Transcription Looks For When Hiring

– Firstly, the company gives preference to the US and Canadian freelancers. However, for translation, subtitling, and captioning, DT may hire candidates outside Canada and US borders.

– As mentioned earlier, most of the tasks available on the platform relate to the entertainment industry. These types of jobs require a quick turnaround. You are therefore required to work and deliver quality content without any supervision.

– You have to be someone who’s capable of meeting tight deadlines and high accuracy requirements. DT demands at least 98% accurate transcripts.

– You have to pass the audio transcription test and the assessment test.

– You must have an excellent grasp of the English language, a typing speed of at least 50 wpm, and excellent listening skills.

How To Join Daily Transcription

Here are the requirements: –

  • You need to provide your email address, full name, and place of residence.
  • You need to be at least 18 years.
  • To submit an application, you need to first attach your resume, after which you’ll be directed to a testing platform.

Once you’ve done the tests, your application will be sent for evaluation.

How Daily Transcription works

Unfortunately, tasks are only available “when you are needed”. In essence, the platform only sends you email notifications once a task is available.

As a freelancer, you are then required to work on the files posted on the assignment directory folder.

The pay rate, media content, subject, and style will all be proved; it’s up to you to decide if the work is well suited for you.

How much does Daily Transcription pay?

The company’s rates range from $0.70 to $0.85 per audio minute. The rates are higher, compared to similar platforms in the transcription industry.

Although Daily Transcription doesn’t guarantee a constant flow of tasks, top earners on the platform are reported to  receive as much as $950 per week.


How Do You Get Paid

DT pays via PayPal, after every 2 weeks. If you’re outside Canada or the US, other means of payment can be arranged.

So Is Daily Transcription Really Legit?

If you’re looking for a flexible transcription work-from-home job, Daily Transcription offers legit opportunities.

DT is also perfect for newbies trying to get into the industry. However, for you to be accepted, you have to undertake a sample test to prove your competence.

So what are the pros and cons of working on this platform?

The Pros Of Daily Transcription

– Legitimate site

– Multiple earning opportunities

– Fast payments

– High pay rates

– Accepts freelancers across the globe, to work on specific tasks

– Excellent customer service

The Cons Of Daily Transcription

– If you’re not self-motivated and a self-starter, the work may not be suitable for you. The expected high accuracy rate and tight deadlines can be stressful.

– Even though DT accepts freelancers across the globe, the platform gives special preference to Canadian and USA applicants.

– You are required to pass a transcription test before your application is accepted. This can be quite discouraging, especially for newbie transcriptionists.

– The platform doesn’t guarantee a consistent flow of tasks.

Is Daily Transcription Worth It?

Daily Transcription is a reliable company that’s over a decade old, offering various transcription jobs to clients across the globe.

The platform also offers room for development for successful transcribers – they train their best transcribers in more complex and better-paying transcription work eg. Continuity Lists.

Their QC team is also handpicked from their best transcribers and trained for various roles on the platform.

If you are keen, meticulous and would like to try transcription jobs, we would recommend DT as the good platform for you to hone your skills.

However, since the flow of tasks isn’t guaranteed, you can’t really depend on this platform as your main source of income.

Star Rating 3/5-An established platform for newbie and experienced transcribers To Find Transcription Work. There are no guarantees however of consistent work so the income may be limited.

3 Star Rating

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