Diamond Cash App Review-Is It Worth It?

Diamond Cash App Review

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Welcome and thanks for joining us today as we review another money making App called the Diamond  Cash App. Apps like Diamond Cash are designed so that you can earn a little extra whilst killing a few minutes of your time.

So if you are looking for ways to earn extra cash while you travel, waiting for the bus, or any time you are simply feeling bored, then this Diamond Cash App Review is for you.

The app lets you earn cash by watching short videos and completing other quick tasks. You can download it for free on Google Play and start earning during your morning commute.

How Diamond Cash App Works

You can download the Diamond Cash App from Google Play. Once you sign up, $1.30 will be added to your account. This is real cash, that can be withdrawn along with your other earnings.

The app pays you every time you complete a task and your money can be withdrawn as PayPal cash. The minimum for cashing out through PayPal Cash is $5. In the US, $5 is equal to 25,000 Diamond Cash App points.

You also have the option of requesting gift cards from Starbucks, Google Play, and many other top retailers. The minimum for withdrawal to each of these options varies. For example, the smallest gift card available for Steam is $5, while Starbucks only has a $10 gift card.

How Much Can You Earn?

The Diamond Cash App is fun to use, allowing you to earn whenever you have a few extra minutes. Its earning potential is limited by the number of tasks that are available. However, you can still increase your rewards by maximizing the opportunities that are available to you.

They give you $1.30 when you register and that immediately gets you closer to the minimum for cashing out. There are specific activities that help you get to the cash out.

These are:

  • Using someone else’s referral code to sign up
  • Checking in every day.
  • Installing your first app on your device…..Installing your first app gives you 500 points, and that high reward is only available when you are registering for a new account. The maximum number of points for installing an app is not usually that high. You can get 333 points in most instances.
  • Lots of people enjoy sharing interesting updates on Facebook and the platform rewards you for that with 30 points. You are also rewarded for tweets, but these activities do not pay as much as installing apps. When you check in daily, you get 10 points. This is a quick activity and if you are consistent, you can earn 300 points a month just from that.
  • There is a referral program for participants. The Diamond Cash App gives you 20% of the earnings of people you invite, so if you use social media then you can add a lot more cash to your income.

The US app list pays the most, and you can earn faster with downloads from that collection. Your rewards can be obtained in several currencies. For example, if you live in the UK, Europe or Australia, you can request your gift cards in those currencies.

The fastest way to earn money in this app is by looking for apps that interest you, and installing them.

New apps are added often, and a lot are available for any country that you live in. The developers of the Diamond Cash App encourage you to let them know if you want new apps added to the list for a particular country.

What Are The Pros?

  • The Diamond Cash App gives participants rewards every time they complete a short task, such as installing an app.
  • By choosing tasks you enjoy, you can have fun while earning extra income.
  • Each task can be completed on the go by using your mobile phone, so you can earn even while you are riding the bus or hiking.
  • The Diamond Cash App is available in several countries, so if you are in Europe or the UK, you can still earn money by completing quick tasks.
  • New videos are added on a daily basis for most countries, so there are always a lot of ways to earn money.

What Are The Cons?

  • While the Diamond Cash App is open to participants from several countries, it is not available in every country. You will have to check the list of accepted countries to find out if yours is included.
  • There are mixed reviews by people who are using this App.

Some Final Thoughts

Installing apps and watching videos gives you cash when you use the Diamond Cash App. You are even rewarded whenever you check in, so you could potentially reach $5 in weeks just by checking in and installing a few apps daily. This app has lots of fun activities available, so you can earn cash on a daily basis.

There are a lot of complaints however from users who say they are not getting their points or they are having difficulty with payment. Even so there appear to be lots of people who are happy with their experience using the App too. It is therefore difficult to say whether this App is really worth your time.

It would be great however if you have experience using this App and you want to share your experience in the comments section below.

Star Rating 2/5- An App that offers a fun way to earn, and has a good sign up bonus. Mixed reviews however make it difficult recommending the App as a way to earn a small side income. 

2 Star Rating

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