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Dimeforum-Can You Earn Money Through Discussions?-A Review

Dimeforum Review

Thanks for checking out my Dimeforum review.

Dimeforum is a platform designed to allow its members to earn from starting and engaging in discussions about various methods of making money online.

In my review today I will be discovering whether you really can earn money on this platform through discussions that you can post on the site.

There are similar platforms to Dimeforum where members can sign up for free and then post discussions. I reviewed one recently called Mylot, a forum that encourages discussions on almost any topic you choose. So if you prefer a paid discussion forum that isn’t limited to making money, then you may prefer to check that one out.

Today however I will be finding out how Dimeforum matches up, to help you come to a more informed decision about whether to try it out. Let’s start by seeing how it works.

How Dimeforum Works

Dimeforum is primarily a forum. It exists so that people can discuss make money options, and be motivated by other like-minded individuals who seek to earn additional income.

Membership is free and you can access the site from your smartphone. You can sign up by using your social media accounts, such as Google, Twitter or Facebook.

If you wish, you can use their registration form instead of your social media account. After that, you can complete your profile, log in and start earning.

This platform is open to people around the world. You must however be 18 or older to benefit fully from the site, since younger people will not be able to open a PayPal account to receive their earnings.

It’s recommended that you have an interest in online business, surveys and Get Paid To platforms.

To encourage participation, members receive rewards when they share their ideas. You’ll earn points everytime you participate in a discussion.

These points are known as dimes and they’re a currency that can be used on the site for several purposes.

Each post that you make should be related to the topic of the discussion. For example, if you start a new thread that’s solely about stocks, in a forum that’s about Ethereum, your post will be deleted if it’s not connecting the two in any way. Your posts should also be at least 150 characters long.

This is not a general forum. It’s geared towards people who have an interest in making money, so if you want to learn more about cryptocurrency for example, you’ll find lots of topics here.

You’ll also be able to contribute to threads on areas such as internet marketing and other niches in which people earn cash online.

How You Could Earn with Dimeforum

Members are rewarded for participation, and so you’ll earn points when you post a thread and when you reply to a thread.

You’ll also get points for creating a new account and logging in. Each new member will get 200 dimes as soon as they register. (1 dime is the equivalent of 0.10 of one cent) so 200 dimes is 20 cents.

To start a thread, you’ll first need to select a forum discussion that you like. Your new thread must be unique. If it’s just like another existing thread, you won’t receive credit for it.

You can start a maximum of five new threads every three hours. If you go above that, you won’t receive any dimes for those that surpass the limit.

You’ll earn 50 dimes (5 cents) whenever you create a new thread. This will be added to your account, to be withdrawn whenever you reach the minimum.

If you comment on an existing thread, you’ll also earn coins. The rewards for replies aren’t calculated per reply.

Instead, you’ll receive dimes based on the length of your post, at a rate of 0.10 dimes per character. For example, if your reply has 200 characters, you’ll get 20 dimes. You can also only post six replies every three hours.

Dimeforum isn’t a scam and will pay you what you’ve earned. All payments will be processed manually and you’ll usually receive your payment on the date that you request it.

How To Redeem What You’ve Earned

All of the dimes that you earn on Dimeforum can be withdrawn as currency. You can request your withdrawal in the form of a fiat currency or cryptocurrency.

If you want your dimes to be converted to a fiat currency, you’ll need a PayPal account. Ensure that your PayPal email address is added to your Dimeforum withdrawal request.

For cryptocurrency withdrawals, you’ll need a cryptocurrency wallet. If you don’t have one, you can create one for free with Coinbase.

To make a withdrawal, you must have at least 5,000 dimes in your account. This is equivalent to $5.

The redemption process involves donating your dimes to @dimes or @shim. Once you’ve done that, message one of those recipients to let them know you’ve sent your dimes.

In your message, state how much you’ve donated. Also tell them your PayPal or Coinbase address. The recipient will send the sum to your PayPal or Coinbase account.

What Are The Pros Of Dimeforum?

  • Free to join platform
  • Available worldwide
  • Discussions to learn about various ways you may be able to make money
  • PayPal available

What Are The Cons Of Dimeforum

  • Discussions limited to one subject area
  • Very low earning potential


Check Out How Much You Can Earn



Some Final Thoughts About Dimeforum

The fact that you are here reading my website about ways you may be able to make money online means that the subject matter of the Dimeforum platform will be of interest to you.

There could be information there that may lead you to a make money opportunity that you weren’t aware of. You may also be able to see what people who have tried those platforms thought about it.

You may also want to contribute by starting discussions and adding comments to discussions. The rewards you can earn for doing this however won’t be anything significant. You are going to have to come up with a lot of new threads, and at 5 cents per thread, it could take you a while to get to the $5 minimum pay out, especially as you are limited to the amount of new threads you can start.

You are also limited to the amount of comments you post, which also limits your earning potential on this platform.

Star Rating 2.5/5-Dimeforum is a worldwide platform that pays for your discussions about make money opportunities. However, don’t expect to generate much income from the discussions.

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