DIrect Cellars Review Can You Succeed With This MLM Business Opportunity?

Direct Cellars Review

In this Direct Cellars Review, I will be finding out all about the MLM opportunity with this company.

Just in case you don’t understand the MLM business model, here is a brief overview;

Multi Level marketing is a business strategy that involves recruiting marketers who earn commissions for selling various products on behalf of the parent company.

The marketers are allowed to recruit other marketers, thus creating a multi-level network structure where each member earns according to their level in the structure.

Many companies have adopted the Multi Level marketing approach to enhance their market presence and ultimately increase their sales. One such company is Direct Cellars.

This review highlights everything you need to know about Direct Cellars and what they have to offer.

What is Direct Cellars?

Wine and wine tasters at Direct Cellars

Direct Cellars is simply an Elite VIP membership wine club that uses referral marketing to promote the distribution and sale of premier wines in the United States and the United Kingdom.

The company uses network marketing as a business strategy and pays its members various commissions for referring new customers and recruiting new distributors.

The company was founded in 2014, but it was not until the year 2016 that Direct Cellars became a network marketing (MLM) company.

Since adopting the network marketing strategy, the focus of this company has been to provide business opportunities to freelancers to earn money promoting and selling premier wines.

You can also earn more commissions from recruitment of new members, and the sales they make.

Direct Cellars Products

Most MLM companies often deal in fast-selling products such as weight-loss supplements, hair care products and jewelry, among many others.

In contrast, Direct Cellars is unique as it deals solely in the sale of different wine brands.

These wines are sourced from some of the finest wineries across the globe, including countries like Chile, Spain, Italy, France and South Africa.

The selling of wine is a profitable niche, considering that wine is one of the most consumed beverages globally.

However, like any MLM opportunity, it requires hard work and good market conditions to make any substantial profits.

How to become an Elite VIP member of Direct Cellars

Joining Direct Cellars is by invitation only. The company runs an affiliate program where members receive commissions for recruiting new members. You must therefore provide a referral ID or a referral URL for you to be accepted on this platform.

Direct Cellars is only available in the United States and the United Kingdom. This means that freelancers outside the two countries cannot join this platform.

Joining Direct Cellars is not free.It costs $249.95 for premium level (Premium Wine Lover) and $499.95 for the elite level (Premium Wine Lover Elite). Premium members receive 4 bottles of wine while elite members receive 12 bottles of wine upon paying the enrolment fee.

Direct Cellars Compensation Plan

The Fast Start Bonus

After becoming an active member of this platform, you automatically qualify to earn a “fast start bonus”.

Each time you enroll a new member to this platform, you will earn a specific amount in commissions depending on the type of membership package purchased.

Recruiting a Premium Wine Lover will earn you $125 while a Premium Wine Lover Elite will earn you $250. In essence, you will make 50% in commission when your referral purchases a starter pack. Going by these figures, the earning potential for fast start bonuses could be very lucrative.

The Dual Team Bonus

The Dual Team Bonus refers to a binary payment plan that allows you to earn commissions from your sales teams.

You have to build two sales teams to get started and your commissions are based on your rank and the performance of your weakest team.

The different rank levels pay different commission percentages and you must satisfy certain criteria to qualify for commissions under this plan. Below is an overview of the Dual team bonus

• Wine Lover – rank upon joining
• Wine Enthusiast – earns 6% and must sponsor and maintain two affiliates
• Wine Critic – earns 8% and must sponsor and maintain three affiliates
• Wine Specialist – earns 10% and must sponsor and maintain four affiliates
• Wine Expert – earns 12% and must sponsor and maintain five affiliates
• Wine Connoisseur – earns 14% and must sponsor and maintain six affiliates
• Wine Aficionado – earns 16% and must sponsor and maintain seven affiliates
• Wine Master – earns 18% and must sponsor and maintain eight affiliates
• Master Cellar – earns 20% and must sponsor and maintain nine affiliates

Uni-level Bonus

The Uni-level bonus is another enticing compensation plan that can earn you up to 10% on business volume within your downline.

Your rank also plays a role in determining your compensation percentage. You also have to sponsor and maintain a specific number of affiliates to enjoy this bonus plan. Below is an overview of the Uni-level bonus plan

• Wine Lover – earns 10% on Level 1
• Wine Enthusiast – earns 10% on Level 1, 5% on Level 2
• Wine Critic – earns 10% on Level 1, 5% on Level L2, 5% on Level 3
• Wine Specialist – earns 10% on L1, 5% on L2 and L3, 4% on Level 4
• Wine Expert – earns 10% on L1, 5% on L2 and L3, 4% on L4 and L5
• Wine Connoisseur – earns 10% on L1, 5% on L2 and L3, 4% on L4 and L5, 3% on L6
• Wine Aficionado – earns 10% on L1, 5% on L2 and L3, 4% on L4 and L5, 3% on L6 & L7
• Wine Master – earns 10% on L1, 5% on L2 and L3, 4% on L4 and L5, 3% on L6 & L7, 2% on L8
• Master Cellar – earns 10% on L1, 5% on L2 and L3, 4% on L4 and L5, 3% on L6 & L7, 2% on L8 and L9

Check Match Bonus

The Check Match Bonus allows you to earn commissions on your team’s sales volume. This compensation plan goes four levels down and it ranges from
• Level 1 – earn 10%
• Level 2 – earn 5%
• Level 3 – earn 4%
• Level 4 – earn 3%

• Unique market niche
• High compensation plan
• Free wine monthly for every three customer referrals
• Free training and access to tutorials
• Offers high quality wines that are easy to sell
• Excellent customer service

• A lot of hard work is required and has a high failure rate
• Multi-Level Marketing is relatively complex
• Requires a substantial amount as startup

Final Thoughts
Direct Cellars offers a unique business opportunity to earn money from selling premier wines.

However, it is not a guarantee that you will make any substantial profits after joining. You have to work hard and hope for favorable market conditions to earn good money.

Otherwise, joining this platform could be a worthwhile venture, especially if you are enthusiastic about wine.

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