Does Humanatic Really Pay You To Listen? A Review

Humanatic Review

Thanks for joining us today for this review of Humanatic.

Humanatic is a platform that says it will pay you real cash for listening to phone calls!…We were interested to find out more about these claims so decided to put this review together so you could find out more before you decide to sign up.

So if you are a good listener then Humanatic may be a good move for you……let’s find out more…..

Update..A reader has informed us that this site presently doesn’t appear to be offering work as the site isn’t allowing you to sign up.

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About Humanatic

Humanatic is a company developed by a company called Century Interactive in Dallas Texas. It has over 50,000 call reviewers that get paid to listen to phone calls and categorise them.

Have you ever heard a recorded message when you ring a Company and it says that the call is being recorded? Well it could well be being recorded so a call reviewer can review it!

As a member of Humanatic, and working in your role as a call reviewer, you don’t do any of the talking, you just listen.

How Does Humanatic Work?

It may come as some relief to you to know that the phone calls aren’t live, but are recorded……As a call reviewer your job is to obtain information from the recorded call that will be very useful to marketers. You do this by putting each call into categories, to determine which calls are potential new leads.

Companies get lots and lots of calls, and they are keen to ensure that none of their potential leads are being neglected, so this is where the call reviewer comes in.

You really can see how important this service is to companies. There could be lots of sales opportunities that could be missed without the help of the call reviewer.

Here are the things you are going to need if you want to be a reviewer;

  • A PayPal account
  • High Speed Internet
  • A good eye ( or ear) for detail
  • Headphones

How Much Will You Get Paid By Humanatic And When

  • Just like anything else you do in life, you will get rewarded more by being better at it.
  • The better you are at reviewing calls, in terms of speed and accuracy, the more categories you will be given, along with the potential to earn more.
  • Initially you are only given access to the low paid categories (approx pay 0.06 per task), however as you begin to review with accuracy and speed, the system enables you to ‘unlock’ other categories.
  • The Humanatic website states that you can make from between $1 to $4.50 per hour but it does depend upon how good you are as a reviewer.
  • The redeem amount is $10, so you will have to earn this amount before you get paid.
  • Payment is cash via PayPal.
  • Payments are made each Monday morning, your request for a payout must be made by 12:00pm on Monday.

The Humanatic Mobile App

You can review calls at times that suit you. The mobile app gives you even greater flexibility to listen to calls whilst you’re out and about.

The App is available for both iPhones in the App Store and androids at GooglePlay

What Skills Will You Need As A Reviewer With Humanatic?

There aren’t any special skills or qualifications needed, however you will need to be both accurate and fast in order to maximise your earnings.

Before building speed you are probably better focusing upon accuracy. Once you have more experience then you can build your speed.

This is an opportunity that allows you to use an ability we all have and can improve which is the ability to listen.

Also, the more you do it the more you will get used to recognising which category the calls should go to.

You could give it a go to see if it’s right for you, it’s free to join so you’ve nothing to lose except your time.

What We Like About Humanatic

  • Can be a fun way to earn, you may not even see it as work, and more as a hobby.
  • Very flexible, you can do this whenever you want.
  • Free to join
  • Mobile App available

What We Think Might Put You Off Humanatic

  • It is very low paid, you will not earn a full time income from this.
  • Can be inconsistent as to when you get work, the site is very popular and jobs go quickly.

Some Final Thoughts About Humanatic

Humanatic is a legit company and pays you to listen to recorded phone calls.

Unfortunately the pay is low, and you should only expect to make a small side income from it.

There are leaderboards on the site that show some people earning up to $30-$40 in a day, but I  think that the people who are achieving this either work very long hours at it, or they are extremely efficient.

I hope you enjoyed reading my review, if you have any questions or you have experience of working with Humanatic that you wish to share please leave a comment below.

Star Rating 2/5-Humanatic is a legit platform for making money for listening to recorded calls. The Income potential however is likely to be low unless you are very good at it. The work may be inconsistent too.

2 Star Rating

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6 thoughts on “Does Humanatic Really Pay You To Listen? A Review”

  1. I have been trying to contact them for a while now but it seems like they are not hiring any new people. Can you get me an ID or have someone contact me from Humanatics?

    1. Hi Moazzam,
      Thanks for this information. I have been unable to contact the site, and it looks as if you are correct in saying they are not currently offering work. I will update the review accordingly. Thanks again.

  2. Hi there you say work might not be consistent but whats and averge you can make with this once you unlock the higher paying category and how long will it take? if you earing $2 a hour 30 hours a week will they give you 60 dollers of work per week?

    1. Hi Dan,
      Your earning potential on Humanatic can be improved by the amount of time and commitment you are prepared to give. You will find there are more opportunities and categories available to you if you take on work and become more proficient at it. The site states that you can earn up to $4.50 per hour, but you will need to reach a high standard to earn this. If you get good at it and spend 30 hours per week working on the site, then it seems reasonable to assume that you could potentially earn $60. There are of course no guarantees of the work you will be offered, so I wouldn’t rely on the income from the site.

  3. Hi Penelope,
    Yes anyone who wants to work from home can take advantage of this side income opportunity.
    The earnings should get better as you improve your skills. As far as I am aware Humanatic is available Worldwide so the payments will go a lot further in some places than it will in others.
    Thanks for reading my review and for your comment.

  4. I’d never heard of this opportunity, and it’s pretty fascinating! I think this would be a good way for house-bound people to make some extra money, obviously with the understanding that it’s not a full-time income. Do you know if this is available to anyone internationally, where that payment of USD would go a lot further?

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