Drop App Review: Earn Rebates on Debit/Credit Card Purchases

Drop App Review

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There are lots of websites and Apps available now that can save you money on your shopping bill.

With the Drop App, it can be used specifically when you pay with your credit or debit card.

Is the App worth your time? Let’s find out.

Drop is an app that rewards you with redeemable points for every purchase you make using your credit or debit card at top retailers and restaurants such as Amazon, Tim Hortons, McDonald’s and Wal-Mart, among many others.

In essence, the Drop app offers you an opportunity to earn rebates from your shopping.

This loyalty program targets millennials (young adults aged 35 years and below) in a bid to encourage them to use their credit cards more often when shopping.

How to join

The Drop app is open to residents of the U.S. and Canada only.

Anyone with a valid credit or debit card can use the Drop app to earn rewards.

However, you have to download the app on a compatible Android or iOS device for you to join this platform.

Signing up with this app is free.

However, you need to register using a promo link that is readily available on the official drop website.

Alternatively, you can use a referral link from an already active member.

Both you and your referrer will earn 1,000 points as soon as you complete the registration process.

How the Drop app works

Drop App How Does It Work?

You have to link your credit card or debit card to the app for you to start earning points from your shopping activities.

The Drop app uses 256-bit encryption to protect your credit card information.

You will earn 100 points just for linking your card to the app.

The Drop app will prompt you to select five of your favorite brands.

It is important that you choose your brands wisely, as you cannot change your selection afterwards.

The list of participating brands is almost endless. Popular brands, which are in partnership with the Drop app include
• Starbucks
• McDonalds
• Target
• Gap
• Old Navy
• Amazon
• Walmart
• Uber
• Dunkin’ Donuts

After successfully linking your card to the app, you can now start earning points whenever you spend on your favorite brands.

You will be awarded points each time a retailer swipes your card.

The process of earning points is automatic, and you do not need to launch the app on your phone anymore.

Once you accumulate the minimum redeemable points, you will receive an email from Drop notifying you about your account balance.

You can then redeem your points in exchange for gift cards from your favorite brands and any other participating brands.

How many points can I earn using the Drop app?

Your spending habits and preferences will determine your earnings.

The rule of thumb is very simple; the more money you spend on items, the more points you will make.

Each participating brand offers a distinct number of points for every purchase.

For instance, Amazon offers 20 points for every $1, while Target offers 10 points for the same $1 you spend. Considering this fact, it is important that you choose high-paying brands to increase your chances of earning more points.

Here is a list of some of the retailers that pay high points for every $1 you spend.

• Amazon – 20 Points
• Fred Meyer – 20 Points
• 7-Eleven – 19 Points
• Bath & Body Works – 18 Points
• Seamless – 20 Points
• HEB – 20 Points
• Dunkin’ Donuts – 17 Points
• Starbucks – 15 Points

You may also find one-time offers of up to 2,000 points for every $20 purchase at your favorite store. However, these offers are often rare.

Another way to earn points is through their referral program.

Drop has a referral program that pays you 1,000 points for every new member that joins using your code.

Your referral will also earn 1,000 points for signing up via your link.

Getting Paid

Every 1,000 points earned via the Drop app is worth $1. You need 5000 points, which is worth $5 to make a withdrawal request. Drop pays its members via gift cards only, which you can easily redeem at participating brands.

• Legitimate platform
• Multiple ways to earn points
• Does not interfere with rewards program offered by Credit Card companies
• Earnings via the Drop app are automatic
• High-paying referral program
• Encryption of credit card data

• Available to U.S. and Canada residents only
• Requires a compatible smartphone
• Takes time to credit your account (5 days)
• Pays using gift cards only

Final Thoughts

The Drop app is a simple, yet innovative rewards program.

It offers one of the easiest ways of earning rewards since earnings are automatic.

After linking your credit card, you no longer need to use the app unless you want to redeem your points or complete one-time offers.

The only shortcoming about this platform is that all rewards come in the form of gift cards, and some people, myself included,  prefer cash payments to gift cards.

Nonetheless, the Drop app seems worthwhile given the simplicity of using it.

Drop App Score……6 out of 10 I like this App, it is very simple to use, and eliminates the need to carry around a loyalty card in order to build up points with your favourite brands. However being rewarded with GiftCards is in my view a negative.

Thanks for reading my Drop App Review. Have you used this App to earn rewards on your shopping? If so let me know in the comments what you thought, and if you recommend it to others.

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