E-Rewards Review-Should You Try Out This Reward Site?

Thanks for checking out our review of E-Rewards.

This E-Rewards review will cover what it is you need to know about this reward site. Getting paid for taking online surveys isn’t going to make you rich, or ensure that your bills are paid, but for some it can be a fun way to earn a few extra dollars from the comfort of home.

June 2020-According to their website E-Rewards is not currently accepting new members.

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What Is E-Rewards?

E-Rewards is an opinion Panel. It is one of the world’s most reputable market research panels. Members are invited to an exclusive panel to share their experiences with global brands and the solutions that they offer.

When you have completed a survey members are rewarded with the ‘e-rewards Currency’. This currency can be redeemed for different prizes.

What is market research?

Market research is the process of gathering  information about a service, product, or the market. This information is really useful to companies.

They want to find out all they can about customer spending habits, brand awareness, product feedback and other factors surrounding the products and services that they offer.

Joining e-rewards

What you may not realise is that Joining e-rewards is made by invitation only!

However, you can sign up on their website by filling your personal details as well as your email address, and then wait to see if you get invited. Apparently if you do get an invite it is from a partner to the site asking you to join.

The sign up is free and takes less than two minutes. The panel is open to anyone above the age of 13 and is a legal resident of the country in which he or she is joining. The legal age may vary from one county to the other.

What kind of survey do you participate in at e-rewards?

You can get all kinds of surveys, they about your favorite lip balm for example, or where you do your shopping, or your favorite food.

You can get the general online surveys, and teen surveys as well. Teen surveys are age specific. They want to know about teen trends and preferences as well as experiences from using given products.

For each survey completed, there is a dollar amount of e-rewards currency. The dollar amounts may range from $2 to about $15.

On average, each survey takes about ten minutes to complete. However, a few of them  take less than five minutes, while others take more than forty-five minutes.

You can access the website with your smartphone, and respond to the survey questions on the go. Once you have hit an equivalent of $25 in e-rewards currency, you can redeem these payments for a reward.

What are some of the rewards offered by the survey panel?

The kinds of rewards you can redeem for a given amount of points differ from one case to the other. Some of the common rewards offered include

· Air miles reward miles
· Airline miles
· Merchandise
· Best Buy gift cards
· Starbucks gift cards
· Restaurant gift cards
· Retail e-vouchers

Here are some of the rewards that you can get with $100 worth of currency

· 1,000 Hertz Gold Points
· 7,000 Hilton Points
· 2,000 points for United Mileage Plus, Us Airways, Alaska Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, Jet Blue, and Virgin Atlantic among others

Unfortunately you don’t get rewarded with cash. That is disappointing in my view. Lots of people prefer to be paid cash, but you ain’t gonna get it at E-Rewards.

Pros of the program

  • Despite there being no cash for you, If you are a frequent flyer with one of the airlines that are partners to the program, you can redeem your e-rewards currency for flyer points and miles.
  • Easy to fill surveys. Unlike some of the opinion panels out there, e-rewards surveys are easy to do. Therefore, you do not have to strain your brain when answering any of their questions. You will spend time filling in something you enjoy.
  • Fair rewards for your efforts. The number of points offered for the surveys is worthwhile, and there are a variety of rewards available despite their being no cash awards.
  • You are paid for your time if you’re disqualified before the end of the survey

User complaints

There are a number of complaints made by users who have participated in the surveys.

  • Most of the surveys are very long. Despite being easy surveys, most of the surveys on the program are very long. Having done a lot of surveys myself, I know how annoying it can be for a survey to just go on and on and on. Don’t forget too, If you give up half way you get nothing at all for your efforts.
  • It may seem like forever before you get an invitation. Sometimes invitations are hard to come by even when you are eligible for some of the surveys.
  • Account deactivations without a warning. Several customers have complained of account deactivations without any explanation. The company always claims however that the cause for account deactivation is contravening some set conditions. However, they may not respond to inquiries or explain the terms that were violated.
  • Some partners fail to honor gift cards. There are users who claim that the gift cards which they were rewarded have not been accepted by the respective partners. Users however do say that E-Rewards will try to resolve this issue for you.

Is e-rewards legit

E-rewards is a legit site that pays for its members opinions.

It is a great site for anyone with some spare time to fill out surveys. If you do not have lots of time for surveys, keep away from the very long surveys.

Otherwise, given the type of rewards on offer, it’s worth your time.

Star Rating 2.5/5- A legit survey platform, however at the time of wring (June 2020) invitation from new members are not being accepted.

2.5 star rating

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6 thoughts on “E-Rewards Review-Should You Try Out This Reward Site?”

  1. Hi Jacob,
    I’m glad to introduce another small income source. It’s always worth trying a few reward sites to find out which ones work the best for you.
    It’s not an income you can rely on but it’s a bit of pocketmoney nonetheless.
    Thanks for checking out my review of E-rewards, it’s appreciated.

  2. Hi Nicki,
    Yes the points for disqualifying is good, although the cash out sum at E-rewards is high at $25 so if the surveys are few and far between it could take a while.
    If you are into taking surveys online however, then this site could be worth a try.
    Thanks for dropping by and commenting on my E-rewards review.

  3. Hey Ray, thanks for the review, this gives me another small source of income, and I am glad to find that this site offers some decent incentives. I was playing around with inbox dollars and I just gave up when all I could find is surveys that pay only 25 cents and still take like 20 minutes to complete.

    All the best to you
    -Jacob Schilling

  4. I’ve tried other survey sites before. I think they all seem to take forever before you have enough points to cash in. What sets this one above the others is that they pay you for your time even if you’re disqualified. That’s a big deal… I’ve been through dozens of surveys only to be disqualified after fifteen minutes of my time spent on it- without compensation. I will definitely check them out.

  5. Hi Brendon,
    I’m pleased that you found this review useful to you. If you enjoy taking surveys when you are sat at home relaxing then this can be an easy way, like you say, to earn a few extra bucks. Getting points when you get disqualified is a good feature of this site, it’s something that I think every Rewards site should have given that you have used your time to attempt the survey.
    I have used lots of survey and reward sites to earn a small side income, but I haven’t used E-rewards, although it was researched thoroughly and does seem to be one of the better platforms out there.
    Thanks for dropping by to comment Brendon I really appreciate it.

  6. I just finished reading your review about E-rewards and I want to tell you that you really seemed to cover every thing in this article.
    My girlfriend loves to fill out these paid surveys when she is relaxing at night, she does make a few extra bucks as well.
    She is not using the E-rewards platform so I will pass this on to her.
    I am surprised to find that they still pay you for your time even if you get disqualified, she is going to love that part. Have you used them? How long do you have to wait to start receiving your earnings with E-rewards?
    Thanks for a great read,

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