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Earn Money As An Online Tutor

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Can you really make money tutoring online

If you have a passion for tutoring others then you may have asked yourself if you really can make money as an online tutor.

The reality is that in light of recent worldwide events,lots of people are seeking tutors to increase their knowledge and skills.

Therefore it does mean there is a high demand for tutors, and  it stands to reason that tutoring offers numerous opportunities to those wanting to make money tutoring from home.

In my article today I will explain what an online tutor is, and how different platforms could help you to make money via tutoring.

What Is an Online Tutor?

An online tutor is a person who helps other individuals to improve in a particular area of academic study.

Tutors provide help in a wide range of subjects, including:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Chemistry
  • Nursing
  • Coding

Some students seek the help of tutors as soon as they begin a course because they don’t want to fall behind.

Others may ask for tutoring in specific areas when they realize that they’re not grasping specific concepts.

An online tutor:

  • Assesses the skills of learners
  • Teaches students
  • Develops lesson plans
  • Maintains a professional relationship with learners
  • Provides feedback on performance
  • Answers the questions that students have

Some tutors work with students who speak their own language. Others need to tutor students in a foreign language. As such, there are particular skills that they bring to the table.

How You Can Make Money From Tutoring Online

If you want to earn money from tutoring online, you can either sign up with a platform that connects you to students,  or you can set up your own website and attract students yourself.

Generally, tutors who work on their own earn $30 dollars an hour.

Usually, if you already have a way of connecting with a lot of potential students who need the skills that you have, it may be a good idea to set your prices and set up your own website.

This makes it easier to design your curriculum to match the needs of your students and you keep all of your profits.

When you sign up with a platform, you’ll receive a percentage of what the student pays.

The rest of that fee goes towards administrative costs.

Tutors who work with a platform usually earn around $21 per hour, although there are some platforms where you can earn $60 an hour.

Do You Need To Be Qualified?

Later in the article I will be looking at a few platforms that offer teaching opportunities to tutors. Some of them require a high level of training and qualifications, but some of them don’t.

The ones that do require a teaching background however ask for a significant amount of training and knowledge. Your earnings per hour will increase with your skills and experience.

Tutors frequently work at, or are trained to, a level that is higher than that of the people who they assist.

For example, a chemistry tutor for undergraduate students will often be at the master’s level.

On some platforms you’ll be required to have qualifications such as:

  • Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) certification
  • Subject-specific certification
  • High school diploma

If you have a degree in another area and significant experience in an area where you don’t have subjectspecific qualifications, you shouldn’t let that deter you.

There are platforms where you’ll be able to earn based on your experience.

Many people have worked in an area and gained knowledge and experience that
can help others who are just entering that field.

Here are some platforms that you could try.

Course Hero

Course Hero helps students to answer course-specific questions. You won’t need to be a professor but you must have a degree or other specific qualifications in the area that you’re interested in.

You must have a degree obtained from a US or Canadian university and you must be based in New Zealand, or the UK, to work on this platform.

Students seek assistance in several areas, including mathematics, business, and chemistry.

You will be asked to help students answer specific questions and you’ll be paid $3 per answer. requires you to tutor at least 5 hours per week and you must live in the US.

A variety of subjects are offered and the pay starts at around $15 per hour but varies depending on the subject.

You’ll be asked to verify your expertise by uploading copies of your university transcripts, diplomas, or other certification.

You may also be required to complete additional tests in the area that you wish to tutor.


Working with Palfish usually involves tutoring foreign and non-English speaking students.

No formal qualifications are needed, however the application requires you to write a 100 word bio and create an introductory video of yourself. This is to demonstrate your pronunciation and proficiency.

Your application will be considered and you will be notified within 2 business days once you have had your documents verified.

Find out more about Palfish


VIPKID pays tutors for immersive one on one English lessons to Chinese kids aged between 4 and 12 years. As long as you have a PC and a good internet connection you’re good to go provided you have a BA degree.

Your degree However doesn’t have to be in English

The application process involves an interview and demo class, some teacher training where you learn about VIPKID and the curriculum, and a mock class.

Some Final Thoughts

If you’d like to help people and you have expertise in a specific subject, tutoring might be a good fit for you.

There are real opportunities available and you really can make money tutoring online.

Tutoring can be very flexible, allowing you to work from home. It also comes with the satisfaction of knowing you will be helping to make students of all ages more confident.

Make Money Online




Thanks for reading my article today. I hope it gave you some valuable insight into online tutoring and the opportunities it could offer you.

I have written hundreds of similar articles and reviews here on my website You will find all my latest posts HERE

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