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Earnhoney Review-How Much Can You Earn?

Thanks for joining us today for our review of Earnhoney. We will be finding out all you need to know about this this reward site, including how much you can earn, to help you decide if it is worth your time.

The site claims you can earn 3 times more than other reward sites, which made us sit up and take notice………..Is it realistic however to expect 3 times more in rewards than you can get anywhere else?….Let’s take a closer look and find out…..

EarnHoney Introduction

Earnhoney is an online company that pays you to take part in online jobs such as watching videos, shopping online, playing games as well as taking part in paid surveys. The company started in 2015 and is run by Bay Bee LLC. This Company operates a number of small online sites.

EarnHoney is now available to international residents as well as U.S residents, due to advertiser demands. Despite being a new site, it is getting a lot of publicity, and receiving over a thousand new applications each day. It claims to help members earn up to 3X faster any other reward site. This assertion has not yet been proven true. However, the company has a positive rating with Better Business Bureau.

Signing up to the website

Signing up to the website is free. Earnhoney rewards members with 30HD$ (Honey Dollars) for watching the one minute tutorial on the homepage, and for answering two questions about the two tutorials. The members are rewarded with an extra 10HD$ for filling the profile survey after watching the tutorial.

The company also rewards members for referring their friends to Earnhoney….If you refer a friend to the site, you will be rewarded 10 percent of the earnings they make for life.

What are Honey Dollars?

A Honey Dollar is a 100th of a dollar. This means that for every 100HD$, you will be earning a dollar. Some tasks give less than a Honey Dollar, which is called nectars. You need 9 Nectars to make one Honey Dollar. Once you have earned the HD$, you can trade them for gift cards and cash at the redemption stores.

The company is in the process of adding a feature to allow you to donate some of the earnings to charities. Once you shop using your account, you will receive the order in 2-3 business days (the feature is not available in some countries). New members get a payout each day for a limited period.

You can turn your dollars into gift cards for the leading online companies such as Amazon. For Amazon, the payouts can be either $1, $5, $10 or $25.  The PayPal credit comes in amounts of $5 and $25. (PayPal credit is not available in some areas).

How to Earn Honey Dollars

Once you join the website the most practical way of earning cash from the site is taking part in all the offers that are available. Taking part in online surveys is another way of earning from the website. You will be awarded badges for taking part in various online surveys. The more badges that you get, the better the access to higher rewarding surveys.

Also, you receive an additional 5HD$ for every badge that you earn.

EarnHoney Tips

  • Surveys seem to run out very fast. You have to act fast when they are posted on the site.
  • You can also watch videos to earn some cash, however they are limited to a maximum of ten videos a day. Each of the videos will earn you a few cents.
  • Don’t watch more than one video at a time. There are users who open several videos at a time to earn more in a short period. The company may ban you because of doing so. Therefore, proceed at your own risk.
  • If you are active on social media, you can try the Tweetstorm offer.
  • Make a tweet every time you redeem a prize, and you will be rewarded with 5HD$. You can only make one tweet a day via your account.
  • To make more on social media, you can use codes found on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.
  • Other ways of earning include playing games such as puzzles. You will be awarded points after every approximately 10 minutes of playing.

Check out the promotional video below that helps you find your way around the site.

Your privacy

Like other companies that collect personal information, Earn Honey has their privacy policy. It promises to ask for your consent before any personal information is disclosed to the third party.

You can withdraw this consent any time you feel not comfortable with the sharing. Otherwise, Earnhoney is not responsible for any information that you share on third-party websites or the use of cookies in your browser.

The company uses cookies but says the cookies are for the purposes of improving the user experience.


There are complaints from the users of the site as there are with all Rewards sites. Many of the complaints at Earnhoney are about technicalities. Several users complain that the videos do not play or it takes long before they get credit for the once they have watched. Other complaints centre around screen loading times.

There are also cases of users having their money redemption rejected without explanation or the gift cards arriving very late. The company sometimes says that users have committed fraud. It is difficult to know who may be in the wrong however when it comes to these kinds of complaints.

Can You Really Earn 3 Times More With EarnHoney?

Despite several complaints about technical side of the site, the site is a legitimate way of earning some cash. However we were unable to find any proof that you can earn substantially more on this site than you can on other similar platforms.

We would love you to prove that you can, so if you have used this site and have managed to earn more here than anywhere else then let us know in the comments below.

We have only been able to establish that even when you do not run into technical issues, you will still be paid only a small amount  for the work you carry out. Other times there are not enough tasks to work on, and when the tasks are there, there is a limit to the number you can handle. This is a serious handicap to making money,  especially you’re looking for a great source of income.

If your expectations are realistic however then you could use the site to earn a few dollars.

We always recommend that you sign up to a few reward sites to see which ones work best for you. It is a way of maximising your income from reward sites.

Don’t forget to always read the terms and conditions of the sites that you use.

Our Number 1 Recommendation

Reward sites aren’t designed to offer its members an opportunity to earn a full time income online. At best they may pay a very small bill, or provide you with some pocket money. You need to try a different strategy if you want to earn a good online income.

We recommend that you build an online business with a website if you are determined to create a sustainable income. A website will open up more possibilities for multiple income streams. The good thing is that it is easy to get started, and you can get started for free too.

You Can Get 2 Free websites, free training and unlimited support to find out more, check out  Our Review Of Wealthy Affiliate


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Akwi Ndah - September 7, 2017

thank you, i will love earning honey dollars. i really need an extra source of income

Rosa - September 7, 2017

Hi Ray,

I never heard of earnhoney before. I guess if you are not necessarily looking for an income to replace your job this would be an okay program to join. People, that watch a lot of tv why not get paid for doing so? Or spend a lot of time playing games, get paid for it. But this would not be for me. The pay is not enough to pay my bills and I don’t like doing surveys.

This is an informative review of Earnhoney…thank you for this review.

Frederick - September 8, 2017

Hi Hraybal,
very good article,plenty of information,I’ve always been interested on the number of ways to make money online buy always came up short.

I truly your article has changed my way of thinking,
I’ve always heard of online survey’s but none that’s was explained to me the way you did in your article.

Your Review is the best yet!

Marios Tofarides - September 8, 2017


I have stumbled upon many sites that claim to do the same thing as Earnhoney. I think though that the money made from these sites are too few to make it worth it. Unless you are a video-watching machine 🙂
Furthermore, surveys are usually available for residents of big, known countries. US, Canada, UK, Germany, France mostly. So, for me, survey sites is a waste of time. Can anyone register for Earnhoney, regardless of where they live?

Admin - September 8, 2017

Hi Rosa,
Yes you are right, it is an o.k site for earning a little extra pocket money. Earnhoney appears to be doing well at present, time will tell if it does turn out to be the best paid reward site. Again I think you still need to keep your expectations realistic and don’t expect that Earnhoney can pay your bills.
Thanks for taking the time to comment I appreciate it.

Kenny Wong - September 8, 2017

Hey Ray my man,

Thank you for the awesome review! My wife’s sister has been talking about EarnHoney a LOT lately. Your post just came on time. I will have to direct her to your site later in the day. I have been telling her to search for complaints first before joining any business opportunity.

Thanks again Ray! Awesome awesome awesome! 🙂

Kenny Wong

Judy - September 8, 2017

Hi your heading Wealth Inflator made me think I would find some secret to making money through something you recommended, but then you explained earnhoney really well and it was not quite so sweet. On reading it sounds like a lot of time and effort for little reward. However you do explain it well and out line both pros and cons. The best part was clicking on the links to Wealthy Affiliate. That gave me much more hope for a good way to genuinely earn money online. .
I like the very clear way you have laid out your page and the different fonts you have used. It all helped to make it an easy read

Admin - September 9, 2017

Hi Akwi,
Thanks for reading my Earnhoney review, I am glad you found it useful and worth considering as a small side income stream.

Admin - September 9, 2017

Hi Frederick,
Thanks for the compliments about my Earnhoney review. Don’t forget that sites like Earnhoney are only meant to be very small income sites and not something you can rely on as a regular income. There are other reviews on this site about companies that are similar to Earnhoney and you may want to consider combining the income from those with Earnhoney to maximise your side income.

Admin - September 9, 2017

Hi Marios,
Earnhoney is apparently open to international members however you will have to check with support if residents in your country can apply as I am unsure whether it is available worldwide. You will also find on sites like Earnhoney that there is a limited amount of video watching you can do, or there may be only a limited amount of videos available.
If you are serious about making money online then I wouldn’t recommend sites like Earnhoney, because it really is only pocket money that you will manage to earn afterall.
Check out my links above to affiliate marketing, it is a much better way to make good money online.

Admin - September 9, 2017

Hey Kenny,
Yes it’s a good idea to read a few reviews of reward sites like Earnhoney before you sign up and you will get a better idea of whether the site is worth trying.
I’m glad you liked the review and I am pleased that you found it useful to you.
Thanks for your kind words.

Admin - September 9, 2017

Hi Judy,
Thanks for the compliments about my Earnhoney review. Yes there is no question that it is a lot of time and effort you have to put in to get only a small reward. Some people like to earn a little pocket money on sites like Earnhoney, but I think if you really want to invest your time to building a better financial future for yourself then you will be better off steering clear of sites like Earnhoney and take a look at affiliate marketing instead.

roamy - September 9, 2017

Hello Ray
Thanks so much for sharing what you know about earn honey, I have never heard of this program but then, there are so many programs out there that it`s almost impossible to know them all.
Now you mention earn honey giving people a chance by taking surveys or playing games.As easy and as fun as they sound, these are time-consuming and the pay very low,any person looking to make any serious money at programs like earn honey need to have thousands of referrals and with them, it`s possible to make passive income.
Another thing you mention is lack of tasks, this is what I do not like about such sites, there are way too many members that there are never enough tasks for everyone to make money.
Now im not into surveys but I know how to promote and get referrals so this maybe a chance for me to make some passive income from my referrals but my questions is, are international members allowed to join?
I`m asking because there are programs out there that say all members are welcome only to realize that specific countries have to pay to be members.I`m not from the US or Canada that`s why im asking.

Admin - September 9, 2017

Hi Roamy,
I agree, there are so many reward sites that are popping up everywhere. The similarities are of course like you say the tasks don’t pay very much. The small amount you do get should really be seen as a bonus rather than a reliable source of income.
Getting referrals is a way of making a passive income from sites like these. If you have an affiliate website that gets thousands of visitors (which is very possible to achieve if you learn about affiliate marketing) then you can build a nice passive income stream.
You will need to check with the website support about whether you live in a country where members are accepted. The site was only available in U.S U.K and Canada although I understand that there may be other countries that are accepted.
Thanks for reading my Earnhoney Review and for your comment, I appreciate it.

Princila - September 9, 2017

Hi Ray,

It’s always good to see sites like yours that help people identify legit programs to make money online.

While I personally don’t like to make money completing surveys because of the earning potential, I think it is a good place for persons who need a little extra cash, especially those who have leisure time to spare. I think Earnhoney can be very helpful to students, unemployed persons, and retired persons. Plus, it is free to sign up, unlike many scam programs that claim users should pay a small fee to show that they are serious about making money on their platform.

Maureen - September 9, 2017

One of the first things that I tried to make money online was surveys. Although you could make money it was not the type of money that they led you to believe. They had you believing that you could earn a lot more than was possible. This site seems to be the same as Swag Bucks another Rewards Site. So I think myself personally I will stay away from the Rewards site. I do like your other suggestion though so I will be checking that out further.

Kavinah - September 9, 2017

Thanks for this informative article.
I’ve never heard of Earnhoney but have an idea how similar schemes work. It can be very laborious and I feel it should only be considered if one is not thinking of investing a little more time and effort into an online career.
Your alternative is worth considering as it allows more opportunity for earning better income in the long term

al - September 9, 2017

Hi Ray,

This seems like a very fair and decent review of Earnhoney. When I first started reading, it sounded like a decent site. But the lack of available jobs on the site, along with all the other limitations, sounds counterproductive. Based on what you say, I think I’ll give this one a miss.

Best, al

Andrew G - September 9, 2017

Thats a great way to end the review. An honest review from a an honest well meaning and value driven person. I don’t see how someone could be involved in WA and not be tying to give definite value to the subscribers and readers that they attract. I thought you were recommending the program at first but then come to find you made a wize choice.

carol - September 10, 2017

I came across Earnhoney website about a year ago. Even though I had my doubts, I signed up anyway. I remember trying a to do an online survey, but I got so discouraged with the questions that I abandoned it and never tried again. Now that you have given an extensive review here, I may give it a try again.

    Admin - September 12, 2017

    Hi Carol,
    Earnhoney is worth a try if you have plenty of spare time. It is easy however to quickly get discouraged, especially when you get disqualified, or if it takes forever to reach a pay out. I hope your experience with Earnhoney is better this time.

Carol - September 10, 2017

I came across Earnhoney website about a year ago. Even though I had my doubts, I signed up anyway. I remember trying a to do an online survey, but I got so discouraged with the questions that I abandoned it and never tried again. Now that you have given an extensive review here, I may give it a try again.

Mack - September 10, 2017

Great review, very thorough! But I do have to agree with you on the fact that it can take quite a long time before you see any kind of return from sites like these. I think the time put in to the amount of return just isn’t worth it. Although it can be to others.

Randene - September 10, 2017

Hey! Thanks for posting this. I had no idea about honey money. I have heard about earning money other ways online (including by offering reviews) but hadn’t seen this. Your review is thorough and helpful. I appreciate especially that you say that it’s not enough to earn a substantial income. Thanks for being honest and trying it out! Much appreciated!

gregS - September 10, 2017

Hi Ray
Like a lot of survey/tasks websites, you need to devote a lot of time to make enough money. My time is more valuable, than wasting it doing surveys, but others might like doing this.
I would rather spend the time, learning how to create an income online, with a website/s. Once you’re up and running, 1 or 2 posts a week, and you’re rolling.
This will create more income than doing surveys, and is better time spent anyway.
Just my opinion LOL

Admin - September 10, 2017

Hi Priscilla,
Yes I agree award sites like Earnhoney are useful to some who could make use of a small side income. The time it can take to earn a few dollars however may not feel worthwhile to many.
It does depend on your circumstances, if you want to replace a full time income however this isn’t the way to do it.

Admin - September 11, 2017

Hi Maureen,
Yes some sites will tell you that you can make a lot of money doing surveys. Earnhoney is a low earning site but they don’t claim to be anything more than that. Swagbucks is s similar site although I believe they are the best at what they do.
I know what you mean about these sites generally though, they do require a considerable amount of your time and don’t pay very much in return. You are better off trying affiliate marketing if you want to earn good money online.

Admin - September 12, 2017

Hi Kavinah,
I agree, if you want to invest your time, rather than using it up on small reward sites, then I believe you are better off building an online career. Affiliate marketing is a great choice, especially if you have no previous experience online. It isn’t rocket science, anyone can do it, but it will take time to make it work. Thanks for your comment

Admin - September 12, 2017

Hi Al,
Yes it is a legitimate site, but there are, like with other similar award sites, limitations on what you can earn sometimes due to being disqualified, or due to a lack of surveys. It isn’t a reliable income, so I can understand how you feel.

Admin - September 12, 2017

Hi Andrew,
Yes, reward sites like Earnhoney aren’t a great way to make money online. If you enjoy doing the tasks they offer you then that’s fine, and you can earn a bit of pocket money for your efforts. But anyone who is serious about making money online ought to spend their time more effectively. A great way to do that is by learning about affiliate marketing. It can be Started and built in your spare time, and doesn’t require much investment. There aren’t many businesses you can say that about. Thanks Andrew, great to see you here.

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