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EasyShift App Review

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Thanks for checking out my latest App Review. In this EasyShift Review I will be finding out how you can earn on this platform by carrying out various shopping tasks.

Is EasyShift worth your time? Let’s take a closer look and find out.

EasyShift is a mobile app that pays you to perform simple tasks in your local stores and shops.

These tasks involve completing surveys about the stores, taking photos of specific products, carrying out price comparisons and reviewing product promotions.

The undertaking of these tasks is what EasyShift refers to as “shifts.”

The app is owned and operated by Quri Inc, which is a California-based retail intelligence firm.

Quri has been in existence since 2009, and it has worked with several brands in collecting data and market research.

Getting Started with EasyShift

• Downloading EasyShift
Downloading and installing the EasyShift app on your phone is the first step to working with this company. The app is readily available on the company’s website and Google Play, and it is only compatible with Android phones or IOS devices.

• Age Requirements
You must be 1 8 years or older for you to use the EasyShift app. However, some shifts require participants who are 2 1 years or older due to the nature of the tasks involved.

• Creating an account
You are required to provide your full names, email address, date of birth, gender, address, zip code and PayPal details to facilitate payments. You may also be required to provide extra information while registering with Quri.

How EasyShift Works

Using the EasyShift app is extremely easy. Simply open the app on your mobile device to find available shifts at nearby stores and retail shops.

Finding jobs is simple, as the EasyShift app has an interactive map that allows you to see both the available and reserved shifts. The app will also notify you when a shift that was once reserved becomes available.

Click on any shift to find out about the requirements before making a reservation.

Make sure you choose a shift that you can satisfactorily complete the requirements. You have 24 hours to complete a shift, although some shifts have a time limit of less than 24 hours.

Each shift involves doing simple tasks like answering questionnaires about products and taking pictures of store shelves on-site. Nevertheless, EasyShift is flexible and some shifts involve small tasks that you can do from home.

For instance, doing online surveys does not require you to visit a particular shop or store.

You must fulfill all requirements before submitting your review. The EasyShift team will verify and approve your submission before crediting your account.

How Much Can I Earn with EasyShift?

EasyShift does not have a set price for shifts. The amount of money you can earn depends on the nature of the tasks.

Earnings per shift range between $2 and $20. However, some more complex shifts pay as much as $30 per shift.

Your area of residence will also determine the amount of shifts you can take in a day. Bigger cities have more shift opportunities than smaller towns.

Getting Paid

EasyShift does not have a minimum withdrawal limit. You can cash out at anytime you want. All transactions are via PayPal, and you should expect your earnings within 48 hours.

• No experience restrictions
• It is free to join
• Available in almost all U.S. Cities
• It has an active community forum
• Members receive regular updates on available activities
• Special shifts allow you to review stores from home
• Reimbursements on your purchases during shifts
• Prompt payments within 24 hours
• It accepts PayPal
• It has no minimum payout

• The app is location-based, and this limits your earning potential
• Low-income potential – will be difficult to make more than $100 per month
• You need to acquire a compatible Android phone or IOS device
• Registering with EasyShift does not make you their employee, and therefore you are liable for your actions.
• It is reported that customer service is poor.


The benefits of joining EasyShift seem to outweigh the downsides.

Working with this app is an easy way of earning extra cash while you are shopping around for your groceries or household items.

However, the low-income potential is the downside for many users, considering that the number of shifts you can get depends on the number of stores in your locality.

If you are comfortable with the low -income potential that this platform provides, then you might want to give it a try.

EasyShift Score…….5 out of 10 This is an easy and convenient way to earn some dollars, however your location will largely determine the income potential. However, you might be lucky and live in an area where a number of shifts are available. The prompt payments are a bonus too.

Thanks for reading my review of EasyShift, I hope you found it informative. If you have experience of working with this App and you want to share what you experienced, then please leave a comment below.

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Eric Chen - October 29, 2017

Hello Ray,

Thanks for your unbiased review on EasyShift. I’ve never tried apps that pay you for completing tasks at your local stores, so this sparks an interest.

In terms of frequency of tasks and if you were to drive to these locations. I wonder if it’s actually worth it. Unless you were planning to go to the store anyway.

Great review,
Eric Chen

Ray-Admin - October 29, 2017

Hi Eric,
Yes I see your point, I think I personally would want the shifts to be in the stores I would be using anyway, rather than ones you wouldn’t normally visit. This is obviously more likely if you closer to places where there are more stores.
This App does seem to be better suited to those who live in bigger cities with lots of stores being local to them.
Thanks for your comment.

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