Easyspace Web Hosting Review – Does it pass for a Good Host?

Easyspace Web Hosting Review

Easyspace  is a UK-based company that prides itself in providing astute web hosting services to individuals and business entities at competitive prices.

The company was founded in 1997 by parent organization Lomart, but has since grown to claim its own space as the premier hosting provider in the United Kingdom.

Whether you need advice on establishing an online store or you simply want a good host for your website in the UK, Easyspace seems to be the most preferred option for UK residents if the current client statistics are anything to go by.

However, does Easyspace pass for a good host? Here’s what we think.

Hosting Plans and Price Offerings

To establish if a hosting provider is worth entrusting your site, a look at their hosting plans can go a long way in demystifying their services. Easyspace offers a range of hosting solutions tailored to their customer’s needs.

The size of your business or website needs does not matter, as all hosting plans offered have plenty of scope for customization.

Below are the main hosting plans offered by Easyspace.

Shared Web Hosting
Under shared web hosting, Easyspace offers three hosting solutions. These include:

• Standard Hosting

Starting from 3.60 dollars per month, standard hosting features unlimited bandwidth, 10GB SSD storage, 25 mailboxes, free domain name, instant switch to PHP 7 and 5-gigabyte email storage. It is worth mentioning that this option is the most popular hosting plan, thanks to the low pricing and amazing features.

• Premium Hosting

Premium hosting costs £6.15 per month. This plan comes with all the features available with standard hosting. However, considering that this option is aimed at business owners, it features unlimited storage, 5 MySQL databases, 50 IMAP mailboxes, 10GB email storage and regular backups.

• WordPress Hosting

The company also offers optimized hosting solutions for WordPress websites running on a NGINX environment. At a cost of £8.25 per month, this plan features unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth, free domain, 5 MySQL databases, 100 Mailboxes, 15GB email storage, regular backups and managed WP support.

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• Customized Hosting

Easyspace is a flexible provider that offers customized hosting options to suit your specific needs. You can design a customized hosting plan by selecting one of four template options. These template options include

I. Hosting template for a company website (more than 20 users)
II. Hosting template for a Download site
III. Hosting package for sites with lots of traffic
IV. Hosting template for a database-driven large site

Other Hosting Services
Easyspace offers other hosting services, suitable for resource intensive websites. These include:

Virtual Private Server Hosting

This involves renting a virtual server compartment for your website, for enhanced speeds and performance. Billed yearly at various rates ranging from £9.99 to £34. 99 per month, this hosting plan features up to 8GB dedicated RAM, 50GB disk space, full root admin access, control panel options, and a wide choice of server platforms.

Cloud Server Hosting

Cloud server hosting also involves hiring a virtual server just like VPS hosting. However, this hosting option is far more superior than VPS in that it features more powerful hardware and software components. Easyspace cloud server hosting features 10 Core CPU, 64GB RAM, 100GB disk space and 5 IP addresses. The cheapest offer is charged at £19.99 per month.

Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated server hosting entails renting an entire physical server for your site. Easyspace gives you the option to choose between four pre-configured server packages and a customizable server package.

Hosting plans include

• Starter – costs £24.99 per month
• Reseller – costs £59.99 per month
• Performance – costs £169 per month
• The Beast – costs £199.99 per month

Features include unlimited bandwidth, SAS HDD, up to 256GB RAM, and Dual 10 Core E5 processors

Easyspace Pros and Cons
Easyspace offers potential customers enough reasons to join the bandwagon. However, this hosting provider also has a few downsides that you should consider before signing up. Some of the Easyspace pros and cons include:


• Startup advice
The most striking aspect about Easyspace is that they offer professional advice to startups by providing free access to tutorials, write-ups and video interviews of some of UK’s most celebrated online entrepreneurs.

• Customizable hosting options
The company allows customers to choose customized hosting options that suit their needs.

• Site building tools
This company offers a wide range of site building tools to all account holders. You can use these tools to create professional looking sites even if you do not have any skills in web design

• Multiple data centers
Easyspace has 10 state of the art data centers spread across the major cities in the UK. The availability of multiple data centers guarantees faster connection speeds, better support and 100% uptime and superior performance.

• Server monitoring
The technical staff is based in all the 10 data centers to ensure close monitoring of server activities. Close server monitoring ensures that any downtimes or server issues are resolved within the shortest time possible.

• Advanced network security and infrastructure
The company has invested massively in network security and web hosting architecture to ensure that site owners experience exceptional hosting services while keeping hackers at bay.

• Daily backups
You do not have to worry about losing your files. Easyspace performs daily backups for all websites under all hosting plans except for the standard plan.


• Restricted money back guarantee option
You can only cancel a subscription within 7 days after signing up

• Data Centers limited to the UK
The company does not have a presence beyond the UK. International clients may experience delays in resolving downtime issues and occasional poor support services.

Does Easyspace pass for a good host?

Easyspace is regarded as the number 1 hosting provider in the UK.

This may sound like an overstatement, but the company comfortably lives up to the billing. With over 10 state-of-the-art data centers across the UK and exceptional customer support services, Easyspace seems to have taken the web hosting industry by storm.

The company has invested heavily in its network infrastructure to ensure website owners enjoy the best hosting services, including fast speeds, advanced web security and superior server performance.

A major plus is the competitive price offerings coupled with customizable hosting plans.

Unfortunately, Easyspace does not have a presence beyond the UK, as its data centers are only located on British soil.

This means that you may experience slower speeds, frequent downtimes and inferior performance if you live outside the UK. However, this should not be a major issue as the company seeks to expand to other regions in due time.

If you are looking for a good host for your online business, then look no further than Easyspace. Sign up today for astute web hosting services.

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