Extrabux Review: Earn Cash Rebates When Shopping Online

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Welcome to my latest review of another online platform where you can make savings on your shopping bill.

The one I’m looking at today is called Extrabux.

I have reviewed a number of sites similar to this one, each of them offering members the opportunity of shopping coupons and cash back on purchases.

In this review I will be taking a close look at how ExtraBux works, what is likely to be on offer, and some of the pros and cons.

O.K let’s get started…..

What Is Extrabux?

Extrabux is a website that offers online coupons and cashback shopping options to its members.

The company collaborates with thousands of online retail stores to provide daily shoppers with amazing cash rebates whenever they shop online.

Additionally, Extrabux scours for the best online coupons, free shipping offers and product deals to provide its members.

By joining this site, you can rest assured that you will find good deals and great discounts on your shopping escapades.

Is Extrabux legit?

Extrabux is a legit cashback shopping site, with its headquarters in San Francisco CA. Since its establishment back in 2006, the company has developed a strong partnership with over 2, 500 retail stores to provide great shopping experiences to online shoppers.

How does Extrabux work?

Extrabux works by providing the following services to shoppers.

• Cashback shopping
Cashback shopping is the primary activity on this platform. It involves buying goods from your favorite online store and earning rebates from your shopping expenses.

However, you have to perform all your shopping activities via the Extrabux platform to earn cash rebates. You can earn up to 30% in cash backs by shopping via Extrabux.

• Online coupons
Online coupons are special discounts offered by merchants to shoppers who buy goods online. You can enjoy coupons of up to 25% off from your favorite stores.

• Free shipping offers
Buying goods online is convenient, but may come with a few downsides. You have to handle issues such as shipping costs and delivery. Extrabux is helpful here however , as it looks for free shipping offers on your behalf.

You can buy goods from your favorite shop having the peace of mind that you will not have to pay for shipping costs.

• Product deals
If you are looking for the lowest product prices available on the internet, then your search stops right here. Extrabux does all the hard work by searching for lowest prices of products available online. You can literally find the lowest price on every new product that comes into the market.

How much can I earn with Extrabux?

The essence of this site is not to earn money, but to save on your shopping expenses. The total amount of money that you can earn in cash backs varies from merchant to merchant. Additionally, your shopping activities will also determine the amount of money you can save.

You can save up to 30% in cash backs for every shopping you carry out via this platform. Furthermore, the company has paid out close to $51 million in cash backs since its inception.

How does Extrabux pay?

Extrabux pays via PayPal, check or credit card transfers. The minimum payout threshold on this platform is $10. You can make a withdrawal request once your account balance meets this requirement.

The only shortcoming concerning payments is the long delays. You may have to wait for up to 90 days to receive your payments.

This is because some merchants take a while to submit the transaction details to Extrabux. In some cases, a merchant may withhold payment if a transaction was made outside a valid click -through session, or if the buyer returned products to the merchant.

How to make the most out of Extrabux

Shopping smartly can help you save a lot of money on this platform. Here are a few tricks that can help you earn more cash backs from your shopping.

• Download the Extrabux browser extension

Extrabux has a browser extension that makes it easy to find online coupons and cash back offers. By downloading this extension, you will receive automatic notifications on the latest online coupons, free shipping offers and the great cashback shopping options.

This extension works well with browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. What is convenient about this extension is that you can earn cashbacks without visiting the Extrabux website, as long as the extension is enabled on your browser.

• Refer your friends

Extrabux has a referral program that pays you a $5 bonus whenever a new member joins using your referral link.

Additionally, you will earn 5% of what your referrals earn in cash backs for the first year.

To invite more friends to this platform, it is advisable that you take advantage of social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. You can also send referral links to your friends using your email address.

• Enable cookies while shopping

Enabling cookies on your browser will make it easier for Extrabux to track your transactions.

Working without cookies can be detrimental, especially if you want to claim cash rebates. Furthermore, you should complete your purchase quickly before the Extrabux cookies expire.

Joining Extrabux

Joining Extrabux is 100% free. However, you must be at least 18 years old to participate.

Anyone above 13 years old can still join Extrabux but with the approval of parent or guardian.

Signing up with this platform requires only your email address and password. Alternatively, you may join using your Facebook ID. You will receive a $5 registration bonus as soon as you complete the registration process.

• Reputable company
• It is free to join
• New members receive registration cash bonus of $5
• It has multiple payment options including check, PayPal, and credit card transfers
• High cash back rates of up to 30%
• Minimal payout threshold of $10
• Good way to save on shopping
• Some of the best shopping coupons and product deals
• Extrabux browser extension for easy shopping experiences
• It has a good referral program

• Payment delays of up to 90 days
• Not all purchases qualify for cash backs
• Only tracked purchases are eligible for rebates
• No real income opportunities available

Final Thoughts

Extrabux is a legitimate cashback shopping website where you can save money on your shopping bills. However, it does not provide a real income opportunity.

The only way to earn passive income on this platform is through referring new members to the site.

ExtraBux Score 6 out of 10 A good place to save money on your shopping bills, however payments are a bit slow

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