Fetch Rewards Review – How Can You Earn Redeemable Points on Your Grocery Purchases?

Fetch Rewards Review

Today, in this review, I’m taking a close look at Fetch Rewards, another receipt scanning App that provides you with the opportunity of earning Rebates on your shopping expenses.

I have reviewed similar Apps on this site including Receipt Hog 

Apps like these are very popular as they all have one thing in common, which is to save you money on your shopping bill.

But how good is Fetch Rewards in comparison to some of the others?

Let’s find out what the App has to offer its members.

Introduction To Fetch Rewards

Fetch Rewards is a receipt-scanning app that offers you rebates on your shopping expenses.

This app compensates you with redeemable points whenever you purchase specific products from your favorite stores.

You may redeem your points for electronic gift cards as soon as you reach the minimum payout threshold.

Signing Up At Fetch Rewards

Fetch Rewards is free to join.

However, you need a compatible Android or Apple device to use the mobile app.

Fetch Rewards Available from GooglePlay or The App Store

Fetch Rewards Available from GooglePlay or The App Store

The registration process is super fast, as it only requires your name, email address, and password.

You may enter a referral code if you have one, and stand a chance to earn your first 1,500 points when you submit your first scanned receipt for processing.

How Fetch Rewards Works

Fetch Rewards has collaborated with over 150 participating brands to offer you exciting shopping offers.

Some of the popular brands available on this platform include Heinz, Degree, Kraft, Planters, Pepsi and Cheetos among many others.

For you to earn cashbacks, it is imperative that you select available offers using the app before making any purchases.

After claiming an offer, you have 14 days to upload your scanned receipt for a chance to earn rebates.

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Earning Points At Fetch Rewards

Fetch Rewards offers two types of points, these are base points and bonus points.

Every participating brand product that you purchase will earn you a certain number of base points.

The number of base points that you can make at any particular time depends on the total cash amount of the items that you have bought.

For instance, if the total cost of your purchase is $12, then you will earn 120 base points.

You will earn bonus points for scanning your receipt and for purchasing specific items from participating brands.

If you are still unsure about how many points you have accumulated, you can find out about your points after the validation of your receipt.

The receipt processing results will show you all the information you need including your base points and bonus points after every purchase.

Other Ways Of Earning Points With The Fetch Rewards App

Fetch Rewards offers several other methods of earning points. These include

• Taking advantage of special offers
• Referring friends to the Fetch Rewards platform

• Special Offers

Fetch Rewards occasionally posts special offers on specific items such as hair and skin care products. These products have high point values of up to 1500 points per item.

You can take advantage of these offers by simply logging in into your account and claiming them before they expire.

• Referral Program

Fetch Rewards offers you a chance to earn extra points through its referral program.

You can use your unique referral code to invite new members to this platform and earn points for your efforts.

You and your referrals will earn 1,500 points each when they submit their first scanned receipt for processing.

How And When Does Fetch Rewards Pay?

As mentioned earlier, Fetch Rewards uses a point-based system to reward members. Every 1,000 points is equal to a dollar.

The minimum withdrawal requirement is 3,000 points, which is equivalent to $3.

After reaching the minimum payout, you can redeem your points for electronic gift cards from top brands such as Amazon, Best Buy, Sephora and the Home Depot, among many others.

Unfortunately, Fetch Rewards does not pay cash. You may only redeem your points for gift cards

[thrive_icon_box color=’blue’ style=’1′ image=’https://wealthinflator.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/IMG_6545.jpg’]Pros[/thrive_icon_box]

• Free to join

The Fetch Rewards community is free to join. You will not be charged any amount to join this platform neither will you be asked to provide your credit card data.

• Low minimum payout

The minimum withdrawal limit is only 3,000 points.

You can easily accumulate this amount within no time considering that most cashback purchases on this platform pay up to 1,500 points.

The sign-up bonus alone is 1,500 points, which is half the minimum payout.

• Multiple ways to earn

Apart from earning points through rebates, Fetch Rewards offers bonus points on various activities such as scanning your receipts and purchasing a variety of brands.

You may also earn points by referring new members and taking advantage of special offers from this site.

• Fast approval times

The processing of receipts takes less than 24 hours.

It is very rare for Fetch Rewards to reject your receipt.

You can rest assured knowing that your earnings will be credited to your account as soon as the receipt validation process is complete.

• Prompt payout

The company pays via electronic gift cards only. These gift cards are sent instantly to your email address.

• User-friendly app

The Fetch Rewards app is extremely easy to use.

The app has a user-friendly interface, which makes it easy for individuals who are not adept to the latest technology to utilize this platform accordingly.

The app also consists of special features that allow users to scan and upload receipts within seconds.

• Shop at any store

You can use the Fetch Rewards app to claim cashbacks from any store that offers products from participating brands.

The fact that Fetch Rewards has collaborated with over 150 different brands increases your shopping options as far as earning rebates is concerned.

[thrive_icon_box color=’blue’ style=’1′ image=’https://wealthinflator.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/IMG_6577.png’]Cons[/thrive_icon_box]

• Can only redeem gift cards

Fetch Rewards does not offer cash payments. This is rather discouraging considering that most users prefer cash payments to gift cards.

• Must have a smartphone

It is imperative that you have a compatible smartphone to use the Fetch Rewards app.

This platform is only available for Android and iOS devices.

• Receipts may be rejected

In some instances, your receipt may be rejected.

You have 14 days to submit your receipt lest you forfeit your possible earnings.

Receipts may also be rejected if they are not legible or missing the name of the store.

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Final Thoughts On Fetch Rewards

Fetch Rewards is definitely legit.

Although it does not pay cash, this platform offers you a good opportunity to earn decent rewards on your shopping expenses.

The fact that you can earn as much as 1,500 points for every item you purchase makes it a great way to earn gift cards from top brands.

Thanks for reading this review of Fetch Rewards.

Have you used this App and want to share your experience? If so leave a comment below and tell us what you thought.

Star Rating 3/5-A good App for getting something back from your shopping expenses. Unfortunately however you don’t get cash, which may discourage some.

3 Star Rating

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2 thoughts on “Fetch Rewards Review – How Can You Earn Redeemable Points on Your Grocery Purchases?”

  1. Its a scam. Fetch Rewards app runs in the background nonstop collecting all your personal information, passwords, private pictures. When you go to cash out they terminate your account to avoid big cash outs. Make up an invalid excuse. Then they continue to have their app running in background collecting data. They send you spam emails trying to keep their ties but refuse to allow you to sign in. Its a waste of time. Not worth what they are collecting. Be careful.

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