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Thanks for checking out my review of

Today I will be finding out how online platform works, and what the income potential could be for the benefit of those who may be considering signing up.

What Is All About?

Products constantly have to be improved to meet the needs of consumers, and by being a member of this site you can contribute to that process.

Each member of this panel has the opportunity to test, and provide their opinions, on a wide range of products.

You can participate as often as you wish and qualify for an opportunity. You can always choose to accept or decline an invitation.

How Works is also known as Focus Pointe Global, and they have been involved in market research for over 30 years.

They have 20 research facilities in America, and test consumer response through focus groups, online surveys, phone interviews, and more.

They work with several types of companies, so you could be asked to test products from Heinz, or Comcast, even though these companies offer different types of services and products.

You may be asked to give your opinions on a new television show, or feedback on a new flavor of a popular snack.

Before participating in mystery shopping, one-on-one interviews, or any other opportunity, you have to create an account and provide some information about yourself. This is used to decide which assessments are a good fit for you.

To be eligible for a market research study you will need to go through quite a lengthy process. There are 4 stages to it, as can be seen by the screenshot from the website. eligibility

How much can you earn with

You can earn a lot in a relatively short time. Payment for their focus groups starts at $75, and participants have been paid $175 for 90 minutes in one of their focus groups. Panelists have been paid as much as $250 for sharing their thoughts.

If you’re considering joining this panel you can visit the website and see what their needs are. All of their research opportunities are listed under, “Available Studies”.

They post these by sector, and by geographical location. If you think you match the profile for a particular demographic, you can apply and answer relevant questions that show you meet the need.

Payment is made in cash, via gift cards, and through prepaid Visa cards. You can also receive your pay as a check, once the study has concluded.

If you participate in an in- person study, payment will often be made immediately via a Visa prepaid card. Processing for online interviews and similar assessments takes longer, but you’ll usually be compensated within eight weeks.

Feedback from Users

People who have been selected for panels on are pleased with the pay they receive. Other people have been screened out after spending their time answering questions, and are upset about the loss of time.

What Are The Pros?

  • There are several ways to earn with this panel. You can choose interviews, online surveys, mystery shopping and more.
  • Each opportunity pays well, and does not require a lot of your time, so you can combine this with other earning opportunities.
  • The company frequently makes their needs known on the site. For example, if they require participants for a focus group on candy in Minnesota, they will put a request on their site.
  • Payment is sometimes made on the same day that you participate in an assessment.

What Are The Cons?

  • This company asks a lot of screening questions, and you aren’t paid for that time. You may answer survey questions in one format, and then have to answer the same questions in person to ensure that you match the demographic for a focus group.
  • They only request participants from regions of the United States that match the assessments.

Some Final Thoughts

If you are a U.S citizen you have the chance to qualify for a focus group with this company. They may require the opinions of admin workers, dads, aunts, teachers, or small business owners….Anyone could potentially qualify.

In doing so your work may help to create safer products for people in your industry, or improve healthcare across the nation.

People who are tenacious are more likely to find focus group opportunities with this site than those who want to get to surveys really quickly.

They really are looking for a person who matches a specific profile, and just one thing can disqualify you. However, if you’re exactly what they’re looking for, you can get a nice sum of money very quickly.

Star Rating 2.5/5-There is the potential to get paid well for your participation in market research with this company. However, you may spend time trying to qualify and all to no avail. Some research projects you may be suitable for, however you may not live in the right region.

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17 thoughts on “ Review-How Does It Work?”

  1. I usually don’t like website where I can earn with survey. Surveys are time consuming; one might spend all his time filling numerous forms and will end up unqualified. So, there are happy users and there are unhappy users too. But I think the ratio of unhappy users will be higher than that of the happy users. Another constraint is that only those in the US can participate.

  2. Hello there. Thank you for sharing this  F o c u s g r o u p . c o m  Review.

    It is good to know that Focusgroup is legitimate. I thought it is another scam websites similar to the ones I have seen in recent times. I like the different means with which one can earn money. However, not everyone can participate in it because of region barrier.

  3. Hello there thanks for giving reviewing this site as i would be of great help to those who that are wanting to get into making Mon online and those that are already inbtjis line of business.although I have alot of history with sites like this where most of them were scams they just take your information and never pay you but I think this one would be different because after reading your article I think we should give it a trail. 

  4. I love the simplicity of your review. I registered on this focusgroup platform last year November . I have only been “eligible” and called back for a survey
    once yet, I continue getting invites to surveys that I can never
    participate in. I got frustrated, and forgot about them. Thanks for the alternative, I will look into it. 

    1. Hi Jordan,
      Thanks for sharing your experience working with Focusgroup. Your experience confirms the difficulty you may have trying to qualify for projects.

  5. The main limitations that products like Focusgroup have Is that region limitations, its always very painful to have a good offer but not able to enroll for it because of you location. About the too many questions, i think if that is going to make them be sure of their right selections, then anyone willing to be a part of their company should be prepared for it. It’s nice to read through this article.

    1. Hi there,
      The biggest drawback to this opportunity is with qualifying for projects. You may well have to be very patient. The rewards however for those that do qualify are good.

  6. Seeing this to be legitimate alone is enough reason to be delighted. Not to talk of the possibilities of making a lot of money through this. I am sure giving this a trial. Needless do I say that you are doing a great task with this website and I applaud you for it. Interesting one from here and thumbs up to you for sharing this

    1. Hi Bella,
      Thanks for checking out our review, I’m glad you found it to be informative. Call back again soon, as we update our website regularly with earning opportunities.

  7. Hello!

    Thanks for the FocusGroup review. To me it is somewhat similar to sites where we can sign up for taking surveys – there are lots of criteria to complete about ourselves, qualification questions, and it’s not easy to get qualified for taking a survey or a study & then finish it successfully and earning from this. And we may be disqualified very many times. I already know what it is like.

    But FocusGroup has quite nice payment rates, very high ones.

    From the info in the article I deduce that unfortunately not being an US citizen is a serious downside… I live in Europe. So does FocusGroup accept non-US people too?

    Best regards,


    1. Hi Peter,
      Yes it is a similar criteria to that of taking surveys except that it is probably harder to qualify for research projects with Focusgroup because of the numerous requirements including the area where you live.
      Unfortunately Focusgroup isn’t available to people living outside of the U.S.

  8. FocusGroup is a good business opportunity and I like the way it models. It’s a very nice job to proffer solutions to other people’s problem and give them ideas about what they do and what can be done to improve their products. I really hope that tis opportunity can be extended to other regions of the globe  so that other people too can benefit from it, ww have so many potentials online yet to be explored. Thanks.

    1. Hi Andrea,
      Yes, I’m not aware of any current plans to extend to further countries but unfortunately at the present time only U.S citizens can benefit from membership of the Focusgroup platform.

  9. Wow this is a great review on the focusgroup I have been looking for this since,actually I was introduced  to it by a friend of mine who claimed its paying her well but you know there are alot of scamming schemes  out there,I was not positive  because it’s free to register,but now you have really convinced me with your post thanks alot for enlightening  more on this site 

    1. Hi Rose,
      It’s good to hear that your friend has had a great experience using the Focusgroup platform. I hope your experience is the same if you decide to join.

  10. Saying thank you would be an understatement for all you have been doing on this website. Seriously, I like all these legitimate offers presented here and how one can make great advantage of them. Thank you so much and I really value them. I will check out focusgroup because the pay seems to be making sense enough. Hence, it would be a good addition to my sources of income

    1. Hi Rodarrick,
      Thanks for checking out another review on Wealthinflator. I’m glad you are finding our Reviews informative. We try to ensure we cover all the main Pros and Cons to joining the platforms we review. Focusgroup could be a good earning opportunity, but it could also prove to be a frustrating experience when projects do not come up in your area. Thanks for your comment.

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