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Free Passive Income Apps You Can Try Today

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Free Passive Income Apps

There are lots of free apps these days that will allow you to earn a bit extra from your smartphone. However, many of these need you to invest a considerable amount of your time and effort before you reap the benefits of cash and gift card rewards.

There are some free apps however that don’t require any effort on your part. You simply download them, run them on your phone, and carry on with your day as normal.

These apps, once downloaded on your smartphone, can provide you with an opportunity to earn extra money passively.

The reason this is possible is because companies want to analyse the habits and behaviours of phone users like you, and they are willing to pay you for this valuable data. With some of these apps they simply want phone users to receive messages so they can check their systems are working properly.

There is a lot of interest these days in making money passively. It is so sought after that some online marketers make you believe you can earn a full time passive income online simply by clicking a few buttons. Unfortunately that simply isn’t true. The reality is that a lot of effort has to be put in first before you can generate a substantial and sustainable¬† passive income.

However, because of the availability of these apps, a small passive income is easy to achieve. The estimated incomes here however may vary dependent upon your country of residence.

The Shoptracker App

Estimated Yearly Passive Income Potential…$36

The Shoptracker App is designed for Amazon shoppers who want to earn a bit extra from their shopping at Amazon. It is owned by Harris Poll a reputable company.

As a member of this App you just need to agree to allow Shoptracker scan and analyse what you are buying from this extremely popular marketplace.

You won’t earn more for doing more shopping because it isn’t a cash back app. You just simply have the app running in the background so you can pick up an extra $3 a month for sharing your data.

The app doesn’t have a minimum balance required before you can cash out, so you can get to your cash quickly.


Panel App

Estimated Yearly Passive Income Potential…$8

As passive income apps go this isn’t the highest earning. You can earn extra carrying out surveys, but you don’t have to, you can gain points simply by having the app running when you go out.

You don’t have to wait all year however to cash out because the minimum cash out for an Amazon Gift Card is just $1.


Slidejoy App

App no longer available

Estimated Yearly Passive Income Potential…$127

The Slidejoy lockscreen android app that pays you simply for installing it and watching an ad when you do what you would normally do, which is unlock your phone.

Slidejoy is a passive way to earn because you’re not required to engage with any ads that you see. You can simply swipe to the right if you want to dismiss the ad.

There are other ways to earn including watching videos, playing online games or referring your friends. However if you only want to use the app to earn a passive income you can. Members report being able to earn up to $0.50 per day simply by using the lockscreen option.

The cash out is also low at $2 and you can either get your reward via PayPal or Gift Card or donate to charity.


Honeygain App

Estimated Yearly Passive Income Potential…$120-$200

The Honeygain App is designed to allow its users to earn passively by having their phone used as a gateway to gather market research data.

You can if you want to connect multiple devices if you wish however the app developers recommend you keep the app running on devices that you would be using anyway. This way you won’t use up electricity that you wouldn’t have otherwise used, making the earning opportunity less cost effective.

Honeygain can be downloaded for Android, Windows, MacOS, and Linux


Money SMS App

Estimated Yearly Passive Income Potential…$8

Mobile Network Operators need to test whether SMS messages are being received correctly from foreign locations. That’s why they need phones to send messages to. If you join the Money SMS App your phone will be sent messages.

The messages are meaningless and you don’t need to look at them. All is required is for your phone to receive them and you will get paid for it. The amount of messages you receive will vary depending upon your location. The income therefore may be inconsistent.

There is a low cash out however of 2 euros and there are a number of pay out options available.


How I Make A Passive Income

I earn a kind of passive income with the website you are reading. The other day I awoke to find I had earned $150 whilst I was asleep.

It takes some hard work to generate a passive income like this, but it is possible if you are determined to succeed. Websites can be a great way to secure passive income. They will provide income on the days you don’t work on them at all.

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