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Today I am taking an in-depth look at a website that is designed to help you earn rewards by completing surveys, doing activities from their offer wall, and playing games. is a GPT (Get Paid To) platform that allows you to earn redeemable points that can be exchanged for gift cards, cryptocurrency and other rewards.

If you’re a regular reader of this site you will already know that there are numerous options when it comes to choosing an app or website that rewards you for carrying out small tasks.

That’s why I wrote this review, so you can see what others users make of it, and to allow you to weigh up the likely pros and cons before you decide whether to join.

Let’s get started by looking at how things work at

How Works is a free platform that’s available on The Freecash website or via Android app at Google Play. It used to be called Freeskins, however it changed its name last year (2021) to Freecash.

Most of the activities on can be done without investing any of your own money.

A few of the offers on the offer wall however will require you to make a small payment via your credit card, so you should be careful while selecting these.

Take Offers On The Freecash App

Choose Tasks At Freecash

You’ll learn more about paid offers later in this review.

The app is available around the world. If you live in the United Kingdom or the United States you can get free gift cards and even pay for your iTunes products by using your earnings from the app.

But don’t worry if you’re not from here as there are also earning opportunities for members based in many other countries too.

The same offers are not presented in every nation however. For example, sometimes market research is being done and the participants will need to be in a specific geographical area.

In addition, if you’re in certain countries, PayPal may not be available to you as a payment option.

While is primarily designed for mobile users, there’s also a version of it that’s available for PC users.

You can do many of the same tasks on your PC and earn points. However, some of the offers that are available to mobile users are not accessible when you’re logged in on your PC.

You can install the app by using the QR code on their website. You can also follow the link that’s available on their site to get to the Google Play Store.

Once you’re there, you can download the app and login via email, your Google account or other social media accounts. Once you’ve done that you can create your own password.

At the bottom of your screen you’ll see several icons. In the middle, there is an Earn icon. When you click on that, you’ll be taken to a page that displays all of the tasks that are available.

You’ll know how many points you’ll earn for each task ahead of time. You’re given a different number of points for each task that you complete. On this app, points are referred to as coins.

When you check your balance you’ll see it increasing in coins. Similarly, when you’re ready to redeem your rewards, you’ll do so from a balance that’s quoted in coins. On this app, 1,000 coins will give you $1.

Featured tasks are offered in a specific section on the Earn page. This area contains a mix of tasks from different categories, including surveys and offers.

You can select any one of them to start and you’ll find that these are interesting. You can also freely complete any other activities that you like.

How To Earn On

You will earn on by completing an array of activities.

You’ll get rewards for each of these activities but the number of points that you’ll earn for each category varies.

You can play games online, share your opinion on consumer products or even try new services from their offer wall in order to collect points.

Your account is credited promptly whenever you successfully complete an activity. Their partners are companies like CPX Research, which pay on time.

The options on their offer wall are from reputable providers and you sometimes have to make a small payment in order to participate in these.

In most cases your payment will be refunded or the amount earned from the offer will allow you to make a profit.

For example, AdGate Media is one of their partners. AdGem offers are also available. These pay well and you can trust them to give you your cash as promised.

All members can start earning from the moment they sign up.

Whether you download the app by using a QR code or via the link on the site, you can earn points if you leave a positive review on the Google Play Store.

It is of course better to only leave a 5-star review if you really like the app.

After you’ve left your review on Google Play, log into the app and you’ll get 150 points. These will be credited to your account after you claim them in the Rewards window.

Members who spend time on the platform have said that they’ve been able to earn a few dollars every day. They’re pleased with the earning potential of this app and some have received payouts of over $100.

You can earn a bonus if you get on the leaderboard. The first 250 users will receive a bonus each day. They share a prize of $500. The person at top of the leader board gets the most coins as their bonus and this is added to their earnings for the day.

Climb The Leaderboard for extra bonus’s with Freecash

Climb The Leaderboard for extra bonus’s with Freecash

You can also earn on Freecash by referring others to the site. Your referral will instantly get 100 coins when they join using your referral code. Also, you will get 5% of what they earn on the site.

How To Withdraw From

To withdraw your earnings, click on the Cashout button. This is located at the bottom of your screen, towards the right.

On the Cashout page, you’ll see all the options that are available.

The payout options that are offered by this app are not the same worldwide. Each country has different options.

When you’re logged in, ensure that your country’s flag is displayed on the Cashout page, so that you know you’re seeing the right options for your area.

Cash Out Options At Freecash

Cash Out Options At Freecash

Select the reward that you prefer after ensuring that it matches your balance and then click the Withdraw button. offers members a number of flexible options for making withdrawals.

You can select gift cards from Visa that can be spent on almost any online purchase. You can also choose a gift card from Google Play, Nintendo, Steam and other well-known brands.

These gift cards are available in various denominations. For example, Google Play gift cards are offered in denominations of $5, $10 $25 and even $50. You won’t be charged a fee when you withdraw your earnings in the form of a gift card.

You can exchange your points for cash. You can either choose a cryptocurrency, which will be withdrawn to your cryptocurrency wallet or you can select a PayPal transfer.

Lots of cryptocurrencies are available, including Ethereum and Litecoin. If you’re looking for a way to get Bitcoin or Dogecoin for free, this is an app to consider. If you would like cryptocurrency, the minimum for withdrawal is $0.10.

Your points can also be exchanged for CS:GO skins, so by playing more games you’ll earn more points to trade for the CS:GO skins that you like

What Real Users Are Saying About

Most users say that they’ve had an excellent experience with using it. This is uncommon for a Get Paid To (GPT) app.

The app is easy to use and panelists don’t encounter many technical glitches.

Members say that they like the options that are available on the offer wall. They also like the quick payouts that are available on this app.

Although they’re rare, there are occasional complaints related to being unable to continue with surveys after completing several screening questions.

Members also say that sometimes site support is not available. They only receive automated responses and no follow up.

Have you tried the platform to earn rewards? If so and you want to share your experience please leave a comment in the comments section below.

What Are The Pros Of

  • rewards you for a wide range of interesting activities, so you’ll never get bored.
  • You can do surveys without investing any of your own money. If you want to earn more, you can complete some of their paid offers. You can also earn by playing games.
  • has gift cards from a number of top brands, including Steam, Blizzard and Nintendo. You can get Visa gift cards when you’re ready to withdraw your earnings.
  • Payments are made instantly on this app. There aren’t any complaints about missed or late payments.
  • You can choose from your local fiat currency or cryptocurrency. Several cryptocurrencies are offered.
  • The minimum for withdrawal on this app is fairly low. This means that you won’t have to wait for a long time before you receive your payment.
  • Each of their partners pays you as soon as you complete the task, so your earnings will be available in your account.
  • A Live Chat button is available on the site. This is located on the bottom of your screen, at the right. If you’re not able to contact customer service by other means, this is one of the better options to use.

What Are The Cons Of

  • PayPal is one of the payment options on this app. However, residents of some countries will not be able to use it. Despite that, they can get cash by opting to receive their payment as Bitcoins instead.
  • The same earning opportunities aren’t the same in every region.

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Some Final Thoughts On

In this Freecash review, you’ve learned how members are using this app to earn cash right from their smartphone and even their PC. This app is recommended for several reasons.

It’s free and you can actually start earning from the moment you sign up. No issues with payments have been reported and you can choose cash or gift cards.

Cryptocurrencies are also offered as a payment option and since the rate of payment is higher than on other Get Paid To apps, you’ll receive better cryptocurrency rewards for your time here.

Don’t forget however that working on GPT sites won’t replace your day job or take care of your bills. But if you are looking for a small side income source that you could generate from home then Freecash could help

Star Rating 3/5-A good GPT website that allows its members to earn rewards for carrying out various small tasks.

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Thanks for reading my review. I hope you found it to be informative and will help you go on to make a more informed decision about whether you should sign up.

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