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GG2U Review-Is It Legit?

Thanks for checking out my review of GG2U.

Many people earn a little extra cash online by gaming, and our review will be finding out if you can do the same on the GG2U platform.

There are other tasks that you can do, but the site is largely geared towards gamers.

As a mobile friendly site, GG2U says it offers you the chance to earn rewards online.

However, is this platform legit, and if so how much can you earn as a member. Is it really worth your time? This is what we’ll be finding out, but first let’s take a look at how GG2U works.

How GG2U Works

GG2U is a legit free website, so you just need to register, and you can then engage with the site.

Once you sign up your account is credited with a $1 sign up bonus.

You’re given points for each activity that you complete on the site. These points are referred to as coins, and you are given a different number of coins for each activity.

While many people enjoy earning a few extra dollars by doing very simple tasks such as watching videos, you have several other options for making money with your phone. For example you can complete offers, take surveys, and play games.

Gamers can play as many of the games from the app as they wish. All of them are free, and even as a beginner, you’ll earn points with this option.

In addition to earning opportunities, the platform also offers discounts.

You can save on games that you would buy elsewhere, by using the discounts in the deals section. You can even get free Steam keys there, so membership benefits you.

How much can you Earn With GG2U?

GG2U pays for each activity that you complete. Since this site has a lot of activities on their offer wall, you can increase your earnings each day. You can earn from a specific category, or work daily on all of them.

The site has a bonus offer for members who work hard, and cash out often. Once you’ve made payout five times, you can spin the Golden Prize Wheel. That gives you a chance to win $7 more.

They have two different types of referral systems, and you may select one, or both of them, if you like referring people to income-earning opportunities.

The conventional system uses your direct referral link, and takes anyone you invite to the site. They can sign up, and when they earn enough to cash out, the site will pay you the equivalent of 5% of their money.

The other method is more indirect. You can share a link, but when users click on it, they will see an ad pop up. This has potential earnings of $5, if the person makes a purchase on the advertiser’s site.

If you decide to try the second system, you may want to consider warning individuals about what the sequence will be. Many people don’t like to be surprised by an ad that pops up. By warning them, you help them to decide what step they want to take.

If you choose to sign up for free trials, you may require a credit card. You should always be careful with these offers. If you decide that a product is not the right fit,, ensure that you cancel before the trial is finished.

Once you reach $7, you can request a PayPal transfer. Bitcoin is also an option, but a 3% transfer fee is charged. The site also offers gift cards for Steam. If you plan to shop online with your earnings, you can request an electronic Visa debit card.

GG2U Reviews

At the time of writing GG2U has a score of 4.6/5 from 376 reviews at TrustPilot

GG2U is regarded as a good side income earning option by many users, several of whom enjoy doing quizzes and other fun activities there. They like the flexibility of earning with this option, and the free keys for some Steam games.

After scanning over the most recent complaints the only minor issues we found were some member that complained about either surveys being unavailable, or being unable to qualify for surveys. Unfortunately these issues are often unavoidable with surveys, as how many you qualify for or how many you get often depends upon your demographic.

What Are The Pros?

  • GG2U has lots of fun activities for users. You can even earn by doing quizzes, so you’ll earn by doing something that is relaxing.
  • You can reach payout quickly, because several of the tasks on the site have good rewards.
  • Their exchange rate is better than several Get Paid To sites, since 100 points, or coins, will give you $1.

What Are The Cons?

  • GG2U doesn’t do Bitcoin transfers for free.
  • Only a small earning opportunity.


Check Out How Much You Can Earn



Some Final Thoughts

GG2U pays you in points, which are referred to as coins. You’ll only have to get 700 coins to withdraw your earnings, and that is equal to $7.

The activities are fun, and offers are always available, so this can be a good way to earn a bit of extra cash quickly.

Have you tried GG2U? If so and you want to share your experience then please leave a comment below.

Star Rating 3/5-A comparably high paying GPT Site, with a reasonable low pay out sum. As is the case with all similar sites to this, you need to be careful when signing up to offers that require your card details.


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Thanks for checking out my review of GG2U. I hope you found the article informative and will help you decide if The GG2U platform will benefit you.

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14 thoughts on “GG2U Review-Is It Legit?”

  1. Very nice review for people looking to earn some extra money online. Honestly, I never heard of this platform, but it seems very legit. It is nice that there are options available online, which are not so time-consuming and eventually easy small money are available to almost anyone. If someone is looking to earn bigger money, and provide much more value and share a higher impact than the wealthy affiliate is definitely the place to be. I know for 100%. There is no other platform teaching, providing and offering so much as WA. Well done and all the best with your online journey! 

    1. Hi Julius,
      Yes small earning sites like GG2U might be o.k for those wanting to find out that making legit money online is possible, but for those who want to be more serious about reaching their earning potential then Wealthy Affiliate is definitely the way to go.

  2. I agree with you, earning on gaming site is good but affiliate marketing is a better option. I also joined wealthy affiliate and discovered there wealth of training and very robust hosting platform. They have a well organised community of top affiliate marketers that are resourceful and always ready to help

    1. Hi Parameter,
      Thanks for reading my review of GG2U. I’m pleased to hear that you have found Wealthy Affiliate. You are in the right place to move forward with your online business. Best wishes to you.

  3. Thank you for sharing this informative review article about How much can you earn with GG2U A review. Nice review we are all looking for ways to make that extra income. I did not know about GG2U it is the first time l know about it.  I am glad l came across your article l am looking for extra ways to earn extra income for my family and this does not look difficult to do. The cons is not that bad and l like all the pros. I will bookmark your article so l can go back again. I will try the GG2U and share my experience with you. Great review.

    Wishing you all the success! 

    1. Hi Fiona,
      I’m glad you found my review of GG2U to be informative. Yes, let our readers know how you get on using this platform. Thanks for your comment.

  4. Many thanks to you for sharing such an excellent article with us .I’ve been working online for a long time and can earn money online through games.And I want to make money from this side of you, and as I work on a platform I can understand how much I can earn.And I hope this website is good and it’s not a scam.At any time I will be able to enjoy the work of your website that I find very easy.Everyone who makes money by reading your article online will be able to earn a living.

    1. Hi Shariful,
      The GG2U platform is legit and is worth a try if you want to earn a bit of extra cash online. I would however recommend Wealthy Affiliate if you want to take your earning a stage further. Thanks for your comment.

  5. I’ll commend you first on your website and the article on your site. It was highly informative and enlightening. I’ve not heard on GG2U until your article and reading through it made me to go through the GG2U site personally to know what the site is all about and how their rewards system looks like. Thanks so much

  6. GG2U sounds like a fun site.  I am not into gaming too much, but the variety of things you described at GG2U seem to be something that I could enjoy.  Earning a bit of extra money while having fun is a great idea. I am going to reread your article because I was wondering if you earn by referring others.  I didn’t see that.  I am also going to check on the small business program.  I am an affiliate marketer and always interested in ideas related to my business or things that can help me grow my business.  Thanks for the article.

    1. Hi Anastazja,
      Yes there is a referral program with the GG2U platform, in fact there are two. One is run in the same way to many others where you get a percentage of your referrals earnings, but the other works through a link that doesn’t take the user directly to the site, but to an advert. If they engage with the ad and purchase something then there is more money to be made. However you need to consider this carefully because your audience could become less trusting of the links you provide. Thanks for your comment.

  7. That is so cool. I spend more than 5 hours a day playing video games. It will be great if I can earn some extra money while doing that! I question I have in mind is: I understand that 100 points make one dollar, how difficult is to achieve 100 points? I know that probably vary from activity to activtiy, I just would like to guess how much I can make inn one hour! Thanks

    1. Hi Eddie,
      The earning potential of sites like GG2U always depends upon the commitment you put in. It is difficult to say exactly how much you could earn by simply gaming for 1 hour. You would earn quite a bit more by doing the offers, however you need to be very organised if you sign up to these by making sure you cancel before your card is charged.

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