Gift Card Granny Review-What’s It All About?

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Thanks for joining me for my review of Gift Card Granny.

My review today cover everything you need to know about Gift Card Granny before you decide to try it out for yourself….so sit tight and let’s get started……

Gift Cards

The concept behind the use of gift cards of course isn’t anything new. Big brands and major companies often offer discounted gift cards to encourage consumers to shop with them.

At the end of the day, the merchant gains from increased sales while the consumer benefits from cheaper rates and increased savings.

However, finding the best gift card deals isn’t always easy. You may have to search through the internet or even walk from store to store looking for a suitable shopping deal. This is where the role of the Gift Card Granny comes into play.

What Is Gift Card Granny?

Gift Card Granny is an online platform that sells gift cards from major brands like Target, Walmart, Starbucks and Netflix at discounted rates.

The gift cards offered have a 100% guaranteed lifetime value, and they can be used to cater for a wide range of shopping expenses, ranging from groceries to restaurant outings.

How can you make money with Gift Card Granny?

Gift Card Granny offers its members a wide range of options for making money.

These include:

• Purchasing Gift Cards

• Selling Gift Cards

• Secret deals

• Rewards program

• Refer-a-friend program

Buying Gift Cards

The main reason for purchasing gift cards from Gift Card Granny is to save money rather than earn additional cash. Gift Card Granny offers a wide selection of discounted gift cards from major brands.

You may opt to purchase brand new gift cards or used gift cards depending on your budget and preferences. Brand new gift cards are directly provided by the merchant, and they come with a lifetime guarantee.

Used gift cards are bought from shoppers who no longer need them, at discounted rates set according to the remaining balance.

Selling Gift Cards

You may also earn money with Gift Card Granny by selling your used or unwanted gift card so long as it is associated with a participating brand.

What is good about this platform is that you can sell your gift card for cash or trade it for another gift card. All you have to do is name your price, so long as it is lower than the remaining card balance, and wait for your card to be sold on your behalf.

Secret Deals

As earlier mentioned, one of the reasons for joining this platform is to make savings on your everyday shopping expenses. Gift Card Granny regularly searches and lists the best gift card deals available in the market.

You can take advantage of these deals to make more savings and even get bonus gift cards with every purchase.

Rewards Program

Gift Card Granny runs a rewards program that offers you redeemable points each time you purchase and use any of their gift cards for your shopping expenses.

You can also earn points by reading Granny’s newsletters, rating your shopping experiences with participating stores, referring your friends and downloading the Gift Card Granny app or browser extension.

You can then redeem your points for free gift cards of your choice.

Referral Scheme

Like most online platforms, Gift Card Granny runs a refer-a-friend scheme that promises to pay you 1000 points ($5) for every new member who registers using your invitation code.

That is quite an incentive when you think that you stand to make $50 if ten of your friends sign up successfully via your referral code.

Cashing Out

As its name implies, Gift Card Granny only pays in the form of gift cards. The minimum redeemable balance is 1000 points ($5), and you may exchange your points for gift cards worth the amount withdrawn.

What Are The Pros?

• Reputable platform

• It is a free to join site.

• New members are awarded 200 points as registration bonus

• Easy way of saving

• Exciting shopping deals

• Low minimum balance

• Fast payouts

• High paying referral program

• Available for mobile devices and PC

What Are The Cons?

• Does not pay in cash

• Only available in a few countries

Is Gift Card Granny worth trying?

If you are a regular shopper, then Gift Card Granny is the perfect platform for you.

It offers you a wide range of options when it comes to making savings on your everyday shopping. Not only that, you can make money by just referring your friends besides selling your unwanted or used gift cards.

Star Rating 3/5-A Great Platform To Make Saving, Earn Rewards etc. It’s A Pity You Can Only Earn Gift Cards And Not Cash Too, But Worth Signing Up To Nonetheless 

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