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GiftPanda App Review-Is It A Reliable App?

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GiftPanda Review

Thanks for joining me today as I review the GiftPanda App.

In my review I will be giving you the lowdown on what this App has to offer its members.

If you want to earn cash by using your mobile device, our GiftPanda App Review will explain in detail not only how the App works, but also how reliable the App is by listening to what others have to say about it.

If you have an Android phone, GiftPanda offers you the chance to earn from it. The app pays you by using earnings from numerous sources, including advertisers. GiftPanda is also paid by app developers who want to test their software and see what consumers think about their products.

There are many money making apps available nowadays, some apps help you to earn cash by running passively in the background, whereas this one gives you the freedom to boost your earnings by performing quick tasks whenever you have spare time.

The idea is to get your earnings to add up and you can cash out to buy lots of items from different stores, including Amazon.

How GiftPanda Works

This mobile app is geared towards people who like to try out new apps, watch interesting videos, and share their thoughts about consumer products. Once you download the app and register a new account, you can start carrying out these tasks.

Many apps are available there and you freely choose the ones that interest you. There is no charge associated with watching a video or downloading an app, and each time you complete one of those tasks, you get points added.

You need 2,500 Panda coins to make a withdrawal. Ten coins are equal to $0.01. The minimum of 2,500 Panda coins is equivalent to $2.50.

You will get the most coins from downloading apps, with surveys giving you the second highest number of coins. Surveys start at 100 coins while apps are usually about 200 coins. You must also be 18 or older to join.

How Much Can You Earn With GiftPanda?

GiftPanda makes it easy to add points to your account right through the week. Every task pays, so whether you like doing surveys or checking out new apps, you are positively rewarded for your actions.

How much you earn and how quickly funds are added to your account depends on how often you use the App. If you only watch a video occasionally, your points will grow steadily. If you download two apps a day, your points will quickly add up.

Your earnings can be withdrawn to PayPal , and then sent to your bank account. If you wish, you can also withdraw your earnings via SEPA transfer, or to one of the many gift cards options that are available.

Their tasks are easy and you will probably complete a couple of them in minutes. The site boosts your earning potential with their referral program. This gives you 10% of the cash earned by referrals.
If you have 10 referrals and each of them earns $25 per month, that’s a total of $250. You get $25 automatically added to your income.

What Are The Pros?

  • GiftPanda provides you with multiple ways to earn points, so if you are not really keen on watching videos, you can still make money by downloading apps and answering surveys.
  •  They have a referral program which gives you 10% of the earnings of your referrals. You also get 5% of the earnings from referrals of people you referred.
  •  No matter where you are in the world, you can sign up. Your points can even be used to recharge your mobile phone.

What Are The Cons?

  • The app is only available for Android 5.0 and higher.
  • No recent payment proofs that we could find.
  • Member complaints

Some Final Thoughts

GiftPanda is designed to be a fun way for people with a few extra minutes each day to earn extra cash. There are no fees associated with any of the tasks, and the app is free.

The minimum payout is $2.50 and that should be easy to reach by completing a few tasks a day.

However, this App has many complaints from members who say they don’t get awarded points when they should. Not only that, we couldn’t find any recent payment proofs, which is a bit worrying.

Given the complaints, and the lack of recent proof of members being paid, we are unsure about its reliability, so we cannot recommend this app at this time.

Have you tried GiftPanda? What was your experience? Did you get paid? We would love to hear from you.

Star Rating 2/5- A free to use App that can be fun to use. Lots of members however have numerous complaints including not getting the points they are due. We think there are better Apps out there.

2 Star Rating

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