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GPTbee Review-Is it worth your time? Get An Inside look

GPTbee Review

Thanks for checking out my GPTbee review

GPTbee is what is known as a Get Paid To website, which means that it rewards its members for carrying out various activities such as taking surveys, offers and other small tasks.

There are a lot of GPT platforms available so it can be hard deciding which is the best one to join. By reading my GPTbee review you will get a good idea as to whether the platform is worth checking out. To help me do this I joined the site so you can get an inside look.

Signing Up To GPTbee

You can sign up to the GPTbee platform via their website. Like similar platforms to this one it is free to join. GPTbee has been around for 6 years and does have a good reputation for paying its members.

Once you’ve entered some information, your name, email address and postcode you will be rewarded with a signup bonus of $0.25.

Ways To Earn at GPTbee

Daily Surveys

I noticed that GPTbee provides you with surveys from other survey platforms.

By clicking the link for daily surveys, it took me to the survey page where I could sign up to third party survey platforms. The surveys I saw pay around 50-120 honey points ($0.50 to $1.20).

I clicked on one of the surveys that said it would pay 52 honey points. It took me a minute or two to get matched to a survey.

When the survey was opened it said it would take 10 minutes. It took me a bit longer to complete the survey because I wanted to make sure I was answering the questions both correctly and honestly.

When I completed it I got my 52 honey points (52 cents).

There seems to be plenty of surveys available to do via GPTbee so there ways to earn here. However as is the case with all Survey platforms, you will not qualify for every survey you take.

Offerwall Surveys

Offerwall surveys at GPTBee

There are always plenty of surveys available at GPTbee

Paid To Click

There was a number of ads available to click on. You need to click on them and allow the website to fully load before you get your reward. Each click that you make gives you 0.065 honey points. I clicked on a couple of these to earn 0.13 points.

I checked back later and there were a couple more ads to click so it looks as if these replenish quite quickly.

Given that 1 honey is equal to $0.01 however, you’re not going to earn very much here, although it is very easy just clicking on an ad.

Get Paid To Sign Up

At the time I went on this section it only had 3 GPT sites to sign up to offering only 45 honey points in total for signing up to all 3.


This is where you can earn the most as there are numerous offers here. Downloading Apps, Watching Videos and signing up to other sites are some of the ways you can earn more honey points.

How Do You Get Rewarded At GPTbee?

The Cash out sum depends on which option you choose.

The payment options available at GPTbee Are an Amazon Gift Card for $5, PayPal is $3 and Skrill is $10.

It is worth noting that depending upon your location some members must verify their account before requesting withdrawal.

GPTbee Reviews

At the time of my latest update to this review the reviews from members were positive about GPTbee. The site has a 4.5/5 score from 29 reviews at Foxyrating.

I could only find 1 negative review from a member who stated that points were not being credited to their account after they have done the tasks.

Apart from that I couldn’t find any really negative feedback about GPTbee which is of course the most important thing. If a GPT Site isn’t popular with its members you can be certain they will make sure their voice is heard.

What Are The Pros Of Membership With GPTbee?

  • Free to join
  • Lots of surveys and offers available
  • Long established rewards site
  • Low Cash Out

What Are The Cons Of Membership With GPTbee?

  • Not many opportunities for some tasks such as PTC
  • Surveys don’t pay as well as other sites

Some Final Thoughts

GPTbee is an established GPT platform, so you can count on being paid. You can cash out early too as the redemption amounts are quite reasonable.

Like all similar sites to this one, the earning potential is very small, nonetheless you can generate a handy side income here for completing simple tasks in the comfort of your home.

Star Rating 3/5 -GPTbee is a legit site for securing a side income by taking surveys, completing offers, and clicking on ads.

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Thanks for checking out my review of GPTbee. I hope you found the article informative and will help you decide if The GPTbee platform is a good option for you.

I have written hundreds of similar reviews and articles about making money online here on my website You will find all my latest posts HERE

10 thoughts on “GPTbee Review-Is it worth your time? Get An Inside look”

  1. Chimmhogevagreenesnr

    Hi there! Sincerely speaking, it would have been a cool business if the points that is earned for carrying out a task is increased because not everyone will want to give time and data for something that won’t profit much at the end of the day.

    Though its cool for me because it allows multi tasking.

    1. Hi there,

      Yes you’re not likely to earn a lot on GPT sites however they are a convenient way to generate a small income if you have the time to spare. Thanks for your comment.

  2. Hello there thanks for this review about this platform. It was really helpful I must say. I think this is a nice platform to make cool cash. Any online platform that offers you an opportunity earn cash with less effort is worth the time and energy. I think after now I might just get myself registered

    1. Hi Philebur,

      Thanks for reading and your comment, I’m glad you found my review of GPTbee informative. If you do try out the platform let us know how you get on. Thanks again.

  3. Earning extra cash completing surveys, clicking ads, watching short videos, signing offers in one website is a great idea. It save lots of time. I had quite a bit of experiences too. Joining many surveys and PTC websites. It really lots of consistent effort to get a significant amount of money. A lot depend on the amount of surveys or ads available each day. On certain day, there may be lesser surveys and ads. Well, it was unfortunate that i am living in Asia region. Many of the survey websites accept participants in USA and Europe only. It depend on individual profiles too. Hence, it is good way to earn extra cash for the students and stay at home moms. There are quite a lots of  people who making a living out of it. By signing up for focus groups and doing freelance work from home. The earnings will improve after a period of delivering good quality and on time work. With some marketing through word of mouth and referrals. And to earn more, it is necessary to respond fast to the surveys opportunities. As there are quotas and duration for each survey. 

    Best regards,

    David Koh

    1. Hi David,

      Yes I agree you need to maintain consistent effort on GPT sites to make your effort really count. However, the amount of time you need to put in will not give very profitable returns unfortunately. There are better ways to make money online, however GPT sites do offer convenience in that you can work on them whenever you have the time, and from the comfort of home. Thanks for your detailed commment.

  4. Thanks for sharing the GPTbee review. I often search review sites in order to see whether a site is legit or not and whether it worth my time to invest in watching short clips for money. Some sites take forever to pay you out. I have also noticed that many seem to have a high payout threshold. Sites like these with surveys can be quite lucrative especially if you are in USA region. I have found that there are not as many surveys available for South Africans though. 

    1. Hi there,

      Yes there are advantages in some regions, it really depends upon the demographic the survey clients are targeting. If you have the advantage of a good demographic then surveys can provide you with a reasonable side income that you can work on from home. Thanks for your comment.

  5. It’s great that you joined GPTbee
      to write the review. But from what I understand, you only have access to certain polls and the payment is extremely low. I have already been on WA for almost a year and a half and I consider that my team is precious to spend it completing surveys.

    1. Hi Carmen,

      Yes, the real earning opportunities are on the offerwall, and there are plenty to choose from there. Like all similar platforms however the earning potential is very limited. Thanks for your comment.

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