Green Panthera Review-Is It Legit?

Green Panthera Review

Thanks for joining us today as we review Green Panthera.

We will be reviewing the platform that offers its members a variety of opportunities to make money online, and helping you decide not only if it’s legit, but also if it is worth your time.

The site positions itself as a cashback shopping platform where members receive rebates from their online purchases.

However, you can also earn money through other means such as answering surveys, claiming coupons, trying out different offers, and participating in daily polls.

Signing Up To Green Panthera

Seemingly, Green Panthera is only available in 22 countries around the world, including the U.S., UK and Canada.

Furthermore, the website uses advanced IP address detection mechanisms to prevent illegal access from unpermitted locations.

Nevertheless, the sign-up process is extremely easy. Unlike other platforms that require loads of personal info, Green Panthera offers one-click registration whereby you only need to provide your email and create a password.

Once you create your account, you will receive $5 as a welcome bonus.

How To Make Money With Green Panthera

The main aim of Green Panthera is to help its members save up on their shopping expenses.

The platform works with dozens of different merchants to offer discounts, coupons, and special bonuses every time you shop with your favorite store via Green Panthera.

The only downside is that most of the available retailers target residents of the US, UK and Canada.

Besides cashback shopping, the Green Panthera has a wide range of income streams. These include:

  • Surveys

Green Panthera will send you an email once a survey becomes available, meaning that you do not have to log in into your account to check for jobs.

However, you must go through a screening process to determine your eligibility for the survey. Once you pass the test, you must answer all the survey questions as honestly as possible for Green Panthera to validate your feedback.

The good news is that most surveys are extremely easy as they take less than 15 minutes to complete.

However, you must wait for about 2-5 days for Green Panthera to review your answers and approve payments.

  • Coupons

Occasionally, you may find coupons which you may use to make purchases at discounted rates. The Green Panthera usually offers various coupons to its members to help them save on their online purchases.

  • Trial Offers

Apart from taking surveys and searching for coupons, the Green Panthera has an offer wall where members can search for sponsored trials.

On this wall, you will find all sorts of trial offers that pay such as downloading and trying out apps or games, signing up to free websites or testing a particular online service.

The main aim of these offers is to help brand owners collate insights about their products before the final release onto the market.

How Much Can You Earn With Green Panthera?

The main objective of this platform is to help you save on your online shopping and make money by answering surveys.

As far as cashback shopping is concerned, you can make as much as 5% of your total purchases. On the other hand, answering surveys pays anywhere from $0.75 to $1 per questionnaire.

How Do You Get Paid?

The minimum payout threshold is $30. Compared to other platforms, this amount is somewhat on the higher side.

Furthermore, the fact that most jobs pay less than $1 means that it might take quite a long time to accrue the required amount to cash out.

The good news is that Green Panthera supports PayPal payments, but you have to wait for about 5-14 days to receive your earnings.

What We Think You Will Like About Green Panthera

– One-click registration

– Sign up bonus of $5

– Plenty of income opportunities

– Surveys are short and easy

– Supports PayPal payments

What You May Not Like About Green Panthera

– High payout threshold ($30)

-Takes long to approve survey answers

– Delays in payments

– Poor help desk services

– Only available in 22 countries

Some Final Thoughts-Is Green Panthera Legit?

Nothing disputes the fact that Green Panthera is a legit platform.

However, the website has received many complaints about the delays in payments. Apparently, you have to wait for about 3-5 days for Green Panthera to credit your account, and another 5 -14 days to receive money in your PayPal account.

Furthermore, the payout threshold is unreasonably high, which makes it hard to cash out quickly.

Putting these factors into consideration, you should only join the Green Panthera is you are patient and don’t mind the delays.

Have you used Green Panthera? If so what are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments section if you would recommend this platform.

Star Rating 2/5-A legit platform that offers a number of small income opportunities. The cash out sum however is too high in our opinion, and payments are slow.

2 Star Rating

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13 thoughts on “Green Panthera Review-Is It Legit?”

  1. I have read the terms and conditions of Green Panthera website well. Then I understood that this site is trusted for income and we can earn easily from here and income system is very good.I will join here soon.
    But we have to wait for about 5-14 days to receive our earnings. 

    1. Hi Mehedi,
      Yes this is a legit platform, however payments are slow compared to other similar reward sites. Thanks for your comment.

  2. The review on Green Panthera was very elaborate, in my honest opinion compared to other platforms she’s not doing so well particularly with the amount of time it takes to access payment. I have a question though, bearing in mind that you get a $5 bonus upon registration, is the registration on Green Panthera Free or does it require a fee?

  3. Hi Ray,

    Green Panthera has both good and some not so good aspects, but it is not a scam, just to earn some extra money if you are patient enough to reach the payout threshold. But also there are  complaints from people that have had their account suspended before they managed to cash out and following they have not been able to get helpful answers from Green Panthera’s support team.

    1. Hi Raju,
      I agree, green panthera has a sign up bonus which is great, but you are then more than likely going to have to wait some time to get to cash out. The complaints we found were a bit discouraging too, but Green Panthera is definitely a legit platform. Thanks for your comment.

  4. I have never heard of green panthera not until I came across this article. I must commend you for taking your time to share this article because you must have done a lot of research.i understood every bit of this and it’s features is really convincing but I think I won’t go for it because you didn’t recommend it. Thanks for sharing this information.

    1. Hi Dhayours,
      Thanks for complimenting the review. I have tried to include all the good and the bad so our readers can make a more informed decision. We didn’t mark this platform very high because of the high cash out and the complaints about delays. If you are in no rush for your rewards however you may still want to try Green Panthera nonetheless.

  5. It is realy good to see that some websites are taking the internet security seriously for those who want to become involved with and earn money online using this method however in my experience, this is a time based income which only pays when you invest your time.

    I believe that creating a business  that generates revenue “while you sleep” so to speak is far superior as it continues to generate revenue without you being physically engaged all the time. Starting with the online questionnaires did however allow me to become comfortable with online business and grow from there.

    Thanks for a great review.


    1. Hi Richard,
      Yes, reward platforms do need quite an investment of your time. I agree that building your own online business is a better investment of your time, as over time the returns can be much greater. Thanks for your comment.

  6. I have nothing at all against sites like Gren Panthera as I used them when I first came online to earn some money. Sure, the money is not great and the work can be tedious….but it is legit money and most of them pay simply through Paypal. 

    The one drawback with surveys I see is the rejection halfway through at times (leaving you with no reward).

    1. Hi Chris,
      Yes, reward sites can be a good starting point for those who want to prove to themselves that you can earn legit money online. I agree, surveys can be frustrating, especially when you get disqualified half way through. This is an unfortunate fact of online surveys on most survey platforms.

  7. Hello, I really appreciate your time and effort on writing about Green Panthera.

    From your review it’s obvious they’re legit but not a good opportunity to make any serious money. I’ve done online surveys before and 9 times out of 10 they’ll say you don’t qualify after spending a few minutes on their screening questions, what a waste of time. The $30 payout will take months to reach, but I like how they give you $5 for signing up so in reality your first payout is only $25 away.

    I’m not against Green Panthera, they’re a great way to save money and make some chump change, but don’t expect to live off of it. Thanks for the review.

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