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Happy Fishing App Review-Does It Pay?

Happy Fishing App Review

Welcome, and thanks for joining us today for our review of the Happy Fishing App. We will be finding out today whether you really are going to be happy if you sign up to this App.

Happy Fishing is an app that says it will pay its members for playing a fishing game…..So we decided to find out if that is true or not by taking an in-depth look at the platform.

To win cash rewards, you are only required to catch cash bottles, fish and other treasure chests during your fishing expeditions. Once you have enough you can then redeem your earnings for Amazon gift cards or PayPal cash.

How to play Happy Fishing

It is relatively easy to play. To get started, you need to cast your line by pressing the ”Go Fish” button. After that move the hook using your finger to reach your catch.

You can still earn points while offline. However, it is important to note that the points received while offline can’t be withdrawn for real cash. Nevertheless, you can use them to upgrade your fishing gear.

A good fishing gear helps you to catch more fish and access the deep waters.

How much can you make on this platform?

The minimum withdrawal limit is set at $10. However, it may take you ages to reach this amount.

In fact, we have been unable to find any records of persons that have successfully made a withdrawal on this platform.

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From the look of things, the company’s sole intention is to earn through adverts that run on the site.

What Are The Pros?

Easy to operate It is quite easy to play the game.

You can simply start earning, without going through a tedious registration process.

Free to download

You don’t have to pay anything to access the game. The game is free to download and you can easily access it on Google Play and App Store.

You get to collect a variety of rare fish

While playing, you will get an opportunity to catch different fish species, some of which are rare in certain regions

A great way to pass time

The app is very addictive, and provides a unique way of passing time, without spending a dime!

Available in multiple languages. 

You can select different language options available on the app, according to your preference

Available across different regions.

There are no geographical restrictions whatsoever. This means you can access the app and enjoy the game at any corner of the world.

Multiple payment methods. 

You may choose to redeem your earnings for Amazon gift cards or PayPal cash.

What Are The Cons?

Too many adds.

You will have to contend with multiple advertisements on this platform. This may interfere with the flow of the game.

The app is very addictive.

You may end up spending too many hours playing the game. This may affect your productivity.

Inconsistent earning opportunities

It is quite difficult to make a decent earning on this platform. Basically, once you start playing on this site, you will be awarded on a regular basis. In fact, you can earn as high as $ 7 in just 20 minutes!

However, if you continue playing, the earning opportunities drop, and you may earn as little as $ 2 in a week. Most players complain of not being able to earn more than $9.91 after several months of playing.

Untraceable earnings.

You may get banned or lose your earnings under unclear circumstances, without any notice.

Only compatible with Android 9.0 and above.

To start earning on this platform, you need to invest in a compatible Android device.

Conclusion: Can you generate cash on the side?

If you are looking for a fun way to spend your free time, then look no further than installing the Happy fishing app. The app is quite addictive, and you may end up playing for several hours without getting bored!

However, if you want to use this App as a way to earn, we wouldn’t recommend it. The app runs an inconsistent earning system, and there are lots of people reporting that they cannot get to the redemption amount of $10.

Have you tried this App? Have you managed to cash out and claim a reward? Let us know in the comments section below.

Star Rating 1.5/5….This fishing game is very entertaining could get you hooked, but it certainly won’t make you rich, in fact it may not make you any money at all.

1.5 Star Rating

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Zacharia Mahlangu - November 23, 2019

Trying to earn cash from this games is a sheer waist of data, time and money because there are really no practical chances of winning any $ from them. If one plays the games one should just be doing it for the sake of fun time not looking for any passive income. I’ve tried them many times. If someone has a better experience share it please.

    Admin - November 23, 2019

    Hi Zacharia,
    Thanks for sharing your experience working with the Happy Fishing App. Your feedback will be of interest to our readers. A lot of users appear to have had a similar experience using this App, and is the reason we don’t recommend it as a means of making money online. It may however, like you say, just a fun App to play. Thanks again for your comment.

Lenore Antinori - November 29, 2019

I can’t get my money to go to my wallet after I get it because I did a system update on my phone so because of that now the game won’t give me any money that I collect.

    Admin - December 3, 2019

    Hi Lenore,
    Thanks for sharing your experience with the Happy Fishing App. Our readers will be interested to hear what you have said. Overall user experience with this app suggests caution if your motive is simply to earn money. Thanks again for your comment.

Jean - December 23, 2019

Winning real cash hard and I want to know the cash spot on this the wallet I guess not the cash sign

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