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Harris Poll Online Surveys-How Much Can You Earn?

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Harris Poll Review

Thanks for checking out my review of Harris Poll Online.

Harris Poll Online says it will pay its members for completing online surveys to its members.

In my review today you’ll learn whether this really is a legitimate site, how much you could actually earn from The Harris Poll surveys, and what real users think about sharing their opinions in order to gain rewards on the platform.

You’ll also learn about the pros and cons of using this platform to earn from home.

Is Harris Poll Online Legit?

Harris Poll Online is without doubt legit. They’re a Stagwell Media, LLC company. Their members are paid for completing online surveys.

Harris Poll are a market research firm and they offer their services right across the globe.

They’re highly rated in the field of market research and have been providing consulting services in that area since 1956. They’re one of the largest firms that provide corporations with information on public opinion in the United States.

Harris Poll provides surveys and rewards millions of people every year. They gather feedback from several industries and are diverse in their approach, developing tools that allow them to gain information in the automotive sector, food and beverage industry, technology sector, and even Fintech.

Their data on gun control, sustainability and other issues of concern to the public helps to shape the news.

They have partnerships with several large media groups, including Time, Axios and Yahoo.

Through their work with their media partners, they investigate issues that matter to readers and other consumers of media. For example, they gather feedback on investment strategies and so, their work influences society on a large scale.

Harris Poll also partners with several universities and nonprofits including Harvard, the MacArthur Foundation and the Milken Institute.

They provide these organizations with data on global challenges and social challenges within communities.

Their entire focus is on learning about social sentiment and consumer motivation.

With such strong partnerships with reputable companies across the United States and the world, they can definitely be regarded as a legitimate company.

They also reward panelists and don’t have any complaints from panelists
about the way they manage data.

Their partnerships generate a significant amount of revenue. For example, when they provide market research services to a company such as Time, they’re financially rewarded for that.

The panelists who participate in focus groups, online surveys and other methods of gathering data are paid from that revenue.

This is a legitimate company with a proven method of earning that rewards members.

You won’t have to pay to participate in surveys. Your membership is free. You also won’t need to pay to receive your rewards.

When you’re signing up for your free account, you will be asked a few personal questions.

These include questions about your age, geographic location and interests. These help to place you within specific demographics so that you can be offered surveys when the opportunities arise.

Harris Poll Online Surveys-How Much Can You Earn?

Harris Poll pays you in points for every survey that you complete on their platform.

They use their own proprietary software to provide you with surveys and track the work that you’ve done with their panel.

Their program is called the Harris Brand Platform and it’s regarded as one of the best packages in the sector.

It accurately keeps track of the points that you earn for every activity that you do on the panel.

The poll offers a wide range of activities to all members. These include teen surveys which can be completed by members who are 13 years of age or older.

If you are in the United States or Canada, you’ll need to be at least 13 before you can participate in these or any other activities on the panel.

Their data-gathering activities include mobile surveys, video, online surveys and software questionnaires.

These are usually between five and 25 minutes long. Payment will vary according to the type of survey that you’re doing and the length of the activity.

For example, if you are invited to participate in a focus group, you’ll be paid more for each minute of your time than if you did an online survey.

Similarly, a telephone survey will also usually pay more than an online survey. Telephone surveys involve speaking directly to a trained researcher who will ask you questions on a specific topic.

You’ll always be told how much you’ll earn before you start an activity. So, you can choose to only participate in activities where the incentive offered is a satisfactory reward for your time.

No matter what type of activity you choose to participate in on the panel, you’ll always earn at least 15 points. So, even if you’re doing a quick poll that takes less than a minute, you’ll still receive 15 points.

Similarly, if you start a survey but you’re screened out, you’ll still receive at least 15 points for your time.

Your points will always be automatically added to your existing balance.

Most Harris Poll members receive invitations to participate in three to five surveys per month. Each survey pays at least $1, so if you complete two surveys per week, you’ll earn $2 per week.

However, if you’re in a demographic that gets a lot of survey invitations, you can earn more than that. So, some members reach the minimum threshold for payment each month.

Most users earn between 400 and 600 points per month. When you’ve earned 1,250 points, you can withdraw your earnings. This is equal to $10.

You can choose a variety of rewards on this panel, including merchandise. If you choose merchandise, it will be shipped to you via the United States Postal Service.

Harris Poll will pay the cost of shipping and you’ll receive a tracking number, so you’ll always know where your rewards are.

There are also other options for rewards on the panel. These are much faster than waiting to receive merchandise which at best would take 7 working days to arrive at its destination.

These include Visa prepaid cards and electronic gift cards. Your electronic gift cards will usually be delivered to within 24 hours.

They’ll be sent to the email address that you provided. So if you don’t want to
wait up to 14 days to receive merchandise via the United States Postal Service, this is a faster option.

Gift cards are available from popular retailers such as Starbucks, Walmart, Home Depot and Amazon.

Harris Poll Online Reviews

Harris Poll has high ratings from members. In fact, the site also has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

They also have high ratings on other platforms, including Trustpilot.

Their high rating indicates that they are a reliable business and follow established business practices.

Members say that they communicate well with panelists. For example, users communicate with them by email and other means and they say that they usually receive replies in a timely manner.

Unfortunately, some users say that they don’t like the unreliable nature of earning
on the site.

For example, in a particular week they may complete five surveys but in the next week they may only complete three.

This means that their earnings go up and down. However, many users don’t think of that as a problem and they regard their earnings from the site as a bonus, not something that they rely on.

Some users don’t like the fact that the site restricts the number of people who can join from a household.

Currently only one person is allowed to join the panel from a household. This means that if a teenager in a family joins a panel, no one else can join from that household.

Users say that they can usually access the types of rewards that they like. These usually are sent to them in a timely manner. Members also like they array of merchandise that they have available to choose from.

Members like the flexibility of being on the panel. Even if they only have a few minutes available, they can sometimes participate in short surveys.

They also like the fact that although the payment for some surveys is average, they sometimes have the opportunity to participate in more lucrative offers.

However, some members think that the site isn’t worth their time because of the low rate of earnings. This is because they’re unlikely to earn more than $10 per month after spending approximately two hours on surveys.

There is also another drawback to the site that comes up from time to time. This is regarding account deactivation.

Some members say that their accounts have been deactivated without warning and without any awareness that they’ve broken any of the rules of the site.

Some members also wish that cash was a payment option. They would prefer to receive their payment via PayPal or another quick method that allows them to spend their rewards in in any way that they wish.

Users also say that the minimum payout of $10 is good, although it could be lower.

Members are also happy about the sweepstakes that are held every quarter, paying $10,000.

Have you tried Harris Poll Online? If so, and you want to share your experience, please leave a comment in the comments section below.

What Are The Pros Of Harris Poll Online?

  • Harris Poll is completely free. You’ll never have to pay to be a member or to participate in any of their surveys or focus groups.
  • You have a variety of choices when it comes to sharing your feedback.
    You can participate in phone interviews, focus groups and even teen surveys if you’re in school. All of these options will pay real rewards.
  • You’re never forced to provide feedback. You can do surveys on your own schedule. You don’t even need to use the Web to do some of their surveys.
  • The Harris Poll platform accepts members who are in their teens. So, if children in your household want to earn extra money right from home, they can do so with this panel. They’ll earn real rewards and be able to gain gift cards to shop for things that they enjoy, including music and restaurant meals.
  • This site has a very good rating with the Better Business Bureau so it follows good business practices.
  • The sign up process is simple and it has a data protection policy in place. So, your confidential information will be kept private.
  • You always receive incentives for any activity that you do on this site, even if you’re disqualified.
  • They have a lot of merchandise available. This is a substantial benefit for people who really like to get free products in the mail. You won’t even have to pay for shipping for your rewards.
  • They also have a wide array of choices for people who prefer gift cards and they offer Visa cards as well.

What Are The Cons Of Harris Poll Online?

  • Harris Poll is not available in all countries.
  • They also don’t pay cash This site does not offer payment via PayPal.
  • They also don’t offer any other convenient payment methods such as checks.
  • While your payment will be reliably paid to you once you reach the minimum, you won’t earn a lot every time you do a survey.


Check Out How Much You Can Earn



Some Final Thoughts On Harris Poll Online

Harris Poll is an legitimate way for you to earn money online. In this Harris Poll Online Review you’ve learned that this panel has been gathering data in the United States and around the world for decades.

It’s a proven way of earning from surveys. Whether you’re in the United States or Canada, you can participate in several methods of gathering feedback, including focus groups.

You’ll always receive payment for any surveys and other activities that you receive
but you won’t get a lot of work throughout the month.

This means that even if it paid cash, participating in this panel would not provide you with enough income to replace your full time job.  However, it can act as a side gig.

In this Harris Poll Online Review you’ve learned about all the things that members appreciate about being on the panel. You also learned about the pros and cons of using the platform.

As such, you’ve seen that this is a valid way to earn a little extra cash. It is highly recommended for those who wish to spend a few minutes every week on an engaging panel and collect a little extra money at the end of the month.

Star Rating 3.5/5-A legit and reliable survey panel. Unfortunately however it isn’t available worldwide.

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