Homestead Web Hosting Review – A Good Host?

Homestead Seb Hosting Review

Homestead is a company that offers a wide range of web services including website creation, online marketing and web hosting services. Despite the numerous service offerings, the company focuses more on their site creation services.

The company’s mission is to help startups and small businesses gain exposure and establish a strong web presence by providing advanced web building services.

However, Homestead’s over-reliance on web development has seemingly had an impact on the company’s ratings, as fewer people know about their hosting services.

This Homestead review tries to explain why the company has been operating under the radar for so long despite the fact that it was established in 1996.

How does Homestead work?

Homestead offers you a platform to build your personal or business website from scratch without having to master web design or coding languages.

The company offers customers advanced site building tools, including a simple, easy-to-use site builder, professional themes and hundreds of design templates.

The process of building your own site is extremely simple.

All you have to do is download the Homestead site builder software, choose a design, customize your site and then publish it using the Homestead one-click installer.

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Homestead Plans and Pricing

Homestead offers a number of hosting options to every interested client who might need a home for their website. However, these hosting plans are designed around their advanced site builder.

This means that you have to create a website with them to enjoy hosting services.

The company offers three decent website building packages that come with limited web hosting. These include:

1. Starter Plan

The Starter Plan is the cheapest website building and hosting option offered by Homestead. Priced at $7.99 per month, hosting under this plan only supports a single 5-page website and it features 25 MB storage and 5GB bandwidth per month.

The website building option comes with various tools, including an easy-to-use site builder, customizable templates, and millions of royalty free images.

You will also enjoy toll-free phone support, community support and free access to website statistics for enhanced marketing campaigns.

2. Business Plan

The Business Plan is the most popular site creation and hosting option on this site. The plan is ideal for expanding businesses that require more advanced hosting options.

Unlike the Starter Plan that only offers 25MB web space, this plan features 5GB of storage. It can support up to 3 websites with a limit of 100 GB bandwidth per month.

You are also entitled to one personalized domain name and up to 5 free email addresses. This plan costs $22.99 per month, but you may have to pay extra for marketing tools such as web listing, paid search ads and SEO services.

3. Business Plus Plan

This is the ultimate plan for both small and well-established businesses. Priced at $62.99 per month, you will enjoy all the features available in the previous two price plans.

Web hosting under the Business Plus plan features 10GB storage, 500GB bandwidth, unlimited number of pages and unlimited number of sites. However, you have to pay $14.99 per month for e-commerce add-ons and other marketing tools.

Homestead Pros and Cons

• Creative Freedom
Homestead gives you the creative freedom to try out different designs and themes for your website using their highly versatile drag and drop site builder. With millions of royalty free images at your disposal, creating beautiful, professional websites has never been easier.

• Customizable Design Templates
Homestead offers you hundreds of customizable design templates to suit your style and preferences. These templates make it extremely easy for anyone to build websites from scratch with no design skills needed.

• Inclusive Web Hosting
Hosting services are included in all site building plans. This means that you do not have to pay for hosting separately.

• Reliable Uptime
Homestead does not have a large clientele base, as far as web hosting is concerned. This is because the company offers limited hosting options. For this reason, you are likely to enjoy reliable uptime considering that the company does not host many websites on the same server.

• Free 30-day Trial
All new customers are entitled to a free-30 day trial. You can cancel your subscription at anytime within the trial period.

• Pricey Plans
The hosting plans are comparably pricey, considering that the company has enforced so many limitations and caps on all their price plans except for the Business Plus Plan.

• Limited Hosting Options
The company is limited as far as providing reliable hosting solutions are concerned. For instance, the 25MB storage for the starter plan is not enough for serious businesses.

• Poor Customer Support
The help desk services offered by Homestead are not the best. According to some clients, Homestead does not respond to queries, and even if they do, it is always after a long time of waiting.

• HTML-based Websites
Homestead supports HTML-based websites only. The platform does not have solutions for WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and Magenta websites.

This means that you may have to look elsewhere if your site is based on the aforementioned content management systems.

• No Control Panel
The company does not offer a control panel, meaning that you do not have total control over your site.

• No Mobile Tools
Homestead does not offer mobile tools that may help you optimize your site for mobile phones.

Verdict: Is Homestead a good host?

Homestead is a great website builder, especially for startups and small business websites. However, the limited hosting options available seem to be its main disadvantage.

The company focuses more on their site building offerings rather than provide clients with good hosting services.

If you have a resource intensive-website or you require more domains, you may have to look elsewhere for hosting since the available plans offer so little in terms of resources.

Furthermore, these plans are expensive and. You may also have to pay extra ($14.99 per month) for e-commerce solutions and online store websites.

This makes it difficult for me to recommend to you considering the fact that most hosting providers offer these services for free.

For these reasons, I think you may be better investing your web hosting money elsewhere.

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