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Honest Insite Panel Review-Is This Survey Panel Worth Your Time?

Honest Insite Panel Review

Thanks for checking out my review of The Honest Insite Panel.

Information from consumers is used to guide companies in most industries, and my Honest Insite Panel Review today will  be looking into whether this platform can help you earn some extra money by voicing your own opinions.

By using this platform your unique experiences can be shared right from your mobile phone at times that are convenient to you.

However, how good is this survey platform? Is it really worth your time? This is what I am going to find out, but first let’s take a look at how things work.

How the Honest Insite Panel Works

The Honest Insite Panel is open to Canadians and Americans who want to share opinions on the products and services they use regularly.

All the members of your household who are 13 or older can participate.

When you sign up, you’ll be asked for personal information such as your date of birth, address, and income.

The company takes measures to protect this information, and the details about yourself that you provide in other profiles.

A link is sent to your email, and you must click that to verify your registration before you can receive any surveys.

Invitations to complete surveys are sent to your email, and these are for companies from right around the world. You’ll complete surveys on a number of interesting topics, while positively affecting the experiences that consumers have.

They make invitations available on your dashboard as well, and sometimes their Facebook page is updated with the latest invitations, but that is less likely to happen.

All of the surveys are delivered by reliable market research companies. The panel is operated by the Sample Network, a company that has been in business since 2001.

You can complete their surveys via their mobile site, by using your Android or iOS phone, so you can earn on the go.

How much can you Earn with The Honest Insite Panel?

The Honest Insite Panel pays at least $1 and up to $3 per survey that you complete, depending on its length and complexity.

This site sends an email whenever they have a survey that fits your profile, and there aren’t complaints about panelists starting surveys, only to be screened out.

You’ll have to wait until surveys are available, and can’t just pick from a list. That limits your earning potential, and you won’t be sent surveys often.

In fact we have discovered that the average amount of surveys is about three per year. This of course may be more or less depending upon your demographic.

Like all survey panels there are some panelists who may receive surveys more often, because they fit a lot of profiles.

For example, if you drive and are studying, you may have several companies that are interested in you, because they want the opinions of drivers, or students.

Similarly, if you change your microwave oven every now and then, companies that develop these appliances will want to know what you look for when you’re selecting one.

Filling out the additional profile questions related to home, automotive, and so on can result in more frequent invitations.

Honest Insite panelists can be compensated with cash if they wish. The site also has gift cards for sites like Amazon, and each payment method has a different minimum for withdrawal.

You can withdraw to Amazon once your balance is at $15, but for PayPal, you’ll need $30.

User Feedback

Although there are lots of satisfied members, The Honest Insite Panel nonetheless has a few disgruntled panelists who say they haven’t been paid after making their requests for Amazon gift cards. They also haven’t received a response after emailing the panel.

The frequency of surveys is also a concern for users. With surveys being sent on an average of three times a year, it could potentially take five years for a panelist to reach payout.

I would love to hear from any of my readers that have used The Honest Insite Panel and want to share their opinion on what they thought of it. If you do please leave a comment in the comments section below.

What Are The Pros?

  • The Honest Insite Panel allows teenagers to share their views.
  • It is open to Canadians and Americans, and it pays through PayPal.
  • All of their surveys can be completed online, by using any device you choose.

What Are The Cons?

  • The Honest Insite Panel has had complaints of non-payment.
  • Since you may not receive invitations often, it might take years for you to get your money.
  • This is not an international work from home panel.

Privacy Policy

Before signing up to any survey platform we recommend you check out the website’s privacy policy. This should be available to see when you visit a survey site’s website.

You need to look at things like what personal data is being collected, how your data is being used, retained and transferred.

Only sign up if you’re happy with what you’ve read.

Some Final Thoughts

The Honest Insite Panel is a legit company, and is one way for you to share your thoughts about the products you use, whether you like them, or think that adjustments can be made to better suit your needs.

The income you get however is likely to be very low because the invitations are rare.

Nonetheless, if you like to complete surveys, your compensation can be collected in cash, or as a gift card. It’s also an opportunity that you can maximize right from your home.

Star Rating 2/5-A Legit Survey panel, however the surveys may be too few and far between to generate any significant income.

2 Star Rating

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  1. Thanks for having your own way of analysing the pros and cons of using the Honest Insite Panel Works. Actually the tool is good for the company to improve their service. However, everything has its good and bad side. And everyone has their own right and choices of how to use it. I like your blog, clean and clear, easy to read.

  2. Hello there,this is an awesome review

    I am just hearing of the “honest onsite panel” for the first time. Seeing the breakdown on how it works tells me that it is a good platform to share your thoughts on products whether you like them or not and if any adjustments can be made.

    Thanks for letting me know about this platform. I really appreciate.

    1. Hi there,

      I’m glad you took something from my review. I hope it helps you to make a more informed choice about the reward platform you want to use. Thanks for your comment.

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