How Can I Get Paid To Watch Ads, Videos And T.V?

Get Paid To Watch Videos

Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it!

Being paid to just watch a video or T.V programme……..really?

Well the good news is that there are apps and places on the internet where you really can get paid for watching videos or t.v programmes.

Unfortunately they don’t pay you very much.

But getting paid at all for watching stuff you like watching, and would probably be watching anyway, can’t be all that bad a deal can it!

Earning cash can be a bit like exercising sometimes don’t you think.

If you can forget what it is you’re doing, the more enjoyable it can be!


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I have put together 4 sites and Apps that are legit and reward you in return for your viewing.

Each of these has a decent selection of videos so you should be able to find stuff that genuinely interests you.

Watching the things you want to watch is obviously going to make this a much more fun way to earn a bit of cash.


SwagBucks has a great selection of videos to watch. There are a lot of diverse topics that cover anything from celebrity gossip, news broadcasts, political news or science news.


Whatever you are into SwagBucks will probably have something for you. That means you will be getting a bit of cash for watching things that you would be watching anyway.

You know exactly how much you will get paid, and how many of will need to get your reward before you start viewing, as the points total and the number of videos you need to view is near the link.

SwagBucks is one of the best known rewards sites, it has lots of ways to build up points or ‘SwagBucks’ other than watching videos, including a paid search engine, surveys, playing games, offers, cash back on shopping and more.

Read more about SwagBucks 


AppTrailers is a free app that has a great selection of videos for you to watch.

You can also upload your own videos for other members to watch and earn rewards for the likes that you get.

There is also the opportunity for you to chat to other members so there is quite a community feel to this App.

There are some great choices as to what you can watch. My favourite is movie trailers which I could watch for hours. Checking out members videos is fun too.


You can earn up to 10 points for watching videos at AppTrailers.

With 1000 points being the equivalent of $1.00 you aren’t going to get rich anytime soon, but it is a lot of fun and there are quicker ways to earn like the one I mentioned earlier…..uploading your own videos.

Read more about AppTrailers


This is a free android app that pays you to watch adverts.

When the app has been installed on your smartphone adds will appear. It’s up to you if you want to engage with the advert.

The way you decide is by unlocking your phone swiping left if you are interested, and swipe right if you’re not.


What is really cool about this app is that not only can you decide to either engage or not engage with the ad, but whether you do or not doesn’t affect your rewards because you get paid either way.

You need to build enough points to get to the minimum payout of $2 before you get rewarded.

Like all the other ways to get cash from watching videos and T.V it is a slow earner, however there are other ways to earn with this app too if you find that the videos are taking too long.

Read more about SlideJoy


Like SwagBucks, GrabPoints is an ‘all rounder’ site that has a number of ways to earn you points that convert to cash. GrabPoints also has a decent selection of videos you can watch so you can get rewarded.

You can watch music videos, adverts and even trivia videos.

Videos at GrabPoints isn’t the quickest way for you to earn points but it is probably the most fun way to earn.

More About GrabPoints

If you would rather spend your time instead doing something that could earn you a lot more than what you can earn watching video and T.V, then take a look at this free training program

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Joe - April 15, 2017

Wow I had no idea that this was a thing! Haha it’s like the old days in 2004 of doing like a hundred surveys for £1 or something. I guess at least watching videos is probably easier.

Somewhat related – I’m in the UK and a bloke from Ipsos-Mori cashed at my house asking me to be on some panel. Basically they give you a widget or a doodah which tracks everything you do on your computer and everything you watch on your TV, and they give you something like £20 of points per quarter. I declined but it seemed relevant!

    Ray - April 16, 2017

    Hi Joe,
    Watching videos is definitely a lot easier but it doesn’t pay as much as doing surveys so there are pros and cons to each.
    Sounds like you were chosen by Ipsos-Mori to take part in some kind of research project. Thanks for sharing your story.

S.J - April 15, 2017

Sounds good!

It seems interesting to get paid by watching videos like music videos,game videos,movie trailors and watching ads online.

Sports news,entertainment news,video games news,celebrity gossips,recipes etc.

Thanks for sharing the way of making money online by just downloading sites and app and watch the stuff.

Keep on the good work!

Ray - April 15, 2017

Hi S.J,
There are a lot of fun ways to earn a small side income online. It’s important to remember though that it will only be a small side income.
It’s good though that you can get paid a little bit for doing something you would be doing anyway.
Thanks for your comment.

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