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How Can You Earn Money Taking Photos With Photofolio?- A Review

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Photofolio Review

Thanks for checking out my review of Photofolio.

If you are looking for ways to cash in on your best photos, or searching for the best platform to showcase your photography work, then this review of the Photofolio platform will be of interest to you.

I will be explaining how you can earn money by selling your landscape, business, and nature photos using this platform. You can sell images of almost any type on Photofolio, and the categories make it easy for marketers to find your pictures.

All of the popular categories are listed on the bottom of the home page, giving you ideas on what type of images will help you to generate a profit.

Each high-resolution image that you place on the site may be used by marketing agencies, website designers, and entrepreneurs. Once accepted, you can add stock images daily and increase your sales.

So let’s find out how things work at Photofolio.

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How Photofolio Works

Photofolio makes it easy to sign up and start selling photos. You can start with a basic account and see how the system works. This is free, and you can upload 100 photos.

The cost of doing business via Photofolio depends on the number of photos you have on this platform. That factor also determines how much commission you earn per photo.

They have several packages for members, and if you sign up for a basic account, there are no upfront costs involved. You will only be charged a percentage of each sale.

You can be charged up to 65% of the price you set for each photo, so if you sell a photo for $10, you keep $3.50, and the site keeps $6.50, which is almost twice what you get. That’s not going to provide you with much of a profit, but it comes with the free account.

 How You Earn Money On The Photofolio Platform

Photofolio gives you freedom to price your work, with a maximum of $250 for photos. The selling price varies according to size.

If you sold 10 photos per month for $100 each, the total would be $1000. The site would get up to $650 and you would get $350.

The site does not do any work to market each contributor, but you benefit from the work it does to advertise the platform. The percentage you pay to them goes towards hosting your photos, advertising, and other costs. You also pay fees for most of the plans that they have available.

If you are determined to make money from the platform however, the Professional Package may be your best option.

Unlike the Basic Package, which limits you to 100 uploads, you can display as many images as you want with the Professional Package. You also keep more of the profit, with only 35% going to Photofolio.

Making money on this site is often all about how many photos you have available. You can maybe expect to sell five out of every hundred you put on display, once you’ve started to get customers regularly. People who earn a lot of cash there have thousands of high-quality photos available.

What Are The Pros?

  • Photofolio aims to support the work of photographers, and they offer a free basic package. You can upload up to 100 photos with this package.
  • The exposure that you get from displaying your images on the site can help your photography business to grow.

What Are The Cons?

  • Photofolio takes a large percentage of your money whenever a photo is sold.
  • Most of the accounts have fees attached. Despite that, it helps in terms of exposure, and allows you to generate a steady amount of income if it is used wisely.

Some Final Thoughts

Photofolio is a good stock photo site to test the market with, since it allows you to display up to 100 photos for free.

You can see how buyers respond to those, and then decide whether you want to upgrade your account.

Their Latest Images section gives you a chance to have your work noticed, although the images will not remain there for long. By timing your uploads well, you can have pictures on display in this section at the times when most clients are searching for media.

The site gives you freedom to price your photos, setting the maximum at $250 per photo. Images are priced according to their size, and you can make more money by keeping this in mind when you are choosing photos for the site.

The site may take up to 65% of the cost of each photo, which is quite significant. For this reason, the platform may not work well as your only source of online income. However, it can be used along with other platforms to generate cash.

Photofolio pay via PayPal and there have not been any complaints about missing or delayed payments.

Have you used the Photofolio platform and want to share your experience? If so tell us what you thought in the comments section below.

Star Rating 3/5-A good platform for photographers to showcase their work. The commission charged on the free account is quite hefty, although it is a good way to test the water to see if you can sell your photos using this platform.

3 Star Rating

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