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How Can You Make Money Taking Photos With Depositphotos?-A Review

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Depositphotos Review

Thanks for checking out my review of Depositphotos.

Maybe you are a relative novice when it comes to photography, or you could be a seasoned professional. Either way, our review will be of interest to you.

That’s because if you are a videographer or photographer at any skill level who wants to access clients from all around the world, this Depositphotos Review will be finding out how you can do it.

This stock photo agency is among the best companies in the sector, and if you happen to develop clip art, you will find a market here.

If you want to check out a platform that pays you just for having your photos viewed see my Clickasnap Review

How Depositphotos Works

Creating an account on this platform only takes a few minutes, and you are asked to submit five samples of your work for review. Select your best work, and you will usually be accepted with a reply being expected within seven days. Once your work passes this check, you can start uploading photos.

A convenient web form is available for those who are new to stock photo sites, so you can upload your photos even without a lot of technical knowledge. If you are an experienced photographer who knows how to use FTP, you can upload your photos via this method.

The user interface on this platform makes it easy for buyers to quickly locate the type of images that they need. The download speed on the site is good, and that also helps to increase customer satisfaction, so you are likely to have more repeat clients.

The site has a tiered system, and that determines how much you earn from each image or video. When a person downloads a photo on their subscription plan, that only counts as a third of a download, so it can take a very long time for photographers to reach the highest tier, which pays the most.

How to Earn With Depositphotos

You can sell a wide range of images on Depositphotos. Your clients will include web designers, cover designers, and children’s book writers. You can sell photos and illustrations covering everything from pets to poinsettias.

Like many stock photo agencies, Depositphotos offers a subscription plan to their clients. If a high-definition photo is used under a subscription plan, it can cost up to $0.99.

You make more money when a client purchases a photo via an exclusive license on other platforms, but having more venues for selling your work equals more earnings.

The price point on this site is a bit lower than a few of its strong competitors, and that may affect your earnings. It may however encourage more clients to do business with you. But if you aren’t getting an increase in volume to offset the slightly lower price, your potential earnings will unfortunately be lower.

The site as a whole has done well in attracting clients through its volume subscription plans, so it is definitely worth it to open an account there. They sell a lot of images and yours may be among them if you sign up.

What Are The Pros?

  • This site is not exclusive, so you can sell your work on other sites. This offers a significant advantage to artistes who want to make as much money as possible.
  • You can take advantage of the high volume of clients on the site.
  • You can sell videos via Depositphotos, so you aren’t limited to illustrations and photos. Videographers are more likely to reach the higher-paying tiers, because videos aren’t available via subscription plans.
  • Established stock photographers are credited for their experience. If you have sold a lot of your work on another platform, let Depositphotos know. Often, they will increase your tier so you are paid better, even though you are new to their site. This feature helps to attract experienced illustrators and photographers.
  • Their payment methods are convenient, allowing you to receive cash via Skrill or PayPal and send it to your bank account.
  • They pay once you reach $50, which is achievable if you sell high volumes of images or videos every month.

What Are The Cons?

  • The site has a tiered royalty structure, Like most of the others in the market. The top level pays the most, but it can be difficult for solo photographers to reach there because of the volumes required.

Some Final Thoughts

This platform is a good option for people who want to reach a lot of designers, and other creative individuals who need media. The average earnings per sale is $0.30 initially, which is not really high, but you can make a lot of sales if you have hundreds of images.

You may for example  be able to sell 5% of your images every month. They pay via PayPal, so you can get your money quickly, and the images you upload can also be placed on other sites to generate more revenue.

Star Rating 3.5/5-A good platform for photographers, however possibly suiting more experienced stock photographers.

3.5 Star Rating

Another Way To Make Money With Your Photography

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Your own website opens up opportunities to monetise all the content that you upload onto your site.

Not only can you sell your photographs via your site, you could also for example write product reviews about all the latest camera equipment, and earn commissions on sales that are made via your site. You can also insert ads onto your site and earn money from that.

You could even sell an e-book outlining all that you know about photography and earn a steady income from it…..the opportunities are endless once you have an established website.

The most difficult part of the process is getting enough engaged visitors coming to your site to make purchases, or to click on your ads.

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