How Can You Quit Your Day Job And Do What Makes You Happy?

Quit your job and do what makes you happy

Being happy in your work life is just as significant as being happy in your personal life. If you are happy in both you will enjoy your life.

Quitting the day job, removing the pressures of travelling to work and finding suitable childcare is something we all long for. So, how can we make this happen? The obvious solution is to set up your own business and earn a living for yourself.

First, decide if working for yourself is what you genuinely long for, research self-employment, your chosen niche, funding for your new venture and at what date you wish to be running your own business.

Get Your Taxes in Order

Remember, being self-employed is your responsibility of making sure all your finances are in order. Keeping all your receipts, working out your profit and losses, paying your tax bill and your national insurance contributions on time.

There are penalties for late payers, so being organised or having an accountant prepare your finances will keep you on friendly terms with the tax office.

Administration Duties Fall on You Now You Are the Boss

Every piece of paperwork required for managing your own business you must prepare yourself unless you employ someone to do it for you. Copies of invoices to clients, letters or emails being sent to clients, appointments, meetings with clients, proposals for more work and anything else that your business will need for the everyday running.

Choosing Your Niche

If you have been considering running your own business for a while now you will most probably understand what your niche is. Researching your niche further to appeal to a particular kind of client will focus your business. You cannot appeal to everyone on the market but you can focus on the clients who need you to solve their problem.

Having a Blog for Your Business and Monetisation

Whatever your business is you will need to have a blog. Blogs are how you communicate with your customer regularly. Your customers will discover all they need to know from the information you provide them with in your blog.

Going one step further with your business is to monetise your blog and produce more income while you continue to grow your business.

The simplest way of monetising your blog is to go down the affiliate marketing route. Having links in your blog posts to organisations that your customer will buy from or sign up to will make your commission, thus profiting from your blog.

You could also write an ebook for your customers explaining your business method or give them extra details about your business they can’t obtain by any other means. Even writing about how you began your journey as a business owner.

Get Over the Fear That You Won’t Succeed out in the Real World

It’s a scary decision to go it alone, so undoubtedly you will have fears and apprehensions you won’t make it. Every business owner on the planet has undergone the same feelings before setting up their own business.

Many unfortunate people have allowed fear to control them and never got their business off the ground. If you want to succeed, take advantage of the fear and turn it into motivation to aid you in getting your business working for you.

Build your Business While You’re Working Your Day Job

Keeping your day job will allow you extra time to work on your business, save money to fulfil your dream and give you the confidence to quit when the time is right.

Keeping your day job while you set up your business will fund your new way of living. Although don’t hang on to your safety net for too long or you will never find the freedom and happiness you crave.

Set a deadline for the day you want to quit your day job and go solo in your new business. Make sure you are pulling in at least two-thirds of the capital you were already earning.

By quitting your day job, you will have the added time to put into your business, thus giving you more opportunity of making the extra income you need to pay your bills.

Self-Doubt Stops You Moving Forward

Get over self-doubting yourself, self-doubt holds you back from moving forward. Remove the self-doubt from your mind by continually telling yourself “you can do this, you are worth more”. Changing your perception of how you think will increase your confidence and push you forward to take the leap.

Doing What Makes You Happy

What makes YOU happy? Working for yourself, photography, making wedding dresses. Etc. Whatever makes you happy, your plans have come down to the important day when you leave the workforce and do what you love on a permanent basis.

Being free to do the things you love makes you a well-rounded person in your work life and home life. You’ll be easier to be around and people will enjoy your company.

Being happy in what you do and how you live your life motivates you to pursue your passion. You will feel healthier than ever before; your stress levels will significantly lower and your confidence will increase in the recognition you have taken control of your life. You will want to make the most of your chosen niche by improving your knowledge and skills.

Having a Passive Income While You’re Busy Doing What Makes You Happy

Happiness isn’t always about being your own boss, many people would like to retire but don’t have enough funds to live a comfortable life.

This is where creating a passive income can earn you that extra bit of cash to carry on with living the life you want.

There are many ways to create a passive income but one effortless way is to get involved in affiliate marketing.

Once your website is up and running, you can outsource your writing to freelancers who can write your content and even promote your website through social media channels.

This form of passive income need not take over your time on a full-time basis, you can put in a few hours in the evening before going to bed or a few hours in the morning before you go out for the day, this making you a living while being retired and doing what you want in order to feel happy.

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