How Do I Get into Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing

Since affiliate marketing made its entrance onto our computer screens in 1989, it has developed to be one of the top monetisation programmes for online businesses.

The growth of the internet and online marketing has brought affiliate marketing to the forefront of most businesses.

Any business who wants to bring in additional sales through a marketing campaign will unquestionably use affiliate marketers to spread the message for their business.

You can use Affiliate marketing to monetise your blog or set up an online marketing business.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is when a company or business creates a marketing campaign to draw in additional customers to buy their product.

They set up affiliate links and graphics with affiliate codes embedded in them for marketers to promote to their readers. The marketers – who are bloggers or online marketing businesses – will promote the links and graphics on their website and write content to encourage readers to click on the links and graphics.

When the readers click on the links and purchase the product the marketer will earn a commission.

The customer still pays the original price for the product – the marketer will get paid from the company you buy from, whether directly or through an affiliate company.

To break it down further and delve into the individual features of affiliate marketing I’ll explain what each party gives in the affiliate marketing process.

The Company Looking for New Customers

This is the business who wants to bring in more customers and sell more products or services. This business can be small or large, but the aim is the same; to make more sales and grow their business.

The business will produce links and graphics themselves or sign up to an affiliate company who takes over the handling of their affiliate programme.

The business will pay a percentage of the purchase price to the marketer who brings in sales for them. If they have an affiliate company onboard, they’ll also pay a set amount to the company for their work.

The Online Marketer and Bloggers

The online marketers and bloggers are the people who sign up to the affiliate programme and promote the links and graphics on their website and earn commission for themselves.

Every time someone clicks on their links and graphics with the embedded affiliate link then proceeds to purchase the product, the online marketer or blogger will earn a commission from that sale.

The online marketer spends their time promoting businesses or services to their readers while gaining trust, bringing traffic to their site and earning money from affiliate marketing.

The Customer Purchasing a Product

We love to shop whether it’s for the home, the office or for our children or pets. Shopping has become so accessible in the last decade we don’t even have to leave the house.

When you shop online through a website, or you’re reading a bloggers recommendation, you’re most likely clicking on one of their affiliate links and being taken through to the business selling the product.

You are the customer in this process. By clicking on the affiliate links and purchasing the product you want, you have generated sales for the affiliate marketer, who will now earn a commission from that sale.

How Can I Start Affiliate Marketing?

Online affiliate marketing has exploded in the past few years with marketers starting their own online business using affiliate marketing as their only source of income.

It’s easy to register for affiliate programmes, but it takes a lot of time and effort to learn how to make a profit from sales. You have no one guiding you in the right direction and you can spend all your time reading about affiliate marketing and trying to learn as you go.

This may save you money by reading the information available online, but it won’t save you time or make you any money. You need to have support and training to get the most out of your website or blog.

When I first started my affiliate journey I signed up to Wealthy Affiliate they gave me free training and focussed my marketing skills to get the most out of my website.

By signing up to their affiliate marketing services, not only do you get free training, but you also get the support of their online community.

Everyone there has started from the beginning so they’ve been where you are at one stage in their career. If you need help and support throughout your affiliate journey, the community is there to help you.

Building a Website and Affiliate Training

Wealthy Affiliate helps you through the entire process of setting up your website and having it ranked in search engines. They have over 3000 templates to suit your business niche, so choosing a beautiful looking template is easy.

With their quick process, your website can be built in less than an hour. The starter package allows you the choice to set up two websites, which is especially good if you want to work on two different niches for example; freelance writing and finance.

Adding a domain name to your website from Wealthy Affiliate will save you money and added stress as privacy protection is included within the domain package, this is normally an additional service with other domain name providers.

Privacy protection prevents scammers getting in touch with you through your personal details. The Starter Package is free and aimed at people new to affiliate marketing.

A breakdown of what the Starter Package offers;

• Live help for the first 7 days
• Allows you to build 2 websites
• Website Backup
• 10 Lesson Beginner Training Course
• Personal Affiliate Blog
• Phase 1 of the Affiliate Boot-camp Training
• Video Walk-through’s
• 30 searches a month for the Keyword Research Tool
• 2 Training Classrooms
• Affiliate Program
• Earn While You Learn
• 1-on-1 Coaching for the first 7 days

This package provides all the resources you need and supports you in the first weeks of your new affiliate marketing career.

Going it alone is difficult when you have no idea of how the affiliate system works. But with the support and guidance of Wealthy Affiliate, you can run your own business and earn money quicker than you would by trial and error.

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