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How Do You Sell Photos With BlueMelon?-A Review

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BlueMelon Review

Thanks for joining us today for our review of BlueMelon. Our review will go into detail about how the BlueMelon platform works to help you decide if it’s a place where you want to showcase your photos.

The BlueMelon platform caters to experts in food photography, landscapes, portraits and more. If you do beautiful wedding videos, this could be a good place to showcase your work and gain new clients.

How Bluemelon Works

BlueMelon provides you with your own website, and since their focus is on photographers and videographers, they provide features that are not usually available with regular web hosting options.

They offer a free trial that lasts 14 days, so you can assess the display quality of their images, the ease of uploading photos in bulk and other factors.

Registering for an account is simple, and you can start uploading photos and videos right away. We have been informed that BlueMelon are no longer accepting new registrations. We’re unsure as to whether this is a temporary or permanent arrangement. 

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The Plans At BlueMelon

Six different plans are available which provide you with different amounts of bandwidth for displaying your content online. The basic plan comes with 20 GB and costs $30 a year. None of the plans come with ecommetce functions. Those have to be purchased separately, under the Business Package.

The Business Package costs $40 per year and makes it easy to sell photos or videos. Clients can pay by using a method they are comfortable with and instantly download your content. You set your own prices and can use discount coupons to drive traffic to your site.

Some photographers and videographers may not want to sell directly on the site. This setup allows them to display their work and provide services in other ways. If you aim to make money directly from the site, the Business Package makes it possible.

BlueMelon does several things to enhance your peace of mind. When you upload a photo, it is backed up on Amazon’s data centers. If a hardware failure occurs, your files can immediately be retrieved from two different locations.

They offer embed links for your photos, which make it easy to share them on your blog or any social media platform. You can choose from nine different sizes for your embed links, so you can go large and make a statement, or keep it small and protect your work from theft on some networks.

How to sell photos with Bluemelon

BlueMelon makes it easy to earn on their site. You can sell photos and videos in all the popular formats, such as JPG and GIF, so customers can easily choose what they like.

Prices can be set at the level that is ideal for you, with options available for bulk pricing. If you frequently cater to schools or non profit organizations, you can give them discounts via the platform.

You can adjust your layout to increase sales and promote your work with an on-screen slideshow.

Visitor statistics are provided, so you know exactly what they look at, which days the traffic increases and so on. This boosts your earnings by helping you to understand what visitors like.

You can provide more photos related to what converts for you, understand what visitors may be looking for during certain seasons, and even test whether specific layouts earn more on a Saturday or Monday.

What Are The Pros?

  • This site has several privacy controls in place which allow you to protect your copyright. You can place watermarks on your photos and restrict access to specific albums.
  • BlueMelon allows you to get as much bandwidth as you need. If you only display a few photos there, you can adjust your plan and pay less than a videographer who uploads a few videos daily.
  • Photographers can group their work into themes in different albums, making it easy to locate specific types of content that clients will find relevant to them.
  • Their free trial provides access to many of their best features for 14 days, and you can easily upgrade later.

What Are The Cons?

  •  BlueMelon websites come with a, “Powered by Bluemelon”, tag that some artists may not want on their site. You can have it removed by paying for a separate package.

Some Final Thoughts

BlueMelon provides videographers and photographers with an online platform that they can use to safely display their work. You can choose from several affordable options that let you display and sell your work in many popular formats.

This platform even provides you with vital visitor statistics, which help you to adjust your content and increase sales

Do you know if BlueMelon intends to offer new registrations? If so let us know in the comments and we will amend our review.

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