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How Do You Sell Photos With PhotoShelter? A Review

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Photoshelter review

Hello and welcome to my review of PhotoShelter.

My review will cover all the essential details about how PhotoShelter works. By the end of the review you should be able to make a more informed decision about whether this is the right platform for your photos.

About PhotoShelter

As a member of PhotoShelter you get to use excellent photography tools to enhance your work, while earning cash from your own images.

The PhotoShelter platform gives you a choice of templates for your own website, and a shopping cart allows clients to purchase your photographs in a secure environment.

How Things Work on Photoshelter

PhotoShelter provides you with a wide array of services that enhance your efficiency. For this reason, photographers pay $10 a month on the basic plan or up to $45 monthly for the Pro option.

This charge gives you access to your own site for business branding, easy uploads, and enough bandwidth to beautifully display a huge image gallery.

Photoshelter provides features that visual creatives need. It blocks theft via drag and drop methods, allows you to place watermarks on your work, and protects each of your collections with a password.

If you only want customers to view images for a specific time, you can set that up with a click. Some photographers also safeguard their originals by limiting the display size.

Each plan gives you access to your own website, and you don’t have to do any coding to have it look the way you prefer.

Nine templates are available to help you present your photos, with each providing different viewing experiences for your shoppers. You can adjust the colors or fonts to appeal to a more conservative or adventurous clientele.

Photographers sometimes take private shots of weddings, images of products that are in development, or pictures of family celebrations. They do not want these pictures to be available to everyone.

Photoshelter makes it easy to create private galleries and display such work to a select audience.

How to sell photos with Photoshelter

It’s possible to earn well with Photoshelter by selecting the licensing options that work best for you.

This site lets you offer a variety of services, and you can collaborate with your clients by utilizing custom light boxes.

The galleries give you lots of space to display your work, and clients can browse through your landscapes, nature photos and portraits. They can then click on a tab will take them to checkout.

Images in the galleries are also beautifully presented, encouraging more people to buy. It’s also your decision as to the price of each photo. You can also develop price lists for each of your clients.

You can earn from sales right around the world and accept payments from international clients in 23 currencies.

Photoshelter is designed so you can easily place related photos in bulk packages. Descriptions can quickly be applied to several images simultaneously, allowing you to get them ready for sale in minutes.

This type of efficiency can give you an advantage after a popular or newsworthy event, when clients need to find related photographs for business or personal use.

What Are The Pros Of PhotoShelter?

  • Photoshelter provides photographers with more than 100 features that can be used to enhance their art.
  • The page editor is easy to use, helping you to make quick decisions about your website so you can set it up in minutes, even if you are a beginner.
  • While there is a fee associated with using the platform, you can try it for free to understand how all of its features can help you to grow your income.
  • Web hosting plans often cost as much as Photoshelter charges each month, but you get a ton of additional features and support that are geared towards photographers.

What Are The Cons Of PhotoShelter?

  • The site could improve the click through process for clients who are ready to buy. They could allow sellers to shift the shopping cart and make other adjustments to improve conversions.

Some Final Thoughts On PhotoShelter

Many photographers want to sell their work online, but don’t like the hassle of selecting a hosting provider, or finding a reliable option for generating prints.

Photoshelter helps you to set up your own website effortlessly, and has partnerships with leading services that provide your clients with prints in colours that match your original images.

It would interrupt your business if the site sustained an attack and your images were lost. Photoshelter ensures that all of your filed are backed up on a geographically redundant server, so everything runs smoothly.

Payments can be handled safely on your website, and customers can choose the option that is best for them. The basic fee is affordable, and can be covered by the cost of a single print. Other services are available, which improve your branding.

Star Rating 3.5/5 – A good platform for photographers to showcase their work with many tools at their disposal. There are some great resources available to members but it isn’t free to use.
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Thanks for checking out my review of PhotoShelter. I hope you found my article helpful and offered some valuable insight into what you can expect should you decide to join.

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