How Does An Affiliate Website Work?

How Does An Affiliate Website Work

Having an affiliate website is a viable way to make money online. The concept is straightforward, and setting up the business is something almost anyone can do.

However, getting an affiliate business off the ground is one thing, but if you want to make money you need to understand how affiliate marketing works. How, for example, are you going to get your affiliate website to work effectively enough to attract visitors that are interested in the products you promote?

This is what we will be finding out today as we check out the essential components of putting together a successful affiliate business.

Affiliate marketing with your own affiliate website isn’t rocket science by any means, but there are essential things you should know. THIS PROGRAM HELPED ME EARN MY FIRST $1000.00 ONLINE WITH AN AFFILIATE WEBSITE 

First Things First-You Have To Create Your Website

The best way to build your online presence is by creating a website and start writing product reviews and blogging.

You can’t however simply write a couple of articles and then fill the pages with affiliate links. You need to build trust with your audience by showing them you have knowledge about the niche and the related products.

This is a very inexpensive yet effective way to start your business YOU CAN GET STARTED WITH A FREE WEBSITE HERE

To continue to grow your business you will need to keep adding content to your site regularly so that your website continues to grow in authority.

You will  need to decide what your website is all about. It is recommended that you choose a subject (niche) that you have some knowledge about, and which you are inspired to continue to find out more.

A great platform to build your affiliate website on is WordPress. With WordPress it is extremely easy to build a very professional looking website without any previous experience. YOU CAN BUILD A WORDPRESS WEBITE HERE

You also have thousands of free themes to choose from, many catering for whatever niche you may be interested in.

For example you may have an photography website that you want to use to not only showcase your photography work, but also to promote affiliate offers on photography related products. If that is what you want to do, then there are free themes that help you maximise the presentation of your work.

Choose A Niche

A niche in layman’s terms is a specific product, service or interest.

For example, moneythis would consist of products that relate to making money like “Making money as a freelancer” or “Find ways to make money online”.

You would remain within the limits of the niche by writing about and marketing products that relate to money without going over onto another niche.

Your own niche can be anything you choose it to be. It’s better however if you choose something  you are interested in like baking or cooking. If you can incorporate your niche into your writing and make money from it you have found the niche to suit you and your business.

Although you may have a sense of affection for your niche, you must make sure it will make you money. There’s no point setting up a website and writing great content if you don’t have a profitable niche. If you want help finding the right niche for you then CHECK OUT THIS PLATFORM

Find Affiliate Programs

An Affiliate Program is essentially an arrangement where a merchant pays you commission usually when a sale is made following someone who has followed a link from your affiliate site to their merchant site.

This is called Pay Per Action, and it is how affiliate sites can make money. However choosing the right affiliate program is essential. The products you promote as an affiliate must be related to your niche, and therefore be of interest to the visitors to your affiliate site.

You can find out more about affiliate programs and how to make the most of them HERE

Get Your Website Noticed

You need to get high rankings in the search engines if you want to get visitors to find your website and to click on your links.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is your go-to strategy for marketing your online writing or business.

With no SEO, you won’t get found as quickly as you expected and it will take years to crawl through the rankings organically.

So, having a good strategy is your primary task to make sure your web pages are successful. You can learn all about Search Engine Optimisation ON THIS PLATFORM

Have Patience-It Will Take Time For Your Affiliate Website To Make Money

Affiliate Marketing isn’t a way to make money quickly. Many people new to the industry fall into the trap of thinking that is the case. Their disappointment then causes them to give up way too early.

It can take up to a year before you start to see any decent returns for the time you have put into you website. Although that sounds like a poor deal, it isn’t when you think that most businesses don’t start to see any profit during the first year in operation.

Given the amount of work needed in the beginning, and the constantly changing nature of online business, it is recommended that you have the support and up to date training to guide you. You give yourself a much better chance of succeeding by being a member of a community LIKE THIS ONE

20 thoughts on “How Does An Affiliate Website Work?”

  1. I have been working with affiliate marketing for a while, As you stated in your post
    that you have to learn how affiliate marketing work before you began to structure out your website
    You mention some of the key point of getting started such as choosing the right niche and finding the right affiliate
    programs and most important getting noticed. Based on my experiences with affiliate marketing you must have patience and lots of it.
    I enjoyed reading your post. Thanks

    1. Hi Anthony,

      Thanks for reading my article I’m glad to here you found it informative. I agree that you need lots of patience because success won’t happen overnight. Best wishes with your own affiliate website. Thanks for your comment.

  2. Great rundown of what to expect as a new member of WA, I think this would be awesome for someone to read after they had just signed up to WA.

    I like the links that you provide to other articles, such as the one linking to how you made your first $1000.

    1. Hi Chris,

      Thanks for reading my article. Yes this is really for anyone who is just starting out on their affiliate marketing journey. Thanks for your comment.

  3. Thank you for explaining the process of affiliate marketing in simple to understand terms. It definitely looks more promising than network marketing. With affiliate marketing I can do this on my own without having to recruit others to build a sales team that would need training. 

    When I clicked the link to build a free website I couldn’t find where to do that. Can you explain to me how this can be done as I would like to build a website for free. 

    Thanks for writing this very informative article.


    1. Hi Edwin,

      Yes I do believe affiliate marketing to have more potential than network marketing, however there is still considerable hard work to be done if you wish to succeed. Thanks for your comment.

  4. Hi,

    Thanks so very much for this well presented article! 👏🏾👏👏🏿👏🏻👏🏽

    You have put your lesson in a manner that can take someone right from zero knowledge to perfect understanding. You have really stressed some very important points including the need to take time to learn, update knowledge and seek guidance and support, work hard and consistently to build a credible and respectable website.

    I particularly like, “There’s no point setting up a website and writing great content if you don’t have a profitable niche.” A tricky one is that popular niches may turn out to be unprofitable because of the extreme competition. So the answer to choosing a niche does not lie simply in popularity.


    1. Hi Teboho,

      I’m glad you found my article to be informative. It’s a very important decision choosing the right niche. It’s isnt really about popularity as popular niches can be profitable whereas others may not be. I recommend that you get help from the experts at Wealthy Affiliate. Thanks for your comment.

  5. Great straight forward clear and concise article! Your links are great too…I will be sure to share with others who may benefit. Especially those who have no idea what affiliate marketing is and want to learn. You make the steps sound easy but as we all know it takes a lot of hard work and perseverance. For me, taking the time to learn/write content and still balance my full time work and mommy/wife duties was a struggle at first. But I’m managing my time better. 

    It’s not a get rich money scheme but in the long run, it will pay off. I have a friend who does this full time – he is able to support his stay at home wife and 4 kids doing an online business. It’s awesome! 

    1. Hi Dana,

      Yes setting up an affiliate website is easy, however making good money from it is difficult, and takes long term commitment. Thanks for your comment.

  6. This line of work is pretty amazing and you can make a good living from affiliate marketing and it all starts with is building a website followed by what you have laid out. So many people are getting in this type of work because of the many benefits that it offers. Much work has to be done along with understanding how this business works before you can have success but the good news is in time you can have success.

  7. I too am a member of Wealthy Affiliate and I do believe that it works.  You are right!  It does take time.  It is not a get rich scheme.  And any that tell you that you will make thousands a day,  well they are definitely  a scam.  I am curious how long you have been with Wealthy Affiliate and how it is going for you so far.

    1. Hi Leahrae,

      I’m pleased to hear you are a member at Wealthy Affiliate. Wishing you well with your online business. Thanks for your comment.

  8. Thank you for this information. I was actually misinformed when I wanted to join this affiliate marketing business. I was made to understand that I can make all the money within a few days. However, I have found out that it requires a process and it takes time too with proper diligence. 

    Also, choosing a niche was very challenging for me at first because I found it rather difficult to select my area of interest to write on. But later on with research and proper support, I was able to select a niche and now I write on golf and the golf sticks. 


    1. Hi Sherry,

      Yes it’s not a good idea going into affiliate marketing believing it is a way to make quick and easy money. It takes time and commitment, however the work can pay off very well if you persevere. Thanks for your comment.

  9. I have created 3 websites and one of those website was not successful. It is not that it wasn’t a good niche because it was. The problem was that I probably gave up too soon because I was not seeing any results. 

    This is exactly what most people entering the online business do. They start a blog, put content for some months and when they don’t see any results they immediately give up. 

    Of course I don’t blame them because I understand exactly what they are passing through but we all need to realize that this line of business really does take some time before you start seeing results. 

    That is just the way it is and it cannot be helped because it is very rare to see results within the first few months of starting as most people say 6 months while others say a year and some even say two years. 

    It depends on various things but we have to know that as long as you are doing the right thing you would eventually achieve success.

    1. Hi Manuel,

      It sounds like you have the right attitude to make affiliate marketing work. Not every website will necessarily succeed, and all the experience you gain is a learning curve. By keeping at it however you will begin to get results. Thanks for your comment.

  10. I enjoyed your article because you hit on the basic important points that anyone interested in affiliate marketing should know. Being in affiliate marketing myself I learned quickly that just putting product links on a page does not work. Success is not rocket science, but knowing how an affiliate website works is crucial to success. Finding a niche you can write engaging content to keep your readers coming back is the backbone of any business. And using wordpress to create a website is the best choice to keep costs under control. Not to mention using a great platform like Wealthy Affiliates, is definitely going to make your success a slam dunk. They include all the tools necessary for a great website, quality content, SEO, and using social platforms. As you stated, patience is key, and consistent content creation yields eventual success.  

    1. Hi Chas,

      I’m glad you found my article informative. Yes, Wealthy Affiliate Have all the tools and resources to help make your affiliate marketing business a success. Thanks for your comment.

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