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How Does Cardpool Work? A Review

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Cardpool Review

Welcome, and thanks for joining me today for my review of Cardpool.

If you want to learn more about how you can exchange gift cards for cash, our review will explain how this process works on the Cardpool platform.

Earning with Cardpool is easy for people who have gift cards of different values. People are always interested in buying gift cards from popular retailers like Target, Amazon, and Starbucks, and this site facilitates that.

So sit tight as we find out how you can grab some cold hard cash for your unwanted gift cards.

How Does CardPool Work?

Many people try to give thoughtful gifts, and gift cards allow recipients to choose what they want from a particular store.

Sometimes however the recipient simply doesn’t use that retailer all that often, and would prefer to enjoy their gift by getting cash instead.

Cardpool makes it easy to get actual cash for your cards, and it only takes minutes to state the merchant and how much is on the card. Cardpool will then make you an offer, and if you accept it, you’ll be paid.

If you wish, you can sell your card on the marketplace. This usually gives you a better rate than when you accept the platform’s offer. This is because the platform acts as an intermediary and takes a small cut.

Selling to Cardpool allows you to get your money faster, and this is why some traders just accept the offer. You must create an account on the marketplace before you start to trade cards. This can be done in minutes, and you are not charged for it.

The cards that you sell on this platform should not have any expiration dates. There also shouldn’t be any fees attached to using the card.  Both physical and virtual gift cards can be sold on the platform.

If you are someone who earns regularly from survey sites and other GPT ( Get Paid To) sites you will be all too aware that many only pay via virtual gift cards. Some of these are sent to your email address almost instantly after you complete a task.

If you have some of these in your inbox you can go ahead and trade them for cash and have the money arrive in a few days.

How can you Earn with Cardpool?

Cardpool states that you can get up to 92% of what your card is worth. That is possible with cards from popular retailers like Amazon, but you may find the selling price affected by demand. If you sell a less popular card, your return may be 87%.

You cannot sell cards that are worth less than $15 on this platform. That is unfortunate, since several GPT sites pay via gift cards in the $5 to $10 range. You would have to wait until your balance reaches at least $15 before you cash out via a gift card.

The cards that provide the highest profits are those from stores like eBay, Amazon, Apple, and Target. Many of these stores will give you 96% or more of the value of your card as cash.

When you sell your card on the marketplace, you can state how much you want to receive as payment. That figure must not exceed the discount rate for each particular card. This platform does not use PayPal, so your payment will be sent to you via check. Checks usually arrive within seven days.

What Are The Pros?

  • Cardpool allows you to quickly trade your gift cards for cash. You can do this from any location in the United States, and access a ready market for a wide variety of cards.
  • Some traders like the idea of using a gift card but may not use the type that they have. If you wish, you can receive payment via an Amazon gift card, and have more options for your purchases.
  • Payment is also made via check, which is sent directly to the address you provide.
  • If you don’t want to wait for a paper check, there are alternatives. You can go to one of the platform’s physical kiosks, and get cash instantly for your gift cards.

What Are The Cons?

  • The profit made from selling on Cardpool, is similar to all gift card exchanges, so you won’t get the full value of your cards.
  • The platform does not trade cards worth less than $15.
  • If you live outside of America, you won’t be able to use the platform to sell your gift cards.

Some Final Thoughts

Cardpool provides people who work from home with a fast way to get cash for all the gift cards they earn.

You can sell gift cards in almost any denomination on the platform, and receive cash which you can utilize for diverse purposes.

The platform has a variety of payment options, and you can even get cash instantly by going to one of their kiosks. If you want cash for your gift cards, give this site a try.

Star Rating 3/5-A Legit platform for selling your unwanted Gift Cards. Unfortunately your card will need to be worth at least $15. The platform is also only for U.S citizens.

3 Star Rating

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