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How Does Crowdsite Work? -A Review

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Crowdsite Review

Thanks for joining me today for my review of Crowdsite.

Crowdsite is an online platform designed to allow its members to enter contests and win cash prizes with their skills.

Crowdsite has become popular for hosting design contests that help clients to find talented people.

Before we look further into how much you are likely to earn on this platform let’s find out how things work.

How Crowdsite Works

Registering for Crowdsite is easy. You can use your name and email address, or save time by using your Facebook or Google login. Once you’ve registered, you can view the design briefing for any open contest that interests you, and work on your ideas.

Closed and one-on-one contests are not available to all designers. Many designers use Crowdsite to challenge themselves in closed, guaranteed, or one-on-one contests.

You can enter contests in a wide range of genres, such as package design. While most freelancers on the site only earn when they compete against a large number of designers, you can also work with a client directly.

If they like your work, they will work with only a few designers on a project, one on one.

Designers work on a variety of projects, such as logos, flyers, social media, and even car wraps. While the site is geared mainly towards visual art, there is also a Brainstorm section for people who paint pictures with words. This lets you develop taglines and names for interesting new companies and services.

Clients here may sometimes just rank the designs and then choose one. Some may have designs that they like, but they want minor changes. In that situation, they can open up a chat session via the site and discuss what they want with the designer.

How Much Can You Earn With Crowdsite?

Your Crowdsite earnings will depend on how often you participate in contests If you gain clients who appreciate your design style, that will also increase your income.

If a contest is open, you will be competing against a lot of other people, since the platform has a pool of over 68,000 designers. Earnings for each contest vary for the winner, and you should always carefully consider what is required, and how much the potential winnings will be.

Clients can post a design contest for as little as around $30, which is good news for the client, but bad news for a designer who may spend several hours perfecting a design. Brainstorm sessions potentially pay more, since these start at around $60.

Website design projects start at around $400. People who enjoy app design can earn from their talent on this platform, with contests starting at around $350.

Designers are assured that they will receive payment after their work has been chosen. Funds for a contest are always placed in escrow. This increases the confidence of all designers involved in projects.

What Are The Pros?

  • Crowdsite is a useful option for graphic designers and copywriters.
  • It provides opportunities for you to use your talents in diverse areas, such as letterhead design and package design. There are also opportunities for app designers.
  • With the wide range of tasks available on the site, there is always something for a creative person to do.
  • Earnings for most contests make it worthwhile to spend many hours developing a design.

What Are The Cons?

  • Crowdsite usually receives multiple submissions for each contest. There is not always a guarantee that you will receive a financial reward for your work when you enter a contest, but that is obviously the case for contests on any platform.

Some Final Thoughts

Crowdsite is an option for people who like to enter contests. You can win significant cash prizes and gain exposure for your talent. Best of all, you can do all of this from home.

Guaranteed contests on this site give designers peace of mind. Even if the business requesting a design does not choose a winner, designers are still paid for their hard work.

Of course, guaranteed contests are more competitive, because when creative people are relaxed, their energy levels change, and they naturally produce even better work.

One-on-one contests provide some peace of mind because you have more opportunities to talk with the client about what they need, and really gain an appreciation for their vision.

The global aspect of the site is a definite plus for both designers and clients. This brings diversity to the mix, so clients are more likely to gain designs for logos, banners, and letterheads that stand out.

Designers can earn while thinking outside of their usual boundaries. You could give this site a try, and challenge yourself in new ways as a designer.

Star Rating 3/5-A good platform for creative people to earn from their talents. Competition however will be high.

3 Star Rating

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