How Does Darwin’s Data Work? A Review

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Thanks for checking out my review of Darwin’s Data.

In my review review today I will be finding out all you need to know about the Darwin Data platform to help you make a more informed decision about whether it is worth applying to sign up.

Darwin Data platform is invitation only, which is something I will talk about later in the review. First however let’s find out how Darwin Data works.

What Is Darwin’s Data?

Darwin’s Data is a legal research company that administers online surveys that revolve around legal matters.

This company offers you an opportunity to share your views and opinions on various legal topics in exchange for Tango gift cards. Your views go a long way in helping different entities deal with complicated legal issues.

Furthermore, you do not have to be a legal professional to join this platform, as Darwin’s Data is open to people from all backgrounds.

How To Register with Darwin’s Data

Signing up isn’t complicated however you must satisfy a few requirements before joining this platform. These include:

• Must be a resident/citizen of the US
• Must be aged 18 years or older
• Must be a registered voter or possess a valid Driver’s license
• Must have a stable, high-speed internet connectivity
• Must possess a compatible PC or laptop
• Must have the ability to see and hear perfectly

Potential members have to request an invitation from the company to join this platform.

The invitation request form requires you to provide your name, email address, home address, date of birth, and Zip code. Darwin’s Data will go through your application and either accept or reject your invitation request. Once approved, you will receive a registration form that requires you to complete your profile.

You will be awarded a $10 Tango gift card immediately after completing the registration process.

How does Darwin’s Data work?

Darwin’s Data will send you various survey invitations based on your profile info, and you have the free will to participate in any survey that suits your interest.

However, surveys are only available on a first-come, first-served basis, meaning that you will not be able to access the surveys once the quota requirement has been fulfilled.

Each survey consists of an audible video describing a particular legal dispute, and all you have to do is provide a response relating to that dispute.

All responses are confidential and will only be used for legal research purposes. The surveys on this platform are relatively long and take about an hour to complete.

Despite the long duration, you still have to answer all questions provided to receive your earnings. Nevertheless, the earnings are a lot higher than the norm, but only come in form of Tango gift cards. You will receive a $25 Tango card for every survey that you complete successfully.

Darwin’s Data however only allows members to take a maximum of two surveys in a year. Furthermore, you can only take surveys using your PC or laptop, as accessing surveys using your mobile device is prohibited.

How and when does Darwin’s Data pay?

Darwin’s Data pays does not offer cash payments. The platform only rewards members through Tango cards. Additionally, the site does not have a minimum balance requirement, and all payments are sent directly to your email address after three business days.

You may redeem your tango card for gift cards from popular retailers such as Amazon, Target, iTunes, Starbucks, Macy’s, Home Depot and Zappos, among many others. You may also donate your Tango card to charity organizations such as the Clean Water Fund and Habitat for Humanity.

What are the benefits of joining Darwin’s Data?

The benefits of joining Darwin’s Data are numerous. These include:

Registration Bonus

New members are entitled to a $10 Tango card upon completing the registration process.

High payouts

Darwin’s Data offers a $25 Tango card for every survey completed successfully, and you can redeem your Tango card for e-gift cards from over 48 different retailers.

No minimum balance

This platform does not have a minimum balance and, all payments are sent directly to your email address. Furthermore, payments are prompt and they do not take more than three business days.

Interesting surveys

Although considerably long, surveys on this platform are fun and compelling. The online video will keep you at the edge of your seat as you try to discern the surrounding legal issues.

Efficient Customer Service

Darwin’s Data has an efficient customer support team that is always prompt to respond to queries.

What Are The Downsides?

Just like any other online platform, Darwin’s Data also has its downsides. These include:

Restrictive membership

Firstly, Darwin’s Data has a registration process that requires you to request an invitation from the company. Furthermore, this platform is only open to US citizens. You also have to possess a driver’s license or be a registered voter to participate.

Limited payment options

This platform pays through Tango cards only, which is rather retrogressive considering that most freelancers would love to be paid in cash.

Limited surveys

Previously, Darwin’s Data would send numerous surveys invitations every week. However, this is no longer the case. You can only participate in a maximum of two surveys in a year, which makes this platform not worth your time.

Long survey durations

Surveys take as long as one hour to complete. You have to watch a video for close to 30 minutes and then answer the questions that follow. This can be rather tedious, especially if your hands are already full.

Requires compatible equipment

Darwin’s Data does not accept mobile surveys. You have to invest in a compatible device and subscribe to a high-speed internet service. You may also need to purchase hearing aids for clarity when watching the survey videos.

No referral program

This platform does not have a referral program. This further limits the income opportunities available on this site.

Is Darwin’s Data Worth It?

Darwin’s Data is a survey panel with a difference. It focuses on helping companies and individuals resolve complex legal disputes through the court of public opinion.

You do not have to be a legal expert to join this platform. However, the restrictive membership requirements may lock you out if you are not a US citizen or do not possess a valid driver’s license.

The fact that you can only take a maximum of two surveys in a year is also discouraging. Nevertheless, the payouts are great and prompt; they do not take more than three days. If you fancy sharing your opinions on legal matters, then consider joining Darwin’s Data.

Thanks for reading this review of Darwin’s Data. Let me know in the comments if you have experience of working with this platform and want to share your insights. It will be great to hear from you.

Star Rating 2.5/5-A Survey Site with some differences. Surveys are high paying, although they are long and few and far between.

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