How Does The Long Game App Work?-A Review

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Long Game App Review

Thanks for checking out our review of the Long Game App.

My review will cover all the essential information you need to know about the Long Game App platform, including how things work, to help you decide if it is worth signing up to.

Saving towards a goal is not always easy, however the purpose of the Long Game App is to help users make the process more exciting.

So if you want to pay for your child’s education, buy a car, or eliminate debt, this app can maybe help you to achieve those goals.

How the Long Game App Works

The Long Game App is designed to help you save money, so before you start to use it, you must open a savings account.

The app makes this easy by partnering with Blue Ridge Bank. If you are interested in saving towards a home, you will be glad to know they are an Equal Housing Lender.

Once your account is created, you’ll want to make it easy to transfer funds to it automatically. A number of Autosave options are available in the app, and you can time transfers for your monthly or fortnightly pay. Entrepreneurs can match transfers to any convenient date.

You can transfer almost any amount that you choose. The minimum for each automatic transfer is $5, and if you choose to make independent transfers, those must also be $5 or more.

Many people have several goals, so the app allows you to create multiple savings jars. For example, you could have jars for retirement, vacation, and home improvement. Each jar would have a different savings plan, and money can be transferred among them.

Savers are rewarded with coins every time they add to their savings. These coins can be used to play games that often resemble familiar games of chance. Games that only reward you with more coins require a small number of coins for entry.

If you want to play games that give you the opportunity to win real cash, you’ll need around 100 coins.

How Does The Long Game App Work to Boost your Savings?

People don’t always enjoy the discipline of saving. After a while, some may feel like spending excessively just for the thrill of it, and that would defeat the whole purpose.

The developers of the app have included games that allow you to relax, and provide an adrenaline rush. In this way, they connect saving money to a thrilling experience. People who use the app boost their savings whenever they win a game.

Games with really high stakes require the discipline to save at least 1,000 coins , but give you the chance to win as much as $5,000.

You can earn coins and at games by doing several things regularly on the app. Checking in every day, referring people to the site, and making contributions all allow you to gain coins.

You can also Power Up, gaining the ability to get five coins whenever you deposit $1. This feature is only available after you reach certain milestones.

Referral Boosts are also available after you reach a milestone. These give you 500 coins for every person who you refer, and those coins are enough for you to take a chance at winning real cash.

What Are The Pros?

  • The Long Game App requires you to open an account with Blue Ridge Bank, and your savings are insured by the FDIC.
  • You can open several savings jars for different activities, and develop a unique plan for increasing funds in each one.
  • Each savings account earns interest of 0.1% APR. This is added to your account at the end of each month.
  • Games providing opportunities to win real cash are available, and savers have increased their balance by hundreds of dollars with them.

What Are The Cons?

  • The games do not all allow you to win real cash. Games that are worth only five coins may only let you win more games. The developers may have included that feature to push you to earn enough coins for games that pay real money.

Some Final Thoughts

Gamification helps to improve results in many areas of life, and that is why saving money via the Long Game App can be easier than doing without it.

This personal finance app unlocks exciting games whenever you put money aside, and several of those games give you the chance to win more cash.

As a savings tool, the colourful design of the app makes it exciting to use. If you are already saving towards a goal or plan to, the financial incentives will help you to achieve those goals in less time.

Have you used the Long Game App? If so what were your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below if you want to share your experience.

Star Rating-3/5-An App that adds a bit of excitement to the process of saving. Anything that tries to encourage you to save money has to be a good thing right?

3 Star Rating

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