How Does UserZoom Work? A Review

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UserZoom Review

Thanks for checking out our review of UserZoom.

You may be considering signing up to the platform, so to help you decide whether that is a good decision or not, our review will explain how Userzoom works.

User testing is the main focus of the platform, which makes it easy to give your feedback on the websites that you examine. This allows companies to improve the experiences that they provide to their online customers at every stage.

How Userzoom Works

UserZoom us a cloud-based platform, and as a tester, you’ll help to provide quantitative and qualitative assessments for its clients. You’ll need to create a user account, and then you will be available for jobs. You must be at least 18 to work on this panel.

You will have to install the software in order to conduct assessments. This software is eCertified, and should not pose any harm to your system. It can be installed on your desktop, and you can also use it on your mobile device.

They have offices in four countries, and hire from different locations, so if you are looking for a remote work opportunity, this is one to consider.

What is important to companies is that their end users have a seamless experience.

An initial test is required before you can start working, and this demonstrates that your system has the capabilities required.

How much can you Earn with Userzoom?

UserZoom testers can earn a fair side income with this site. Payment is made after each task is approved. You’ll be paid by PayPal and will receive payment within 21 days.

Ensure that you provide as much feedback as possible while testing the site, and vocalize what you experience at every step, if you are doing a fully recorded session with a microphone, and not just generating click streams or heat maps.

You could be asked to test any type of website. For example, you could assess fashion websites.

Typically, you’ll have to check that end users can find any item that they are looking for in a website, and that the journey from search to checkout takes place smoothly.

If you do a full test with both audio and video, you’ll be paid $10. While people move though the task at different speeds, the time taken to complete it is less than 30 minutes. The rate of pay is matched to the task, and most people finish in 15 minutes.

The panel may also ask you to have a look at the site, and then complete a survey. You will not have to do a recording, and can simply share your thoughts on the site. You’ll be paid $5 for that.

Unfortunately you are not guaranteed any specific amount of work. Like with survey sites, the amount of work you get depends upon your demographics.

Feedback from Users

Some users feel that the user interface could include a few more features. UserZoom does not pay badly, but users say that they could increase the number of test opportunities that are available.

What Are The Pros?

  • UserZoom can be used from remote locations.
  • It can be used as either a moderated or unmoderated tool, and offers task-based functions. This allows you to have structure and focus whenever you are completing a test.
  • Users can easily record their sessions, providing proof of their work during unmoderated tests. The remote structure of the platform gives you the freedom to work from any location.
  • Since the software can be installed on your mobile device, you can even test websites while at the park, or in another relaxing setting.

What Are The Cons?

  • The user interface could be updated a little.
  • The software must be installed on your computer, and some people are uncomfortable with that.
  • You must have the right system requirements to work on the panel. You must also be 18 or older to work with them.
  • The amount of work you can get will be determined by your demographic.

Some Final Thoughts

UserZoom is used to test the experience that end users have with a wide range of sites.

As such, the most important service you can provide is your feedback as a consumer or end user of the site. You don’t need any certification to do this.

It’s interesting because the type of website that you are asked to test changes from one company to the next. You’ll have to report on specific areas, and be alert to what works, and what doesn’t work for you.


Star Rating 3/5-A Good Platform For Earning A Small Income From Testing Websites. Like Other Similar Platforms To This One However You Can’t Count On A Steady Income Due To Limited Testing Opportunities.

3 Star Rating

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