How Much Can You Earn As A Mystery Shopper With Intellishop? A Review

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Intellishop review

Thanks for dropping by to check out my review of Intellishop.

In my review today we will be finding out if you can earn money carrying out shopping assignments  on the Intellishop platform.

If you have always wanted to share your thoughts on car maintenance services, or fast food restaurants in your community, then Intellishop could be the place to do it.

Lots of mystery shoppers across the United States work with this company, and they have access to a variety of free items whenever they go on a visit.

Your observational skills must be highly developed, and you will also need to be able to recall small details about the business.

How do you become a mystery shopper with Intellishop?

The first step in signing up for this company involves sharing a valid email, which can be used to keep you updated whenever jobs are available in your area.

You will also need to sign a contractor agreement. The company offers regular mystery shopping and video mystery shopping, which allows others to see everything that happened during your visit.

Background checks are done to ensure that the company knows who they are hiring. A felony record screening is done by all companies that hire mystery shoppers, because as a mystery shopper you will be sent into a wide range of companies, including banks and healthcare facilities.

Tax information is also required for all American citizens, and this must be submitted before you can be accepted as an independent contractor.

Once your application is accepted, you can start working immediately. You can check the job board for local tasks, and may find tasks there even on your first day.

The company gives you a rating as a beginner. This rating changes as you work with them, and your pay rate increases in line with that.

Ensure that you complete visits and the reports that you do at the end of each visit punctually. You are usually assessed on your grammar, as well as your observational skills.

How much can you Earn With Intellishop?

Intellishop usually send out notifications via email, so you will immediately know if new opportunities come up. You can also check the job board for profitable opportunities.

The shops usually pay at least $5 per visit, and this may go up to $30 per visit. They also reimburse you for the cash you spend during the evaluation.

Intellishop adjusts your ratings based on performance, so if you perform well your ratings will go up, and you will have access to jobs that pay even more money.

While different jobs are always available on the job board, only the higher-rated mystery shoppers are informed of special assignments that help them to earn at a really good rate.

Each shopper is paid via PayPal, so you can get your cash easily. Payments are sent out on the 20th of the month after your assessment has been completed.

This company is known for sometimes finding fault with reports and not paying. Try to follow all of the instructions for each visit carefully.

What Are The Pros?

  • Intellishop is known for providing people who work from home with a reasonable rate of pay.
  • You can accept tasks as often as they fit your schedule. If you cannot do a job because of other responsibilities, you are not penalized.
  • Sometimes shoppers are reluctant to travel outside of their comfort zone, but doing so can limit your earning potential. The company does not force you to only take jobs that are very near to you, so you can accept jobs in an adjacent city if you wish.
  • The company transfers payments to your account via PayPal and they pay all the charges for the transfer.

What Are The Cons?

  • Intellishop will not deposit payments to your bank account and they won’t send checks. For many people, this is a plus, but for those who prefer traditional methods because they don’t have a PayPal account, it is a limitation.
  • You usually have to ensure that you claim your PayPal payment within 30 days, or it will be returned to Intellishop and you will have to ask them to issue it again.

Some Final Thoughts

Intellishop has different options for mystery shoppers, including the exciting video mystery shopping option.

This is a platform where good photography skills will also come in handy. Time management and good grammar will help you to do well on each visit and earn cash.

If you keep on performing well, you will have the opportunity to do special tasks that offer greater rewards.

Star Rating 3.5/5-A good mystery shopping platform for anyone who is interested in this line of work. You must have a PayPal account however if you want to get paid.

3.5 Star Rating

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