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How Much Can You Earn As A Mystery Shopper With Secret Shopper?

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Secret Shopper Review

Thanks for joining me for my review of Secret Shopper.

Secret Shopper is an online platform that pays individuals to carry out mystery shopping tasks.

My review will be finding out all about the Secret Shopper platform to help you decide if it is the right one for you.

There are of course many online platforms that are looking for freelance mystery shoppers so we are going to need to find out how Secret Shopper matches up.

Many businesses want information that helps them to improve their products. This is where Secret Shopper comes in as they get freelancers to sign up and offer their services.

The site operates in a number of countries, so you can apply for positions from almost anywhere in the globe and get accepted. As a mystery shopper reports are required, so you must have good writing skills.

How Secret Shopper Works

Secret Shopper hires mystery shoppers, who visit stores in order to evaluate their customer service, collect data on the number of clients they receive at specific times, and review different aspects of employee performance. You must pass their certification test before you can qualify as a mystery shopper with this company.

You are usually only able to visit shops that are about 2 hours from your home, and must have a reliable means of transportation. Each mystery shopper is assigned an ID and password, and you will be notified of available opportunities via email.

You are required to write a report after each visit. The reports vary in terms of their length, and you are asked to focus on the areas that each shop aims to improve. For example, some restaurants may only request feedback on the meal you were served while others may ask about the decor, or even the design of their menu.

Products are often purchased for review, and the cash for that is not provided before your trip. You must have sufficient funds to cover the cost of the item, and are usually reimbursed afterwards. This reimbursement is sent at the same time as your pay.

The Secret Shopper site pays by check, like many of the other companies in this sector. Processing is usually completed within weeks after your visit, so payment will be received by mail within a month.

Always read the rules carefully. Secret Shopper expects participants to exercise courtesy and professionalism at all businesses. A rule violation can result in account cancellation.

How Much Can You Earn With Secret Shopper?

Secret Shopper is one of the better mystery shopper opportunities, and you can earn as much as $400 per day. They will not reimburse you for certain costs, such as your toll fees. You should always keep that in mind when you are deciding whether you should accept a task.

Secret Shopper participants find that they are assigned jobs more frequently when they are active in the system. Try to do jobs as often as possible, so you are offered more opportunities.

Secret Shopper pays well enough, although what you get paid isn’t likely to pay all your bills, that’s because it is unlikely that sufficient jobs will be available in your area all that often.

You are likely to get a lot of items for free with this job, and this is in addition to your pay. If you don’t like a particular item you can always give it to someone who needs it, or find another way to still make it profitable.

What Are The Pros?

  • This is a fun opportunity that allows you to set your own schedule.
  • Sometimes stay at home dads and moms spend all day without adult company. Shopping with this company can help you to get out of your house and meet more people. You also learn more about how different types of businesses work.
  • You can get enough from a day’s work to make a significant impact on your bills. Plus, you can get a lot of products for free. You can even eat out and be reimbursed for it.

What Are The Cons?

  • Secret Shopper requests your services whenever jobs are available in your area. If no jobs are nearby, you will not have the opportunity to earn.
  • People located in areas with a lot of commercial activity are likely to get jobs more often.
  • You have to complete a report after each visit. Sometimes these can feel tedious. The information required varies according to each business.

Some Final Thoughts

Secret Shopper is a good opportunity to work on your own schedule. You can easily set a day aside to complete a task, and make enough cash to help meet your regular monthly expenses.

They accept mystery shoppers from right around the world, so you may be able to get items for free from a store near you. They pay by check, and this is sent to you automatically once your report is submitted.

Have you worked with Secret Shopper? If so and you want to share your experience then leave a comment below and let us know what you thought.

Star Rating 3.5/5-One of the better mystery shopping platforms that operates around the world. The work you get however may be limited by your location or you not taking jobs when they become available.

3.5 Star Rating

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