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How Much Can You Earn As A Voice-Over Artist?

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How much can you earn as a voice over actor

If you’ve ever been complimented for having a great sounding voice, then you may be wondering if a voice over career is firstly a good option, and secondly how much you could earn from it.

It is true to say that by using your voice, you could potentially turn your gift into a rewarding job as a voice-over artist.

However, that’s not to say voice acting is an easier option than say stage acting. Voice acting has different, and perhaps more complex challenges in order to do it effectively.

Voice-over work can also take many different forms. Moreover, the amount of money you can make as a voice over actor depends on the sort of job, your expertise, and the platform you use to get work.

Here are some of the types of voice over work you could get, and their potential earnings;


Voice-commercials offer lots of opportunities for would be voice-actors. For talented actors, there are openings in television, radio, and the internet. The work could involve ads, product demos or promotions.

There are high earning opportunities in this area, with brief voice-overs paying anything up to $1,000. Even higher incomes are possible for experts.


If you have the ability to bring a character to life for video games, animation or anime, then there could be plenty of opportunities for you.

This type of voice acting can pay up to $500 per hour if you are skilled and lucky enough to get yourself a high-profile production.


If you believe you have an appealing storytelling voice then narrating audiobooks could be an option for you. By having a voice that manages to engage listeners, and is very clear, then you could earn anywhere between $50 and $500 per hour of completed audio book.


Promos are voice-overs for television or radio shows.

These voiceovers welcome viewers or listeners to the show and encourage them to tune in.  Promotions can pay anywhere from $100 to $500 per project. Working with high-profile networks may allow you to command larger prices.


E-learning voiceover work comprises instructional videos, tutorials, and educational materials.

You must be clear and succinct in this type of job so that the listener can follow along with the topic.

E-learning voice overs can earn between $100 and $500 each assignment. The compensation rate is affected by the length and complexity of the content.


A clear, engaging voice is required while narrating a documentary. You must be able to express the content’s emotions without overwhelming the listener.

Rates for voice over work might vary depending on factors such as geography, union membership, and the level of demand for your specific voice.

Before taking any work, it’s also critical to negotiate costs with clients and have a clear grasp of the scope of the project.

Platforms that Provide Voice-Over Work

To begin your search for voice-over employment, seek for job advertisements on web sites such as:

One option if you’re looking for voice over work is Here you will find voice over jobs advertised. The site enables you to create a profile highlighting your skills and experience.


Another option for searching voice over work is Upwork. Here you will find job offers for numerous voice over jobs in various sectors such as audio books or commercials.


Fiverr is another marketplace that enables you to sell your voice over service to the platform’s buyers. The good thing about Fiverr is that you can set your own fees and create a portfolio of the work you have done for your clients.

With platforms like these, competition can be tough, however there are nonetheless opportunities available. An important step is to get your first jobs to build your experience.

You may also want to consider volunteering say at your local hospital radio station for example. It’s great practice and will help you decide if using your voice is the right career choice for you.

Can You Work From Home As A Voice-Over Actor

Voice-over acting can be done from the comfort of your own home, although you will need to ensure you have a room to spare to do your recordings, and some equipment too.

A good quality microphone is unsurprisingly essential. Don’t worry too much if you’re just starting out as you needn’t spend a fortune these days if you shop around.

The room you use should of course be silent, and some adjustments may be needed to achieve this.

Final Thoughts

There is no question that voice-over acting can become a very fulfilling and profitable profession for people who have an expressive and unique voice.

It offers a flexible career that allows people to work from home if they choose to do so.

Breaking into this profession however can be a challenge. To achieve a high level of success requires considerable talent, persistence and the ability to network. In order to build a career from scratch you must develop your skills, create demo tapes, and learn how to market yourself.

The demand for voice-over actors will depend on the industry and to the location. You should also be prepared for fierce competition. Researching the market is essential so you can identify opportunities to develop your skills.

Nonetheless you can make money using your voice over skills. However, as with any business enterprise, you need to dedicate your time, and commit to building your career and income using your passion for the craft.

By doing so, and depending on the sort of job and platform used, your expertise and reputation as a voice over performer can have a considerable impact on your earning potential.

As your portfolio grows and you gain experience, you should expect to command higher rates.


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