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How Much Can You Earn As An Evaluator (Mystery Shopper) With GBW? A Review

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GBW Review

Thanks for checking out my review of GBW.

My review today will be of interest to those of you that not only love to shop, but who also want to earn at the same time.

That’s because I will be finding out how, as a member of the GBW platform, you could earn money by becoming an evaluator on the site.

As a GBW evaluator, or mystery shopper, you could be visiting stores in order to provide an assessment of the products and services that are offered.

Each evaluator is reimbursed for their time and may also enjoy a variety of services for free.

About GBW

GBW used to have their main office in Australia but moved to Malaysia. They have regional offices in several locations as well. Over 400,000 evaluators work with the company. The sectors include beauty, automotive and banking.

How GBW Works

If you want to get petrol, meals from restaurants near you, and other valuable products for free, becoming a GBW evaluator may be a good option for you. Many people enjoy free products every day by using this platform, and they earn extra cash while doing so.

You are never forced to complete a specific number of evaluations, and can refuse a task that is inconvenient.

You can apply through their website, and check their list of accepted countries during the first step. Since selecting your country is the first step, you will not waste time on completing an application, just to be told that your country is not eligible.

Once you are registered as an evaluator, you can sign in to the evaluator portal, where you will find training manuals that you have to complete. After you feel more confident finding your way around you can sign in to find assignments in your area.

Work on GBW has to be completed within a timeframe that is established by the company. If you accept a task, you are required to perform your evaluation on the date and time given. You also have to upload all of your receipts within hours after you purchase a product that you have been asked to review.

How Much Can You Earn An evaluator with GBW?

With GBW you can earn at different rates, depending on the type of task they choose. You can examine the tasks available in the portal carefully, and decide which will be the most profitable ones for you. Notifications are also sent via email, and GBW tries to always have local opportunities listed in the portal.

Reliability is an essential trait in this area, and GBW rewards evaluators who have constantly proven themselves to be reliable. These evaluators are often informed early when opportunities arise and they are given access to special assignments.

Unlike several other mystery shopping companies that use checks, GBW pays by using Electronic Funds Transfer. The only problem is that processing of your report and payment from the outlet you evaluated can take a while.

What Are The Pros?

  • GBW hires evaluators from over 50 different countries, and they are the largest mystery shopping company worldwide.
  • Each evaluator gets paid through Electronic Funds Transfer once processing is completed.
  • This company provides you with a fairly flexible option for earning money. While you do have a set time and date for being at a location, you are not required to do a visit every day.

What Are The Cons?

  • GBW does not always pay in a timely manner, members complain that you can wait months before your money is sent to you. However, they usually do pay.
  • The company has been reported to avoid payment in the past when evaluators arrived late for assignments, even though they received all the information required.
  • Sometimes the preparation time that mystery shoppers are given is a little short, and they may call the day before about an assignment the next day. This short notice nay not allow you to rearrange your time and benefit from the opportunity.
  • For a company that evaluates the customer service of other businesses, it sounds to us like they could improve their own, if members complaints are anything to go by.
  • The only way to get clarification is often by submitting a support ticket, and answers delivered via this means sometimes lack information.

Some Final Thoughts

GBW has tight deadlines that you must stick to, in terms of completing your reports and sending in your receipts.

Both of these tasks must be completed within 8 hours after an evaluation is done. This company has a number of offices all over the world, and they hire people from many different nations, so this is a good earning opportunity for people who live outside of the United States.

While the company does take a while to pay and seems to have communication issues, you are usually paid. They also provide training manuals, which can help you to feel more comfortable if you are new to mystery shopping.

Have you worked with GBW? Did you have any issues or were you happy with your experience? Let us know in the comments section below.

Star Rating 3/5-A good and well established company that offers individuals the opportunity to work as evaluators or mystery shoppers as is more commonly known. There have been a few member complaints however regarding late payments.

3 Star Rating

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