How Much Can You Earn At Vindale Research? A Review

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Vindale Research Review

Thanks for checking out our review of Vindale Research.

Surveys can help you to earn a little extra money for sharing your opinion, and our review will discuss Vindale Research, one of the leading market research firms. You can particular in this panel if you are an American, Canadian, British or Australian.

We will be finding out how much you are likely to earn as a member of this platform, and what the pros and cons are likely to be should you decide to join. First however, we will take a look at how things work…

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How Vindale Research Works

You can sign up for membership if you live in the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, or America.

You’ll have to provide information about yourself, which helps to indicate which surveys you’ll be qualified for.

Survey invitations will be sent to your email address, once you verify it by clicking on the link in the first email that you are sent. You don’t have to wait on invitations to arrive by email, and can check the list of available surveys when you log in to your account.

How much can you Earn with Vindale Research?

Vindale Research has really quick surveys that start at $0.25. Surveys cover topics such as pets, food, and other typical consumer needs.

You will qualify for surveys if your profile reflects that you and your household make use of certain products.

Panelists can also earn a fair sum if money from one survey, by completing a more complex survey. These can pay up to $50 each, making Vindale one of the more competitive panels in terms of payment.

Payment depends on the topic, as well as the length. A $1 survey on pets may take up to 10 minutes, while a $10 survey on toddlers may take around 30 minutes.

You can choose surveys based on what you prefer, in terms of the time they’ll take, topic, and so on, and are never required to complete a specific number of surveys, or participate every week.

Sometimes you may also be sent products to test. After testing, you’ll be asked to provide feedback in the form of a survey, and paid around $70 for your participation.

Vindale adds surveys every day, but these expire fast, so you should check the site several times a day when you want to increase your balance quickly.

Every new member gets a $2 bonus. You’ll also get a bonus of $5 every time someone signs up by using your referral link, so if you’re good at referring people, you don’t have to wait on surveys to earn money.

You can get paid once your balance reaches $50. In some cases, participants may reach that sum fairly quickly, since several of the surveys pay really well. The range of topics will help you to find something that interests you.

There’s no complicated points system on this site. You don’t have to spend time doing conversions or wonder if a survey you’re considering will really help you to meet your goals. The payment in dollars is clearly stated, and your money is transferred to you via PayPal.

If you wish, you can also ask to have your payment mailed to you as a check. This is a convenient option for people who want a cash alternative to PayPal.

You can get paid twice in every month, so you can look forward to getting money in your account fairly frequently to pay bills and meet various expenses.

User Feedback

Some Vindale Research members are pleased with the reliability of the company. They also say that surveys are available fairly frequently.

However, a lot of recent reviews provided by users complain that they cannot reach the $50 payout due to not being able to qualify for surveys, having been taking surveys for months. Some say it gets harder to qualify the closer they get to payout.

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What Are The Pros?

  • This panel is open to membership from people in a few countries.
  • The site has a wide range of surveys, and if you often get invitations for a few of those that pay well, you can earn a decent sum of money.
  • Product testing opportunities are available.
  • The site pays you in cash for all of the surveys that you complete. You don’t have to wait for a check, because they use PayPal to facilitate payments.

What Are The Cons?

  • Vindale Research is not open to members from many international locations, although you can join from a few other countries besides the United States.
  • Although Some surveys are higher paying, the cash out sum of $50 is still high.

Some Final Thoughts

Vindale Research has a framework that makes it easy to earn extra money. You can select surveys that match your profile, and get paid in cash.

This site is known for paying its members, and you can earn whenever your schedule allows.

Since surveys can be completed on your phone, you have a lot of flexibility too.

However, given the high amount of negative reviews we found online from current users, we won’t be recommending this platform to you at this time.

Have you used Vindale Research? What was your experience? If you want to share it then please leave a comment below.

Star Rating 2.5/5-A Legit survey platform that provides comparably good paying surveys. However at the time of this review (Early 2020) there are too many negative reviews to enable us to give it a higher score.

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