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How Much Can You Earn By Staying Healthy With The Achievement App?

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How much can you earn with the achievement app?

Thanks for joining me for my review of the Achievement App.

In my review today I will be taking a detailed look at how this App works, and how much you can earn whilst helping you to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

What Is The Achievement App?

The Achievement app is an online platform that connects you to various health and wellness apps. These apps promise to pay you to track your steps and maintain your fitness levels. The main objective of the app is to help its members maintain a healthy lifestyle and contribute to health research.

The Achievement App Points

The app uses a point-based system, where members are awarded points for walking, jogging, dieting, sleeping, biking and undertaking other healthy activities.

Once you accrue enough points (pay out limit), you can exchange them for cash or donate them to any health-related non-profit organization of your choice.

How To Sign Up To The Achievement App

Creating an account with the Achievement app Joining the Achievement app is free, but you have to download the app on your phone first to create an account. The app is readily available on Playstore and the Apple app store.

After going through the usual sign up process, you must undertake a short healthy survey to complete the registration process. This survey will pay you 500 points as soon as you finish answering the questions successfully.

You will then gain immediate access to link your Achievement account to over 50 different health apps and start earning points. Some apps may require you to acquire a wearable tracker to follow your steps and earn points.

How Does The Achievement App Work?

The Achievement app works by linking its members to a variety of health apps such as Fitbit, Samsung Health, Apple Health, Strava and MyFitnessPal, among many others.

Each app focuses on a particular health program. Some may monitor your food intake only while others exclusively pay you to track your steps.

Other apps do not necessarily monitor your healthy practices, but require you to answer several health surveys in order to earn points. Some apps allow you to link your social media account and pay you for posting healthy, fitness-related photos.

How Much Can You Earn With The Achievement App?

The Achievement app does not have a high-income potential, as the focus of this platform is not to make you rich but to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. The financial reward that you stand to gain acts as a motivation, to help you focus on achieving your fitness goals.

Every healthy activity that you undertake on this platform pays you between 25 points and 200 points, depending on the complexity of the task. For instance, walking 5,000 steps will only earn you 25 points, which is equivalent to $0.025.

You may increase your earning potential by participating in bonus programs such as answering surveys, and sharing your fitness photos on social media. However, this will only earn you an additional 10 to 25 points for each activity.

Fortunately, you can significantly earn more by referring your friends to this platform. The Achievement app runs a good referral program that pays you 250 points for every new member who registers via your referral link. 

This is probably the best way to earn on this platform. So if you want to take advantage of this opportunity, try to invite as many friends as possible to increase your earnings.

Rewards And Payments

Unfortunately the Achievement app has a very high payout threshold that currently stands at 10,000 points ($10). 

This is not good news for anyone whose primary goal is to make money quickly, considering the fact that accumulating 10,000 points might take you at least more than a month or two.

Nevertheless, once you reach this target, you may submit a withdrawal request and receive your reward in your PayPal account or bank account within 3 to 7 days.

The Pros Of The Achievement App

• Reputable health platform

• Free to join

• Pays cash

• Helps improve focus on health

• Easy to use app

• Refer-a-friend program

The Cons Of The Achievement App

• Ambiguous pay

• Takes a long time to reach the payout limit

• Low-income potential

Star Rating For This App Is 2/5-It Is A Great App For Providing Motivation To Get You Fit. However The Income Aspect Of The App, Which Is What We Are Focused Upon In This Review, Is Very Low.

2 Star Rating

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