How Much Can You Earn Playing Games With The FitPlay App?

FitPlay App Review

Thanks for joining me today for my review of the Fitplay App.

You may have heard about this App and were wondering if it could help you earn a bit of extra cash online.

To help you out we decided to carry out our in-depth review and look at everything from how the App works, how you make money with it, and how much you are likely to earn should you decide to sign up.

So sit tight and let’s started.

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What Is The Fitplay App?

Fitplay is a mobile app that pays its members for trying out new games, downloading other apps and listening to audio books. The app is owned by AppLike Company, which is an Android developer based in Germany.

How Does Fitplay Work?

Fitplay works in a very simple way. You are only required to download and install the app on your Android smartphone for free. After installation, you have to sign up using your email address or social media account ID (Facebook)

You will also provide basic info such as your age and gender to complete the registration process.

As an incentive Fitplay offers a signup bonus of 5555 points (approx £0.45) as soon as you complete the process.

How To Make Money With Fitplay

The Fitplay app automatically recommends game apps personalized according to your profile.

The app uses a point-based system known as mCoins to reward you every time you download and try out any of the recommended apps. You just have to use the downloaded apps for a specified time to earn mCoins.

The mCoins are redeemable for rewards such as PayPal cash and gift cards.

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Another easy way of earning money with Fitplay is by referring your family and friends to the app.

Fitplay runs a reasonable referral program that will pay you 250 mCoins for every new member that signs up using your referral code. Also, you will also earn 25% of your referrals’ lifetime earnings.

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How Much Can You Earn With Fitplay?

The income potential of this app is relatively low considering the fact that 1000 mCoins is equivalent to £0.08 only.

Also, some apps pay as low as 30 mCoins, which is disappointing . However, the fact that the app has a referral program makes up for the low earnings. You can make a reasonable amount of money by urging your friends to join this platform.

How To Get Paid By Fitplay

The payout threshold currently stands at 6,399 mCoins (approximately £0.50). You can redeem your mCoins for PayPal cash or gift cards from reputable brands such as Amazon, Tesco, Zalando, Starbucks, Steam, TXmaxx, PizzaExpress and iTunes.

Gift card payments are almost instant. However, this is not the case with cash payments. You have to wait for at least 5 days to receive money in your PayPal account.

FitPlay Reviews

At the time of writing The FitPlay App has a score of 4/5 from 1,696 reviews on GooglePlay.

Although there are a lot of users happy with their experience using the app, there are however a number of recent complaints.

Although some members do report having been paid their rewards, others complain that they don’t get credited when they should. Others say that they haven’t been paid, and don’t get a response from customer service.

What Are The Pros?

Free to join

Fitplay is an open platform that is free and available worldwide. You can sign up from anywhere so long as you have an Android phone.

Registration bonus

Fitplay rewards new members with 5,555 mCoins just for signing up. This is a great incentive that significantly reduces the time taken to reach the cashout threshold.

Fun and easy way of making money.

Joining this platform is a fun and exciting way of generating income. You get to discover new games and earn money while at it.

Multiple payment options

You can redeem you mCoins via a variety of payment options, including PayPal cash and gift cards from highly reputable brands.

Reasonable referral program

Besides earning money by downloading apps, you can increase your income by inviting your family and friends to this platform.

Additionally, you will also earn 25% of what your referrals make.

What Are The Cons?

Low income potential

Fitplay has a very low-income potential.

You cannot solely rely on this platform for a steady online income.

Delays in payments

The processing of cash payments takes more than 5 business days.

Available for Android phones only

This app is only compatible with Android phones.

Is Fitplay Worth Joining?

Fitplay is a legit app that offers you a fun and exciting way of earning small amounts online.

You will discover new apps, and play a huge role in making these mobile applications better, through your feedback.

The app is simple and very easy to use. As a member of Fitplay you will only access games that match your interests.

Although it has a low-income potential, you could potentially earn more by inviting as many friends as possible.

Star Rating 2/5-An App that offers a fun way to earn a little extra-income. Recent complaints from users however are a cause for concern.

2 Star Rating

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