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How Much Can You Earn Taking Surveys With PollPass?

PollPass Review- How Much Can You Earn

Thanks for joining me for my review of PollPass.

In my review today I will be taking a close look at how things work on the PollPass platform to see if it is worth signing up to.

During the review I will be finding out how much you are likely to earn with PollPass, but first let’s start by finding out more about PollPass.

How Does PollPass Work?

Over the past couple of years, survey websites have become a popular avenue for internet users who wish to earn extra cash online.

Basically, Survey websites are usually contracted by brands to conduct market research. This creates a win win situation, where companies get valuable information while members earn redeemable points or cash.

Nevertheless, filling out impersonal survey forms all day long can become quite boring after a while. It is for this reason that Pollpass has introduced a better approach to online surveys.

Unlike traditional survey websites where users typically fill out long, tedious and time-critical survey forms, Pollpass allows users to answer survey questions through a friendly conversation with a chatbot.

Through the use of artificial intelligence, Pollpass has revolutionized online surveys with this new model, and more companies are likely to adopt this technology in the future.

What are the Requirements to Join Pollpass?

It is relatively easy to join Pollpass. Like other similar survey platforms the website does not require any particular skills or experience. However, you must be 16 years or older to sign up. Moreover, the platform is only available in a few selected countries.

How to Sign Up on PollPass

The signup process is straightforward. You may sign up via email address, Facebook account or Google.

Once you have completed the registration process, you will be introduced to the chatbot, which will take you through the terms and conditions of using the website. This will help you get familiar with the system and earn some extra points while at it by answering beginner questions.

Pollpass will award you 20 free points for signing up, after which you can begin answering questions to increase your points. Once you complete answering the trial questions, you can proceed to take part in full-length surveys.

To answer questions, you just need to read them and pick a choice from the multiple options available.
Unlike most survey websites, which require surveys to be completed in one sitting, Pollpass allows you to take a break when you need to, and continue the conversation when you are back.

How Much Can You Earn from Pollpass?

Each task completed earns you points. You can redeem your points for Amazon gift cards or Paypal cash, once you attain the minimum cashout threshold of 5000 points (which is equivalent to $5).

Most online surveys typically pay their users for completed surveys only. However, with Pollpass, your points steadily increase as you continue answering the surveys.

This flexible approach makes it possible for you to earn redeemable points, even if you do not complete the entire survey. A typical conversation survey usually lasts between 5 to 10 minutes.

Pros and Cons of Using Pollpass

Pollpass is a fairly new entrant into the online survey industry, and it requires a lot of optimization to perform better. Nevertheless, its pros still outweigh its cons, and we recommend it as a fun way of making extra cash online.


Some of the advantages include:

– Allows users to finish a conversation later if necessary

– Payment is quick and reliable

– Surveys are relatively short compared to traditional survey websites

– Fun and engaging questions

– Cash out amount is relatively low compared to most survey websites.


Here are some of the disadvantages of working on this platform

– Questions often run out, so you may not make much money every day

– Geographical limitation: The platform only accepts members from selected countries

– Low earning potential: You need to make 5000 points in order to earn $5. You must therefore answer a lot of questions to earn even a reasonable income on this platform.

Is PollPass Worth It?

Pollpass is a genuine platform that offers numerous surveys to its members. However, the number of tasks available is not guaranteed, and you may not make enough to make it worth your time, on a regular basis.

However, if you are on the lookout for a fun way of making extra bucks online, then Pollpass could be the way to go.

This fresh new approach to online surveys lets you answer survey questions and get rewarded in an engaging and entertaining way.

Have you used PollPass? What were your thoughts? Let us know in the comments if you want to share your experience.

Star Rating 2.5/5-A survey platform that uses AI to help take the boredom out of taking online surveys. Depending upon your location however the surveys may be limited along with your earning potential.

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8 thoughts on “How Much Can You Earn Taking Surveys With PollPass?”

  1. I know this is kind of a side hustle money but $5 is pretty low and would not be able to do a lot for a lot of people but I guess it depends on how quick one is able to achieve these $5. If it can be achieved without putting in a lot of hours then it might be one of the best survey sites around because I have taken part in quite a lot of survey sites and the time it normally takes to acheive a reasonable amount of money for payout takes quite some time.

    I really do hope this one is deferent from most of the survey sites out there.

    1. Hi Jay,
      The big advantage of this survey platform is of course that you answer questions verbally to AI technology. This should take out some of the monotony of building up the money before cash out. There is no getting away from the fact however that the process can be time consuming. The PollPass platform however rewards incomplete surveys so you won’t be wasting time like you would on Other Survey Sites. Thanks for your comment.

  2. I think all these programs are worth it at the end of the day if one wants to be compensated for a small amount of their free time. For me, it beats surfing the internet with zero compensation.

    1. Hi Todd,
      Yes it’s really a matter of personal choice, and of course it does pay better than simply surfing the net. Thanks for your comment.

  3. Great post and good info. What I know about these platforms, you will not earn very well. Yes, for some people it is a nice addition, but to make serious money you have to look out for other ways. Anyway, thanks for sharing it, and I will not try this. 

    1. Hi Emmanuel,
      Yes, some may consider a platform like PollPass to be worthwhile, especially if you are just after earning small amounts for little effort. However if you are prepared to put effort in, in order to get more out, then affiliate marketing is a better choice.

  4. Excellent review of pollpass you have done here. This app seems very good to me. Taking surveys is just a simple way of stacking more cash at the end of the month. I do take them during my leisure time only and going by the fact that pollpass offers the opportunity to complete a survey later, thats a great turn on. I’m not sure I have seen any survey site giving that kind of option to anyone. Its worth trying to me.

    1. Hi RoDarrick,
      Yes this platform is a step in the right direction by offering more flexibility when taking surveys. Being able to go back to an incomplete survey is only fair as you should be able to get your reward for work already completed. Thanks for your comment.

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