How Much Can You Earn Taking Surveys With The AttaPoll App?

AttaPoll App Review

Thanks for joining me to day for my AttaPoll App review.

In my review will be taking an in-depth look at the AttaPoll App and finding out everything you need to know, including how much you can potentially earn if you were to sign up.

Let’s get started however by first taking a look at what The Attapoll App is all about.

What is the AttaPoll App?

AttaPoll is a mobile app that rewards users with redeemable points for answering occasional surveys.

The app does not administer its own surveys but acts as an intermediary by connecting its members to market research companies and organization that offer paid questionnaires.

The purpose of the AttaPoll app is to allow various brands to gather meaningful insights about their products and services from everyday consumers. The information that you provide goes a long way to shape future products.

In exchange for your feedback, AttaPoll will award you various points that you can redeem for cash or gift cards.

Signing up

AttaPoll is a free-to-join platform available to applicants aged 13 years and above from around the world. The only major requirement is that you must have a smartphone to download and install the app.

The process of creating an account is fast and easy. You just need to register using your Google account.

Once you sign up as a member, you have to fill out a profile survey detailing your demographics, including your education level, employment status, and household income.

In addition, you have to allow the app to access your location in order to match you with survey opportunities that correspond to your profile.

How to make money with the AttaPoll app

The major way of making money with the AttaPoll app is through taking surveys. However, the availability of survey opportunities entirely depends on your demographics.

Based on this info, it appears that members from the UK seem to have more opportunities compared to app users from other regions.

Nevertheless, the AttaPoll app will send you a notification on your phone when a survey that matches your profile becomes available. Alternatively, you may log in into your account and check for available surveys on your dashboard.

Just like most survey apps, you have to go through a pre-qualification test to determine your eligibility. Once approved, you must complete the questionnaire as per requirements to earn credits (points).

How much can you earn with the AttaPoll app?

The average rate for a 10-minute questionnaire is about 12 credits (£0.12), while a 20-minute survey may pay 60 credits (£0.60).

The amount of money you can earn with this app of course depends on how many surveys you can complete at any given time.

However, as earlier mentioned, the availability of jobs depends on your profile. Essentially, if you satisfy the specific demographics that most companies are looking for, then you are likely to get more jobs.

Overall, the pay per survey depends on its length and complexity. In essence, longer and more complex surveys pay a higher rate than brief questionnaires.

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How to increase your earnings

The AttaPoll app offers a very low pay rate. However, you can increase your earnings using various hacks. Here are a few tricks on how to boost your pay.

Adjust Survey Settings

Firstly, you may enhance your chances of getting more jobs by changing your survey frequency settings on the app to “As many as possible.” On the same page, you should set the length of the surveys to maximum. Adjusting the survey frequency settings will allow AttaPoll to send you numerous high paying surveys, subsequently enhancing your income.

Refer your friends

AttaPoll runs a refer-a-friend program that pays 50 credits for every new member who signs up using your referral link. You may take advantage of this program by inviting as many friends as possible, consequently increasing your earnings.

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Cashing out

AttaPoll has several pay out thresholds depending on your preferred payment options. For PayPal payments, you need at least 300 credits or £3 to cash out.

Other payment options have the following pay out limits:

– Bitcoin– 10000 credits

– Ethereum – 250 credits

– Charity Donations – 50 credits

AttaPoll Reviews From Real Users

At the time of my latest update of this review The Attapoll App has a score of 4.5/5 from 5,900 reviews at The App Store. They also have a score of 3.2/5 from 32 reviews at TrustPilot.

Whilst there are members that are very happy with their experience using The Attapoll App, there are nonetheless complaints from some of its users.

Some complain that they have to spend up to 20 minutes completing a screening survey only to find that they have been disqualified. Others complain that the payment methods are limited. Others say there aren’t many surveys.

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What Are The Pros Of AttaPoll?

– Available worldwide

– Fun and enjoyable app

– Supports PayPal payments

– Low pay out threshold

– Referral program

What Are The Cons Of AttaPoll?

– Availability of jobs depends on your demographics

– The app might be intrusive

– Low pay rate

– Reported Long Prequalification tests

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Final Thoughts On The AttaPoll App

The AttaPoll app is a reliable app that is available to smartphone users worldwide. Some members have reported that they have managed to earn and redeem rewards on more than one occasion.

However, some people rate the app poorly du to the low pay, long qualification times for surveys and the unavailability of jobs.

The reality is that taking surveys on any platform, whether its on this app or any other will take up lots of your time, and won’t pay you very well for that time.

Star Rating 2.5/5- The Attapoll app is a decent survey app that provides surveys from third parties. A £3 PayPal cash out is a good incentive, however surveys may be hard to come by.

2.5 star rating

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