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How Much Can You Earn With 20/20 Panel? A Review

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Lots of people these days are making extra money online by participating in market research tasks using online survey sites.

One such platform is called 20/20 Panel. This website has been involved in market research since 1986, which confirms its legitimacy as a site that can provide you with a means of earning rewards in your spare time.

My 20/20 Panel review will explain how the platform works, how you can earn, and how much you can earn, from it by sharing your opinions. You’ll learn about the pros and cons of the platform to help you decide whether it’s a good work from home option for you.

Let’s get started however by finding out a bit more about how 20/20 Panel works.

How the 20/20 Panel Works

The 20/20 Panel is based in New Jersey, in the United States. You can become a member of this panel for free and all of the information that you share is kept confidential.

How 20/20 Panel Works

How 20/20 Panel Works

The 20/20 Panel, like many other similar sites, provides online surveys for its members. The site also collects data from consumers by using focus groups.

Their focus groups pay very well, however only a limited number of members are able to benefit from them. If you are lucky enough to qualify then you will get a phone call from a recruiter informing you that you have qualified.

You’ll be given points for each survey that you complete. These survey points can later be converted to cash. However, whenever you’re invited to participate in a focus group, you’ll be told how much you’ll be paid in cash, not in points.

If you are lucky enough to be selected for a focus group, you may not have to travel to a physical location to meet with other members.

Instead, you’ll participate in focus groups in a chat room setting. This means discussions take place in real time, without the need for panelists to spend hours traveling.

This is facilitated through technology platforms such as QualBoard and Qualmeeting, which make it easy for the researchers to conduct video interviews.

In some cases, the team may ask panelists to participate in roundtable discussions at one of their offices.

How You Could Earn from the 20/20 Panel

You’ll earn on the 20/20 Panel by completing surveys. if you’re invited to participate in a focus group, you’ll earn for that as well.

Focus groups are categorized as qualitative research and these pay more than surveys .They require panelists who have specific experience in a particular area.

How Much Can You Earn With 20/20 Panel?

The pay for focus groups can be the most lucrative with it starting at $50 and going up to $350.  Their surveys are categorized as quantitative research and pay for these starts at $1. The average payment for a survey is $5 and the maximum is $10.

Some surveys only consist of a short questionnaire and if you complete these successfully, the points will be added to your balance automatically.

How Do The Surveys And Focus Groups Work?

With other surveys, after you complete the questionnaire, you’ll also be asked to do a chat session. You may also be asked to do a study instead of a live interview.

Whether you’re given a live interview often depends on whether a moderator is available. if a moderator is not available, the points for the questionnaire will be added to your profile and you’ll exit the survey.

When moderators are available, after you’ve completed the questionnaire, you’ll proceed to a chat room to discuss the topic with the moderator.

This gives you more rewards. You may also be invited to share your opinions in an online discussion which takes place over several days. Every day, you’ll log in and participate in the discussion, just as you would in a forum.

All surveys, chats and online discussions take place without you having to leave your own home. With online discussions, you’ll spend 30 to 45 minutes per day answering questions.

All of the questions are posed by a moderator, just as they would be in an online chat.

You’ll receive email notifications whenever a survey is available that matches your profile. However, you may not get these notifications regularly. In addition, sometimes a survey requires panelists who fit certain criteria.

For example, the researchers may be interested in panelists who purchase a specific appliance frequently.

While your general profile may make you a possible respondent, after completing several questions, you may not be allowed to finish the survey because you’re not an exact match.

You won’t be paid for the time that you’ve already spent answering questions.

Maximise Your Earning Opportunities By Updating Your Profile

Completing your profile is important and can lead to better earnings. You can adjust your profile with new information whenever there’s a major change in your life.

Click Update Profile and you can add any information that’s missing. In most cases, you’ll receive survey invitations more frequently when your profile is complete.

The 20/20 Panel adds new profile questions every two months. This means that even if you joined the panel in December and completed your profile then, by March, your profile would not be complete. You would miss out on invitation to surveys.

People who are invited to do in person studies usually live near to one of the 20/20 Panel’s research facilities. These are located in Miami, Nashville and Charlotte.

In this case, participants would receive their pay in the form of a Mastercard gift card.

Panelists who live in other areas will receive their pay via a virtual or a physical Visa card. The virtual card will be sent to the email address that you provided at registration, while the physical card will be mailed to your address.

You’ll be paid automatically after the focus groups and will usually receive an email with details on your incentive, within 10 days of doing the study.

If you’re paid via a physical card, it’s important to note that it will expire within six months. To exchange the points from your surveys, hover over the Rewards tab and tap Redeem.

What Are The Advantages Of 20/20 Panel?

  • Membership is free
  • You can make real cash from surveys
  • You can make a fair amount of money quickly in a focus group
  • You can redeem your survey points as PayPal cash or gift cards

What Are The Disadvantages Of 20/20 Panel?

  • You may not get survey invitations frequently.
  • You may not be qualified to complete all of the surveys

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Is 20/20 Panel Worth It?

The 20/20 Panel is a legit survey platform that could provide you with  a convenient way to make side money from home.

The surveys pay to industry standard, and allow you to make a little extra, although you may not always receive invitations as often as you want.

However, if you are invited to participate in a focus group as a result of your past performance, you could make a reasonable sum of money quickly and that will help with your bills. Getting an invite to one of these however isn’t guaranteed.

Star Rating 3/5-A legit and long standing survey platform that provides market research earning opportunities including surveys and focus groups.

3 Star RatingThanks for reading my 20/20 Panel review. I hope you found it informative and will help you make a more informed decision about whether you should join.

I have written hundreds of reviews and articles about online reward sites and other earning opportunities here at If you want to learn more about these opportunities see my latest posts.


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