How Much Can You Earn With Accutran Global?

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AccuTran Global Review

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In my review today we will be checking out the opportunities Accutran Global has for those of you who are seeking work as a paid transcriptionist.

Transcription platforms vary in what they expect from those applying for freelance work. Some platforms expect experience and a very high standard of accuracy.

Others do accept beginners, but nonetheless they still expect a high standard of work completed on time.

Accutran Global (AG) is a Canadian based firm that provides transcription services. As a freelancer you will be sent tasks based on your availability.

However, what you may be disappointed to hear is that there is no guarantee of a constant supply of work.

The work the company offers however is real-time writing, scoping, proofreading, and editing jobs, which only take 60 to 90 minutes to complete. However, for you to access these jobs, you have to get a promotion, which is only awarded to individuals with proven competence.

These tasks entail the following:

  • Review – Entails the compilation of various transcribed works into a single text document to ensure that there is continuity in format, style, and concept.

  • Scoping – This task entails reading through already transcribed works while listening to the audio files and correcting any mistakes made such as dropped words.

  • Editing – This step involves a second readthrough after scoping and it’s meant to capture and correct any mistakes that were missed out during scoping.

  • Proofreading – This is the final step in the quality assurance process after editing and scoping.

How do you get started at Accutran Global?

Unlike most online working platforms, where you click a button or tab to sign up, the AccuTran Global platform works a little different.

Firstly, you have to download a word application file from their site. The file provides details about AccuTran Global and the kind of work they offer. If you’re interested you’ll need to complete a questionnaire and then take a test which will be used to gauge your proficiency.

You’ll need to have a speed of about 70 words per minute in order to succeed in this test. Otherwise, you’ll not be hired.

After passing the transcription test, you may also be required to do a punctuation, comprehension, and grammar test among others. All the tests are timed, and you have to be quick to perform well.

What are the registration requirements?

Before registering you should ensure that you have the right equipment, which will help you start your job if you get hired. The basic equipment you need to work at AccuTran Global includes:

  • A fast and reliable computer with the Windows 10 OS and high-quality headphones.

  • The platform only hires workers from Canada, the U.K, and the U.S.

  • When it comes to age, AccuTran Global does not hire anyone below the age of 18.

  • You may also get disqualified if you fail to use a U.S or Canadian bank account for your withdrawals.

How much can you earn with AccuTran Global?

Accutran Global pays $.40 per audio minute for long projects or $.004 to $.0055 for each word. On average a transcriber that transcribes 3000 words in one hour can earn up to $15.

If you’re highly experienced you may also be tasked with transcribing audios made by non-English speaking people. Such audios attract a bonus pay, and you may also get up to 20% bonuses if your task has a lot of technical terms.


What you may like about AccuTran Global

  • It is a legitimate site: The platform regularly pays its members via bank

  • It has a relatively higher payment potential compared to other similar platforms

  • The company has a simple straight-to-the-point online platform that is easy to navigate

  • There is no payment required during signing up.

  • Multiple earning opportunities: Apart from the regular transcription tasks, you may access other non-transcription jobs such as editing and proofreading. This goes along way to increase your earning potential.

What you may not like about AccuTran Global

  • AccuTran Global is not welcoming to novice transcribers. You need a high level of experience in transcription to get hired.

  • The availability of tasks is not guaranteed.

  • You have to work within the set timeframes.

  • Only accepts applicants from the US and Canada

  • All your payments are made via direct deposit to your U.S or Canadian bank


Some Final Thoughts On AccuTran Global

AccuTran Global provides an ideal way to earn income, either as a full-time transcriber or as a part-timer seeking an extra buck to supplement your regular earnings.

Their rates are relatively fair compared to other players in the industry, but you’ll need to work extra hard to earn more and get promoted so as to earn bonuses on better-paying tasks.

Star Rating 3/5 A good transcription platform with a number of earning options and fair pay. Some experience is probably needed to pass the tests and get work. Unfortunately opportunities are limited to those in US and Canada.

3 Star Rating

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