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How Much Can You Earn With Allegis Transcription?- A Review

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Thanks for checking out my Allegis Transcription review.

Allegis Transcription is an online platform designed to provide work to freelance transcriptionists via their website.

Transcriptionists make money online every day, however my review will be finding out if you could do the same on the  Allegis platform.

If you are good at listening to recordings, and accurately typing what you hear, this may be an option for you to consider.

But before you decide let’s find out what Allegis has to offer its members.

How Allegis Transcription Works

Allegis  Transcription makes it easy for you to transcribe recordings from large and small businesses. Attention to detail is important, and being efficient will help you to earn money.

This site usually hires experienced transcribers. They focus on the insurance industry, so you won’t encounter some of the terms found in other areas, that can make listening to and deciphering content more difficult.

This site only hires people who are based in the United States. If you are in Canada or elsewhere, you won’t be able to make use of the opportunity.

However, if you live in a remote part of the United States, this can help you to meet some of your financial goals.

The amount of work available can occasionally fall or rise, and it is important to plan for this. The site states that fluctuations are within the range of 20%. During peak times you can save more, in preparation for when a lot of work may not be available.

How much can you Earn With Allegis Transcription?

Allegis Transcription pays you per page that you type. The more pages you transcribe, is the more you’ll earn in any given week.

Initially, it may take a little time to get used to the transcription tools, but after that, your speed and accuracy should increase. This will help you to produce more pages per hour and earn more per hour.

The pay is a little higher than that provided by many other companies in the sector. You can earn between $13 and $17 per hour, so if you transcribe recordings for eight hours, you could potentially make at least $104 a day.

If you work on this platform five days a week, for eight hours, you could earn at least $500 a week.

Of course to earn this you would take a lot of typing, and that might put your body under strain. If you like transcription, and plan to spend a lot if time doing it, then you may want to consider investing in a foot pedal.


Feedback from Users

Allegis Transcription has received positive feedback from contractors, some of whom use the platform as a full-time job. They enjoy the flexibility of working there, and receive good support from staff.

What Are The Pros?

  • Allegis Transcription has been in business since 1996.
  • You can set your own hours, and can usually work to meet your own goals as long as work is available.
  • All work can be done from the comfort of your residence.

What Are The Cons?

  • Allegis Transcription hires transcriptionists as independent contractors. You will not receive many of the benefits that are offered to employees. You will not get paid time off for example.
  • This company does not hire from outside the United States.
  • They also tend to hire experienced people. If you are new and have your application turned down because of that, apply again when you gain more experience.

Some Final Thoughts

Allegis Transcription is an option for individuals who want the flexibility of working from home, and have good typing skills. You’ll often have the opportunity to work for a full week on this site, since recordings are usually available.

Transcription is an opportunity that has a fair share of rewards and challenges. You’ll have to work hard, and it can sometimes be difficult to understand what people are saying.

Sometimes you’ll hear several people speaking at once in the recording, and you’ll have to focus to ensure that you hear what the main speaker is saying. You’ll eventually develop the skills that make you do well in the sector.

If you wish to work part time, and have more room in the day for your family, or other opportunities, you can do so on this site and earn cash. Payment is made in a timely manner, and it doesn’t take long to get used to the software.

Star Rating 3.5/5-A good platform especially for U.S residents that are experienced transcribers. This may not be a good starting point if you have no experience of Transcription.


3.5 Star Rating

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